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Desmond Cleary
Succesful hands - on Senior Executive and Management Consultant
Interests: current affairs, reading, computers and internet, current developments in the professional and business environment, tv history and nature documentaries
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Image by Fonzie's cousin via Flickr Se requiere un estilo de dirección más globalizado y profesionalizado. El tipo de directivo que tiene en mente Rosa García, vicepresidenta de Microsoft en Europa Occidental, es aquel que quiere comerse el mundo, salir a competir en mercados internacionales y que no le teme a la diversidad. La primera pincelada que extiende sobre el lienzo Isidro Fainé, presidente de La Caixa y de la Confederación Española de Directivos y Ejecutivos (CEDE), es firme: "El directivo tiene que trabajar más y mejor, no hay más remedio, tenemos que ponernos al frente de la manifestación porque el ejemplo, no la palabra, es la mejor herramienta para manejar voluntades". via Continue reading
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Image by jdlasica via Flickr Facebook's chief executive Mark Zuckerberg recently took the stage at a joint press conference alongside another large technology company. He described his partner using a once-unthinkable designation. via Related articles Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg prefers underdogs ( Can Anything Stop The Facebook Juggernaut? ( "Underdog" Microsoft Dominates Earnings: Are Apple and Google Now the Bad Guys? ( Continue reading
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Image via CrunchBase The announcement of Eric Schmidt moving aside as Google CEO to let cofounder Larry Page take over is a "teaching moment" for CEOs of all kinds of companies. For a crucial decade in its growth, Google was led not by a single CEO, but by a team that gave it immense strategic and management strength. Google has taught us all a lot about search, maps, apps, and lots of other things, but it may be that the most important and overlooked lesson is in innovation management. Why? Google is a pioneer in what I call B-I Leadership--Bi-Generational, Boomer, Gen-X, Gen-Y management. via Related articles Google CEO Shakeup: Larry Page to Replace Eric Schmidt on April 4 ( Continue reading
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Just get on with it and lets see what you bring to the table. Self serving promotion is good for openers, now lets see where is the beef. Competitors are steaming ahead and TypePads swag bag diminishing !!! Good Luck
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Image by davemc500hats via Flickr Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are supposed to embrace their failures as a virtue. Failure, according to the mythology of this place, is a heroic moment that makes you stronger and smarter so can you get right back on your feet and try again. via Author Chris O Brien Related articles Collaboration Grows between Silicon Valley and Liverpool ( Why Wall Street Tech Star Mary Meeker Is Moving to Silicon Valley ( Continue reading
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Image via CrunchBase Which companies are the most innovative? via If you thought of Apple, Google, or 3M, you’d be in plenty of company. Those three rank among the highest in a survey, mostly of R&D executives, that was conducted by my colleagues Barry Jaruzelski and Kevin Dehoff. Interestingly, though, these three companies are far from the top when it comes to spending. Related articles Google to Launch E-Book Store ( Continue reading
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Image via Wikipedia MANAGEMENT gurus are constantly scouring the world for the next big idea. Thirty years ago they fixated on Japan. Today it is India. The more restless are already moving on to Peruvian or Zulu management. Yet in all this intellectual globe-trotting the gurus have sorely neglected the secrets of one of the world’s great economies. Germany is the world’s largest goods exporter after China despite high labour costs and a strongish euro. It is also stuffed full of durable companies that have survived hyperinflation and two world wars. Faber-Castell, a giant among pencilmakers, boasts that Bismarck was a customer. via Related articles As Pencil Makers Push the Envelope, Age-Old Rivalry Stays Sharp ( Schumpeter: The innovation machine | The Economist ( Continue reading
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Image via Wikipedia España se ha convertido en el primer mercado para la marca de la distribución en Europa, con una cuota de mercado en valor del 39%, una tasa próxima a Alemania y superior a Holanda (33%) o Reino Unido (32%), según los datos presentados ayer en Aecoc por la consultora SymphonyIRI Group. En Estados Unidos, el peso de esta enseña es del 18%. via Continue reading
