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Jimmy: Yes, this fix was removed as it was causing other issues in the product. The AutoCAD team is still working on resolving that issue outside of the Service Pack but cannot currently comment on when or how that fix will be made available.
Hi Shaan, Last year I dislocated my left shoulder with the medical name, "luxatio erecta". According to the slightly creepy, attending physician at the ER that night, this was a rare kind of dislocation that only affects 1-3% of people who dislocate their shoulders. In the process of dislocating my shoulder, I tore my rotator cuff and fractured the top of my left arm (the humeral head). This resulted in the immediate need for surgery and months of physical therapy before I was back to my customary range of motion. Dislocating my shoulder was the worst pain I've ever felt. I immediately went from being normal, to not being able to tie my own shoes. Suddenly, all the little mundane things I took for granted – like taking a shower or putting on a shirt – were difficult and painful. Be faithful about the PT that I assume will follow. If you slack off on it, it will only take longer to get better and may affect whether you ever get back to 100%. I did a lot of one-handed typing during that time but for longer things I relied on Dragon Dictate. That made it possible to do long writing sessions without killing me. Good luck, Tom
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I've been using AutoCAD since release 9 and my dependency on the keyboard is as strong as ever. Even on my Mac – not even when using AutoCAD – I rely on tools like Launchbar because everything is faster from a keyboard. I'd much rather type the first couple letters of an app I want to run and have it launch than root around my dock (which I always have hidden) or the application folder looking for the app. AutoCAD ruined me for operations that I couldn't drive from a keyboard. It's all about the speed.
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Mar 15, 2010