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Dear Katy Evans-Bush, Thanks for comments and if you want to talk places to start or middle with either Ashbery or Spicer, I'm glad to give whatever thoughts I have based on approaching and reapproaching them. Especially with the approaching them, which I recall quite vividly, god bless me. cheers john
Snark hunting rarely, so far as I've heard, turns up a snark. Or there'd be snarkskin jackets, and snarkskin boots with pointy toes.
If only I had sock-monkey pjs.
Dear Steven Dube, A lovely point. It is true that when I hear the word "great" in literary studies I reach for my shotgun (figuratively). Some major cultural trends have made that a knee jerk, or trigger finger jerk, response. I will put a couple names forward: E.D. Hirsch, Harold Bloom, Allan Bloom, William Bennet....These are just a few. I believe that reading or listening or watching is a matter of pleasure, sometimes difficult as in the pleasure of a challenge, but I do not believe that judgment ought enter our readerly experience. It is everywhere, it saturates the market--what gets published what doesn't. I don't control that, never will, and wouldn't want to frankly. I believe the notions of "best" or "great" or "top 10" are ways to make our pleasure in approaching the technologies by which we touch each other (language, written or visual or spoken) instrumental to other forces. Of course there are always other forces, but at least for myself, I'm willing to decide what I love rather than I am to decide what is "great." What I might love, you might hate, and there is nothing objective about that. My job as a critic is to report things I think are worth giving a look--they might delight you, they might not, but I will have made my best argument and of course finally you will decide. There is of course the BADLY MADE. That is a discussion for a different day. Or there are GENRES I don't prefer. Again, I am a filter, a limited consumer and commentator, and as a critic I can only convince my readers or listeners that I am a reasonable and working filter. This is my idea of being a critic, born perhaps of my real devotion to poetry and literature in general. thanks for commenting. jev