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Interests: health, christianity, wellness, acupuncture, reading, blogging, sports, family, science, exercise, nutrition, diet, chiropractic, pediatrics, geriatrics, personal and professional improvement, detoxifications
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Mar 15, 2010
I have been in the health industry for over 15 years. I have seen trends come and go. Diet pills banned because of their harmful side effects only to be re-introduced years later disguised as something else. We are a quick fix society... that will never change, but neither will your weight and body composition for the long term if you stay with the trends. First Line Therapy (FLT) is the most comprehensive and anti-trend program to address the specific needs of each individual. A consistant, tailored program based on blood chemistry and cell structure, FLT will be the program the stops chronic disease and obesity. The only variable is you... how uncomfortable, how painful or how miserable are you willing to be. How much of life's little moments will you be willing to miss. When you're ready, we're here for you. Dr. Todd Wendell
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1 in 5 Teens now facing heart disease. Inactivity and processed foods are lending to a myriad of chronic diseases and obesity. This alarming trend has consumed our attention. We have implemented a nutritional therapy program like no other. Not a diet, magic pill or secret potion. It is a doctor supervised lifestyle modification program. We expect the trend to continue and even get worse but out part is to be ready and prepared to help the community. Learn more @
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True studies are on going. The question is what if the information is valid and reliable? Would it make sense to protect yourself and your family. The studies are strong and correlative... for more information:
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For a normal healthy adult - 825mg of EPA, 550mg of DHA and 325 of other omega -3 fatty acids that equal 1,700mg of total omega -3 fatty acids would be sufficient. Therapeutic dosages should be determined by a doctor based on individual needs. Children based on body weight also need to be determined by your doctor. The above ratios are found in the Innate Choice Omega Sufficiency liquid formula. I give my children half of the above dosage. My children also eat a healthy diet, enjoy plenty of sleep, sunlight and exercise daily too.
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