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Thanks for the comment Morgan. LTV is an interesting metric, and it is perhaps the holy grail of marketing effectiveness metrics from a company perspective. It has one drawback...the more of a "lifetime" you wait, the more accurate it gets. So it can be difficult to use as a feedback mechanism for what marketing is doing right if a long period of time has to pass in order to get accurate results. -Kevin
Hi Ardath, Thanks for an interesting post. A slight twist on your content assessment list above would be to ask, 'how will this piece influence my target audience'. The answer depends on their state of readiness (place in the purchase cycle, experience etc) and of course the quality of the content. Given this scenario you may have more success narrowing down who gets to see the content, instead of narrowing down what content you are going to expose. ie learn more about your prospects early on so you can segment, segment, segment, and then offer them the piece most likely to influence them!
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Hi Scott, Interesting article. We are certainly in the very early days of Marketing Automation adoption with only 2000 customers world wide from a potential market of 1m+ companies! Geoffrey Moore's chasm is no where in sight yet! The early adopters appear to be B2B marketers who are more comfortable around technology - no surprise that high tech firms are a strong contingent in the early adopters. I suspect the reluctance of some B2B marketing management to move faster is not one of wanting to avoid accountability, but simply a left brain - right brain challenge. In the past 30 years many of the successful B2B marketing management have been strong on the creative side - very right brain driven. Marketing Automation as it is currently being deployed, appeals to the more analytical left brainers. So will the technology change to attract more creatives, or will the make up of marketing change to recruit more analytical marketing operations people? Or both? -Kevin
Edit it down. If your goal is to influence people, then brevity will be your finest tool. Here for example is an entire short story by the master -Ernest Hemingway: For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn. Edit it down. It will be more effective and move more people.