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Kevin Mahadeo
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Hey Sebastian. Indeed I do! However, as with most freelance, it's only a bit of money here and there and not so much a full-time deal. In these times especially, living off freelance becomes a very rocky road. Sometimes the days are sweet and you get a decent amount of work. Other days you get practically no work. And with many other writers either losing their jobs or coming fresh out of college, the market becomes saturated with potential freelancers. Ideal for the people hiring, not really for those seeking.
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2009 on Bring On The Future at The No-Spend Zone
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I get nervous when they have a collar but no tag. She could have been abandoned or something. The next door neighbor moved out recently, so who knows.
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Humans are self-centered by nature; however, what's even worse than her comments is the idea that if you accumulate the amount of food returned or thrown away at restaurants in the US in a given weekend, you can feed an entire nation for a day. There's some food for thought--literally.
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I was going to, but then my sister offered to buy it for me. Yay for family members! Although it's sad when your younger sister has $11 to spare and you don't.
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2009 on Limited Time Offer of Awesome at The No-Spend Zone
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Thanks guys! Freelancing really is a great buffer. I know a few peeps who are actually holding up pretty well with a few good freelancing gigs. I mean, not great, but well.
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I don't know about other guys, but for me, I'm just not a coupon person. I think it's cause I really don't shop at that many places, so there's no need to have all these coupons. As for carrying the coupons around in our wallets. Well, the problem with that is guys don't carry our wallets around in purses. And the worse thing you can say is, "Yes, I am happy to see you, but that is a wallet in my pants."
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