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Image by emdot via Flickr Más del 90% de las administraciones públicas incumplen la Ley de Morosidad, aprobada en 2010, y por la cual deben pagar en un periodo máximo de 55 días a sus proveedores, un retraso en los pagos que afecta junto con la morosidad privada, a un 64% de los autónomos y que podría hacer que 100.000 de ellos cesaran su actividad en 2011, según ha informado la Federación Nacional de Asociaciones de Trabajadores Autónomos (ATA). via Continue reading
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Image via CrunchBase When it comes to companies concerned with managing their brand image online, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has some advice: "Make stuff that doesn't suck." via Some sound advice especially focusing more on delivering than trying to manage the brand Related articles Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales on collaboration ( Donate few bucks to Wikipedia (We're all using it on a daily basis, aren't we?) ( Continue reading
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Image by mosmi via Flickr Nike has turned the city of London into a game board for a two-week competition called the GRID which the shoe manufacturer hopes will ultimately encourage young people who already jog for exercise to start identifying themselves as "runners." via Interesting approach to promote a brand by inventing a game. Related articles London Is Now a Giant Board Game for Runners [Video] ( Nike Grid: forget ads, let's make a game! ( Nike Grid: run your city (if your city is London) ( Nike Grid V.2 ( Continue reading
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Image by Getty Images via @daylife On October 1, Columbia Pictures will release The Social Network, a film that portrays Facebook's CEO and cofounder, Mark Zuckerberg, as an arrogant nerd-punk who betrays friends and classmates in order to get what he wants – sex, money, and power. via Related articles "The Social Network" a true story, twins say ( The Mad Men of social networking ( Mark Zuckerberg On The Biggest Difference Between "The Social Network" And Reality ( "Review: The Social Network" and related posts ( Continue reading
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Image by ATIS547 via Flickr By Susan Roth, CEO of Trims Unlimited, Los Angeles via Very good article on managing customer relations. Sometimes it is better to lose a deal Related articles The Six Laws of Customer Experience: Law #1 Every interaction... ( Make Customers Pay Extra With a Great Customer Experience ( What's Love Got to Do With It? How Employees Impact Customer Experience ( Continue reading
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Image by OrangeCounty_Girl via Flickr Thousands of new products are released into the wilds of the market every year. Some become great successes, while others fail hard. What’s the secret, the x factor that makes or breaks a new product? via Related articles From one pig -- bacon and 184 other things ( All Your 'Environmentally Friendly' Products Are Lying [Greenwashing] ( Continue reading
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Cover of Konami El próximo mes de octubre se publica la primera entrega para consolas de nueva generación de Castlevania, una de las franquicias clásicas del sector de los videojuegos y, casi con total seguridad, un superventas. Sin embargo, el desarrollo del producto ha corrido a cargo, casi en su totalidad, del estudio español Mercury Steam, una pequeña compañía con más de 60 trabajadores radicada en la madrileña localidad de San Sebastián de los Reyes y que, con el apoyo de la japonesa Konami, es capaz de competir a cara de perro con otros grandes estrenos globales en un sector que mueve decenas de miles de millones de euros cada año. via Related articles What A Horrible Night For A Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Trailer [Video] ( Castlevania: LOS Producer Swears It's Worthy of the Name ( MercurySteam dev interested in doing 3D Contra title ( Castlevania: Lords of Shadow demo hits Xbox Live ( Continue reading
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Image via Wikipedia The four P’s -- people, product, price and promotion -- are often cited as the keys to a successful business. Yet this list omits a vital ingredient that has characterized Virgin companies throughout our 40 years: Fun, with a capital F. via Some original and sensible advice from a guy who has made a success of being unconventional Related articles Richard Branson set to open Virgin Spaceport today. ( Article by Richard Branson ( Sir Richard Branson Joins Solazyme Series D as Strategic Investor ( Solazyme Draws Richard Branson, Unilever To Algae ( Continue reading
