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Darcine Thomas
Mobile knowledge worker and social observer.
Interests: music, film, food, theater, new media technology, online radio
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My hiatus is over. I'm back, with a sidekick who travels by stroller. He goes by the name Boynton. Once a month (or so) I'll be reporting on my adventures out in the world -- sometimes from the perspective of... Continue reading
Glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for reading!
Glad you like it -- thanks for reading! Stay tuned -- I'm on hiatus now but will be back sometime in the spring with more posts.
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Feb 27, 2012
Good point -- thanks for mentioning it. And thanks for reading!
When was the last time Jay-Z was mentioned in the same breath as Mae West? Or that Steve Lawrence and Spike Lee's names were listed side by side? You will see this amazing sight if you go to the Original... Continue reading
Can The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company stand up to the weekend paper and bagel test? I decided to give it a try. My husband and I first visited on a Saturday. My initial thought was that bagels were soon... Continue reading
Andrea, I'm so sorry that your comment was momentarily waylaid in the ether. But today it made it made its way to me. Thanks so much for reading and thanks for the lovely comments. Check out today's post -- I had to visit the fabulous Food Lab again!
Yeah, it's not easy to get meatloaf right. And how heavenly it is when it's perfect. Thanks for reading!
I made another visit to Food Lab, and was completely wowed. This time we shopped for a picnic.There was still a great crowd and a fantastic vibe. I chose what turned out to be a superb meatloaf sandwich, garnished with... Continue reading
Another day, another afternoon whiled away in French conversation with my dear French friend. This time we met at Urth Caffe, younger sister of the well-known cafe on Melrose. You can count on having a good experience here (although it... Continue reading
I stumbled upon another slice of undiscovered LA recently. The subtitle of this post should read "In which the Mobile Knowledge Worker discovers free wi-fi, great food and wonderful service at a West Hollywood hookah lounge." But I'm getting ahead... Continue reading
What better place to have French conversation than at La Conversation Cafe? My dear friend and I were going to meet there to give me some French practice. I speak the language, but don't have much chance to use it... Continue reading
As I approach Food Lab's door, a little Cindy Lou Who look-alike runs up to door. She presses her face against the glass. It becomes a pinkish blob studded with two bright blue eyes. She laughs, I laugh. Her parents... Continue reading
I caught a hint of lemon or maybe verbena as I walked through the doors of the Larchmont Bungalow. My second impression was that I had walked into a light and airy general store in the midst of an upscale... Continue reading
I've been thinking lately about the term "fast food." It seems to me that we call the quick snacks that we pick up on the run "fast food." This term can have a negative connotation. When we travel in other... Continue reading
At last it was our turn. A laconic young woman, hair pulled back and wearing glasses, supervised the conveyor belt. As I put my stuff in the bins, I said, "I want the Pat Down. I don't want to go... Continue reading
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Jan 12, 2011
We got to the airport in plenty of time on the travel day. We checked in curbside. There was no line. The skycap was cheery and efficient. "I'm just nervous about this whole Pat Down thing," I confessed. "It's not... Continue reading
Happy 2011! It's the New Year, which marks a temporary end to the family-related travel season. My trip back to the old homestead was not marred by weather delays. I didn't have to sleep in an airport or try to... Continue reading
Yeah, I enjoyed it there. Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment!
My "Only in LA" tour continues. This time I visited Mambos, a restaurant that looks as though it had been a gas station (but not the cool vintage kind) in a previous life. You could say that it's at a... Continue reading
And I've since discovered that the Lazy Ox also has a great Happy Hour. Monday - Friday, 5-7 pm. Certain beers and wine are half off and there's a $5 appetizer menu. Very good value and, of course, very tasty.
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Nov 11, 2010
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Nov 11, 2010