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Topeka, KS
Sassy Candle Intellectual
Interests: favorite things to do: read magazines, learn something new every day, drive golf carts, and sleep late.
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Although we are still making some additions and changes, our new site has an easier to follow flow of information! Visit it today and check it out! Continue reading
It's been a busy fall, we breezed through the hot summer months and are now getting back in the swing of things! We have so many neat products coming in and fabulous holiday fragrances to make your house a home... Continue reading
Pouchee purse organizers are such a great idea for anyone who likes to change out their bag to match an outfit or for different seasons! These are such quality organizaers - they last much longer than other nylon brands. We... Continue reading
I love to try new things. However, I am a creature of habit so even when I try new things, it isn't far outside of the norm for me. I recently had a friend ask me what is the difference... Continue reading
It's finally spring and the perfect time to freshen the air! Lampe Berger room fragrance diffusers/air purifiers are the perfect addition to your home. With several styles to choose from, the Lampe Berger fits any style! This patented product removes... Continue reading
Our newest shipment of plug-in warmers arrived just in time for Valentine's Day! Stop in today to thrill your sweetheart with a plug-in warmer and a fragrance that warms the heart! We always have free gift packaging and smiles for... Continue reading
The picture on the right shows the house at the bottom of the hill this past summer - can't even make it out through the thick snow... Continue reading
A sneak peak at great finds! Continue reading
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Jan 16, 2011
It's the holiday season and you really want to get a special fragrance to fill your home with scents of sugar plums and pine trees.... except you usually only like cinnamon. Go ahead and try those new scents in the... Continue reading
Just wanted to share a link to the impromtu TG Choir from WRHS singing at the tree lighting for the Miracle on Kansas Avenue Parade this past Saturday evening! Enjoy! Continue reading
It's no secret that scent is the most provocative of the senses. Fragrance is a pipeline to memory and mood. What other reason would you need to fill your home with the luxurious holiday scents available for burning or warming?... Continue reading
We are finally focusing on the businesses that make our communities unique and offer the personal touch to the experiences we have while shopping or conducting business. This weekend choose to spend your holiday dollars in stress free environments ~... Continue reading
Finally some relief from the high temps! An overcast day, cool showers and favorite fragrances to burn! We've been adding new fall scents each week. This time of year calls for warm and inviting spices. Another popular fragrance type is... Continue reading
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Aug 29, 2010
We're adding some great new classes to our schedule! Check often to see if there is something that sparks your interest and register on-line! Classes are generally two hours long and consist of several projects Click here to go to... Continue reading
It's so nice to enjoy being outside during the summer ~ except for those pesky mosquitoes! These are a few favorites that are sure to tell those pests to "bug off!" Soap Stone Incense Burner + 20 Black Cherry Citronella... Continue reading
We've added new lines this summer and want to share our favorites! One of the most versatile and unique products are the new Switchables - hand-crafted stained glass pieces that have many possible uses! A beautiful nightlight, fun sun catcher,... Continue reading
As the economy struggles to rebound, many folks are trading in their busy lifestyles for the more relaxed, traditional activities. Family, friends and past-times are cycling back to easier times, when tradition played an enormous role in what, when, where... Continue reading
I've always burned incense while sitting outside - it seems to keep mosquitoes away even if I'm not burning citronella. But I love the ambiance of a fire and that gets too hot for our Kansas heat. That's where the... Continue reading
Don't throw your candle jars in the trash - clean them out, bring them in and get a little money off your next candle purchase! We only accept glass that is candle safe and crystal clean! Continue reading
"When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way." Wayne Dyer It dawned on me after a lively tour of folks from the Silver Lake... Continue reading