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John Brunner
Chicago, Illinois
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That song was massive last year while living in Paris. I can't emphasize enough, heard it everywhere. It's brilliant!
Check out her album, you'll find some quite original and very very memorable songs off of that. She's already differentiated, at least in the UK. I never heard her covers beforehand. They're more a marketing tool to get a name out there to build support to put out such an album Lissie did.
You're right on how they avoided sounding like a reinterpretation. I was hesitant til listening and realizing it's fresh and different than what you'd expect from them.
Je t'aime plus qu'avant! (Google that!)
If any other band decided to do this and call it Hurley while putting that as their album art, I wouldn't believe 'em. Weezer, yes. They played a free show at Mars Cheese Castle in Wisconsin. They'd do this. @meandre
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Thanks for the compliment! Anytime I can transport someone across the pond, I definitely try! I just tweeted ya as well.
The article then implies that if you are an artist or record label and do not have a mobile strategy, you're dead in the water. You are correct by saying you need analysis and a path to go by for changing the industry. I am saying this is poor information to base your decisions upon. (It's like saying it'll rain tomorrow because your dog doesn't want to go outside today.) It does not account for variables-e.g., how consumers listen to music via smartphones. Apps? iTunes? Pandora? Tell me that and I'll confidently endorse a strategy that focuses on apps. This just tells me consumers are buying more smartphones and using mobile internet more.
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The statistics only shows mobile internet and smartphone usage. It fails to show actual music-listening behavior. Yes, people will use smartphones. No, it doesn't indicate how consumers will be listening to music. I still use iTunes/iPod on my iPhone. I have Pandora,, and others, but still 95% of my listening comes from iTunes/iPod. The other 4% comes from terrestrial radio station streaming apps, such as WGN, Q101, 93X. Twitter: @meandre
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Still seriously jealous I couldn't make it. Eyedea alone is a massively genre-busting emcee while Abilities is a hurricane on the tables. E&A and Why? are the two most forward thinking groups in the scene, evident by how long it took me to get into By The Throat. Love the interview! You did a great job Emanuel!
Seriously cannot wait for more articles from you here. I haven't been in the hip-hop scene here much, compared to up in Mke and TC.
Greetings, I write and photograph for Radio Free Chicago and Méandre. RFC focuses on the Chicago indie scene. Méandre shines a spotlight on French/European music and radio single reviews, with a smattering of select album and live reviews. I have been photographing shows for two years in Chicago, Milwaukee and Paris, France. I currently work marketing and events organization for a French relations organization around Chicago, and will be returning to France in 2011. From there, on verra bien ce qu'il arrivera. It'll include music. Twitter: @meandre Email: Contact Un_Melomane Currently spinning: Clara Plume, Deftones, Deanna Devore, F. Stokes, Astronautalis, Sophie Hunger, Gayngs, Mux Mool
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Good to have you back! And bringing the staid to Radio Free Chicago-the adjective itself as a word, not the quality. Working on a Radio Free return myself soon enough.
Lucky to see Dizzee Rascal back then, he's changed so much even in the past couple years. What'd you think of his new album?
Never heard of him before, but he pulls off the cover incredibly well. Great reimagination of it!
Artists need to make me want to care about their success to make me purchase their album. If they don't make a compelling case, my album money will go to someone who does. Make me root you on, engage me on Twitter instead of just sending out mere tour dates and press releases. If you're doing a concert, why not meet your fans following the gig and be nice? And if you're going to bundle, make it interesting, but remember that stickers don't make your argument convincing. Those are some of the reasons I buy the albums I do. Twitter: @Meandre
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Greetings! My name is John from Chicago/Milwaukee. I write and photograph for Radio Free Chicago, recently covering Miike Snow, Sky Larkin and Wax Tailor. I am also developing a contributor base for another website. What excites me? Discovering vibrant music scenes in unexpected locations, particularly in Europe. The scenes in Swiss Germany and Paris are grabbing most of my attention. Email: un_melomane Twitter: @meandre
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Their previous main service, personal profiles, were soundly defeated by Facebook leaving their Music as the only reason why most people visit. Bands love it because it provides a free platform to promote their music, which Facebook has recently started doing very well. If MySpace charges, it will only accelerate the exodus towards Facebook's direction not only of users, but their core of musicians and artists.
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2009 on Would You Pay For MySpace? at hypebot
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A taste of his live show (lacking his projection screens though):
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2009 on RFC Interview: Wax Tailor at Radio Free Chicago
They always seem to hit my radar in the fall/winter, good to hear they have new material! Time to rediscover again.
He's simply the most tragic figure in music history, in my opinion. He wouldn't be so much if his music wasn't so stunningly gorgeous. Here's an NPR interview you may like with his producer, Joe Boyd, from a couple years ago. It gives wonderful insight into Nick Drake:
Wow, I'm pretty surprised by this for indie. They've got hooks, which...I've never thought about describing an indie band with!
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2009 on fun. @ Schubas 9/24/09 at Radio Free Chicago
The video for his single, Angela, just hit YouTube. It was filmed during his stay at the gallery. Enjoy!