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The Craft lives recordings are online here:
Dear Nthabiseng, Thanks for your questions. These dictabelts are mechanical carriers. There is a pretty comprehensive write-up in an issue of the IASA journal of how my British Library colleagues first rescued these iconic recordings in 2000. And fortunately all IASA journal issues have been published online in the past month on the IASA website. See "Recovering the sound from the Rivonia Trial" by Adrian Tuddenham, Peter Copeland, and Nigel Bewley (IASA journal no 17, June 2001, pp 10-17) Online at: The British Library digitised 7 of the dictabelts held in the South African archives. There are dozens more, and all are now being digitized in France by INA. You can find out more in September at the IASA 2015 Paris conference by attending this presentation: ("Saving South-African heritage: Rivonia trials original dictabelts digitizing"). Best wishes Richard Ranft, Head of Sound & Vision, The British Library
Thank you for raising this. The British Library has 1.6 million items of printed music and over 100,000 pieces of manuscript music. More information is here: - fortunately these are not threatened by obsolesence in the way that recorded sound is - Richard Ranft