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Image via Wikipedia IN JANUARY 2007 Creative Artists Agency (CAA), which manages George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt and other film-industry luminaries, opened its new offices on Avenue of the Stars in Century City, Los Angeles. As famous actors and directors file into the marble-lined entrance to strike lucrative film contracts, even more serious money is being made upstairs. via Related articles Junk Bonds Are Back on Top ( Continue reading
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Image by tfpeng via Flickr (CNN) -- How do western companies market to brand-conscious Chinese consumers? via A really interesting article for those interested in entering the huge potential Chinese marketplace Related articles China's economy cools ( Using social media to improve your business ( Big brands tap into China's online habits ( Companies better in targeting Chinese consumers - Shaun Rein ( Groupon might have a chance in China - Sam Flemming ( Continue reading
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Image by Getty Images via @daylife La semana pasada, por primera vez en la historia, los usuarios de Twitter y Facebook derrotaron a la directiva de una gran compañía. Este triunfo de la democracia sobre la autocracia fue en torno a algo que la gente considera muy importante: si tres letras son algo original o conservador. via Continue reading
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Image via CrunchBase While the debate over Web ads versus app ads may be going strong, some new data from Flurry analytics may make it moot. The in-app purchasing game has taken off to the point where revenues from in-app buys are dwarfing advertising income--at least for apps on Apple's iOS platform. via Related articles In-App Purchases Generate More Revenue Than Ads ( Continue reading
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Businesses grow and evolve over time. Some go from strength to strength. Others maintain steady and discreet positions. Quite a few go under. A business going under does not usually happen overnight. It can be a long-drawn-out affair, which at some stage becomes inevitable. Continue reading
Posted May 16, 2010 at ManagementPITSTOP
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Mar 15, 2010
La solvencia de la Empresa – El Talón de Aquiles de la economía española España se encuentra en una profunda recesión, así como la mayoría de los países de la UE y los Estados miembros de la OCDE. Si bien la recesión mundial actual afecta a los países más industrializados ha golpeado en mayor medida a la economía española. Muchos expertos han afirmado que este problema se ha originado principalmente por la ruptura de la burbuja inmobiliaria y de un rígido mercado de trabajo protegido que ha sido un lastre permanente para la competitividad. Sin embargo, creo que la falta de solvencia de las empresas ha tenido unos efectos aún más destructivos, tanto en el pasado como en el presente, en la economía española en lo que muchos expertos y analistas no han reparado. Continue reading
Posted Nov 23, 2009 at ManagementPITSTOP
Spain is in a deep recession as well as most EU countries and OECD member states. While the current worldwide recession affects most industrialised countries it has hit the Spanish economy hard. Many commentators have asserted that this arises principally from the property market bubble bursting and a rigid protected labour market which has been a permanent drag on competitiveness. However, I consider the lack of business solvency has had an even more destructive effect, both in the past and the present, on the Spanish economy than realised by many commentators and analysts. Continue reading
Posted Oct 8, 2009 at ManagementPITSTOP
The purpose of these articles is to share insights, experiences and advice on management issues arising in the workplace and in business. The articles take a pit stop approach. You pull in and get the fundamentals checked in the fastest time possible and drive out, ready for the road again. Major overhauls are for a later occasion. The topics cover a wide field of management roles and different scenarios. The principal aim is to address mainstream issues which are causing serious concern for management. Usually, both the problem and the solution are rooted in the fundamentals which over - time have become unfocused and displaced as the organization changes. These topics will be mainly of interest to readers focused on a particular issue. They will also be of interest to readers who wish to gain an insight into the broader impact of these issues on the organization, its consumers and the market place. Finally, as you know there are many books out there. Nonetheless, in my experience, reality is often different and common sense and being street smart go a long way in business. It is your call and I hope you begin to look at your management issues from a different perspective when you have read these articles. Desmond Cleary April 2009 Continue reading
Posted Oct 6, 2009 at ManagementPITSTOP