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Vancouver, BC
I’m more granola than frosted corn flakes, and completely hemp-free. I run, I dance, I sing; I make loud mistakes.
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Fact: I cannot read anything you write - anything with the serious narrative tone that I mostly see here - without getting dizzy. Part of that is because I hold my breath, and your posts are longer than a couple of paragraphs and I've smoked for more than a decade; part of it is just old-fashioned awe.
Toggle Commented May 24, 2011 on The After at TwoBusy
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Here's my thought. She said she had no one. That she was alone, and no one was a friend to her, really. Well, maybe that wasn't a thing about her friends or family or neighbours or whoever being assholes. Maybe I'm an asshole for saying that, but like I said to someone else that she'd friended then blocked, the followed again - Some people are not meant to be friends of ours, even if they're in need of help, in a dark place, and you feel like you can help them.
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Honey, I said it the day after, and I still mean it. If she doesn't feel gratitude, that's her truth. But if we had stod aside and just not paid attention? That would be OURS. A typo is a typo, and it may come back to haunt you, yes, but please don't let the decide for you next time (if there is one) to not fight for someone who needs fighting for, you know?
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Um. When'd she buy boobs? Or did they photoshop some of Scarjo's onto her?
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Honey, there's nothing I can say, or anything that can be done that will make this better for you. Let yourself feel and lean on whoever you want to lean on, as hard and heavy as you need to. My grandfather attempted the same, unsuccessfully shortly after my grandmother's death. She was his everything, and his life had been devoted to caring for her - even with family waiting in the wings to hold him up, he felt alone. But please don't begrudge yourself for your own past. It's made you who you are, and the lesson was necessary, so that you could grow to appreciate everything. (or at least that's what I tell myself, about my past attempts.) Love and thoughts for yours, your family's and your grandparents' peace.
Toggle Commented May 13, 2010 on sorrow at drowning in kids
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May 1, 2010
I actually totally enjoy his tweets. And got what he was saying. Mind you, I take big pink pills, so...
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Um, so knives are something we shouldn't admit to? Duly noted.
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