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I have no idea what Glee is. Until today I didn't even know that such a thing existed. I now know that there is something called Glee and everyone is talking about it. But I like the sound of a positive happy dancy Rosie!
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2010 on Living my life Glee-style at Rosie Scribble
I think our teacher must have been unusual in being a rare NCT teacher that didn't present medical intervention as negative but more as an option. She went through all the different options, presented them equally, said you should make a birth plan but it seldom happens that it works that way and prepared us for it all to go a bit pear shaped. Wish there were more like her, she was an absolute gem.
We had a very similar choice. Religious school, great OFsted report, slightly further away. Smaller, goodish school that was closer. We went for the local school. I preferred that it was smaller, and I found the pushiness of the bigger school and its parents unbearable. Schools can change a lot in the seven years they will be there. I preferred the nuturing atmosphere of a smaller school. Adam starts there in April and so far, I'm really pleased with it all!
Great to have you back! I've had a few of these offers too, really what is the point?
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2010 on Blog takeover bids at Rosie Scribble
Love that photo. Love the artwork. Like the red posters on the National Gallery the best. Really well captured.
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2010 on The Gallery: Colours at Rosie Scribble
Oh, I love big dogs. She looks gorgeous. x
In defence of the NCT - they have a certain reputation but it isn't always true. I think it very much depends upon the teacher. My NCT teacher was amazing and made it her mission to ensure that we knew about all the different options, what they entailed and some of the political issues behind them (eg involving funding etc.). She never made any attempts to say that any one way was better or more preferable than another. I know others have had different experiences of the NCT, but I've only had positive ones and my sessions with them left me well informed and with no particular bias.
Fab shot. They are very white! I love snow drops, such a sign that winter is DONE, we made it through and the good spring times are set to roll! (I went for white as my colour too - although nowhere near as white as yours!)
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2010 on The Gallery - Colour - White at The Moiderer
Sally - as ever, not sitting on that fence. That's what we love about you. I could not agree more. There is no need to presume that one birth or one woman is better than another. We have enough to beat ourselves up about, why add to that list unnecessarily. We all do the best that we can (mothers, medical professionals) and a healthy mother and child at the end of it all is the most important thing of all. By all means, ensure that women know about the different options and are educated in the choices that they make, but do remember life doesn't always work out the way it is planned. If the birth plan doesn't run like clockwork, there is no need to stress about it as long as the end result is attained. Certainly there are medical professionals that could do with some brush ups regarding patient care and listening to their patients, and hospitals can always improve maternity services. But I've spent time in Sierra Leone (where 1 in 6 women will die in childbirth, think about that statistic - 1 in SIX) and in Bosnia, a European country with a well developed medical system but their maternity services are of a far lower standard than the UK. Sally is right. There is no need for competition about this. We are lucky to live in a country where good quality medical care is available, for free. We should be celebrating our children and their lives, not mourning the loss of an idealised picture of their arrival. Their arrival takes a few days at most. Their lives are for years.
What a star she is. Wish she could have a word with my youngest, who has just worked out that being put to bed by Mummy and Daddy does not actually mean that you have to stay in bed because you can get out... I'm not happy about this development!
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2010 on Bedtime update at The Moiderer
Oh, feel better soon. A hot water bottle, some inane DVD and a bit of piece and quiet should do the trick - I hope. Go kick that lurgy into touch. x
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2010 on Otherwise engaged at Rosie Scribble
And forgot to say that that is a fab photo too! x
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2010 on The Gallery: 'Twelve' at Rosie Scribble
So weird to think that they will think we are so ancient, kind of like being around before cars type things. We didn't have answering machines for ages either. And if a boy phoned you they had to call your home and you got so much teasing if your mum or brother picked up the phone! They won't have to do this awful ritual. I'm quite jealous.
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2010 on The Gallery: 'Twelve' at Rosie Scribble
Hooray for secret agent play. Sounds like a great way for a little girl to be spending her time! x
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2010 on A reassuring scene at Rosie Scribble
In Europe most children don't start school until 6. I have to say, I think this is a very healthy way of looking at things and can't help wondering that starting at 4 is just, well, very young really. Certainly, to be this stressed about tests at this age is ridiculous. She is at the age she should be enjoying school and school should be about her best interests. I hope that they support her and work with you to find the best route for IJ. That is what they should be doing. But stick with it, trust your gut instinct. I went to a Catholic school at that age, didn't do the whole first communion thing at all when everyone else was. Only thing that I really learnt from it is a deep mistrust of most things religious.
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2010 on Battling on my child's behalf at Rosie Scribble
I know Plan B had a similar problem - she might have some ideas for solutions! Seems quite a few people have had this problem potty training toddlers, I don't think you are alone. People always say that about boys, but I don't think it is true at all. Depends on the child. Good luck with it, you are well on the way! x
Toggle Commented Mar 6, 2010 on So we are potty training... at Perfectly Happy Mum
What are you doing in my sitting room? Oh hang on, that's not my child. You mean someone else's looks like this too? Brilliant!
I think we've all had moments like this. Especially when you are just hoping for a bit of quiet. Sounds like she has shaken the virus though, which is good news. x
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2010 on My Dobby moment at The Moiderer
I'm always poaching my mums shoes and clothes. She is way more glamourous than me. I like the look of these shoes too. Are they expensive?
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2010 on Granny writes a review at Rosie Scribble
Lovely Abingdon. So pretty. Can't wait for an English summer (a proper one that is). x
Toggle Commented Mar 3, 2010 on The Gallery #1 at Rosie Scribble
Oh Rosie, that must break your heart. Occasionally Adam tells me that he has bad energy today and it just makes me want to cry. I think the ideas about seeing if there is someone else that IJ could talk to about her worries and her concerns is a good one. I hope you find someone that you both like soon. Big hugs. xxx
Toggle Commented Mar 2, 2010 on Mummy, I cannot smile at Rosie Scribble
Put me in the hat! We're always desperate for something new to watch. UK address to be sent to too? x
 I figured as much (just call me Sherlock for my deductive abilities!). Hope it wasnt too much of a hassle. Glad you are going to enjoy blogging. Its no fun if you aren't enjoying it. BTW, I keep meaning to tell you - one of my most home sick moments happened when I'd been having a terrible time with the boys and was really missing having any proper playgrounds here - and then I read your post when you'd been on holiday in Oxford and had a picture of IJ in my local playground. Literally, we live a minute walk from there. I couldn't believe it, the climbing frame (how many times have mine fallen off that climbing frame). I had a stomping around afternoon reading your post. The playgrounds in Oxford (and the splash park also round the corner, not to mention the pool) are one of the things I am most looking forward to getting back to. Just over a month to go now - better start packing soon...
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2010 on Mail order mummies at Rosie Scribble
I'll bid against Tim. IJ might find herself making some money this way! Glad that you are finding typing at your computer less stressful. We like that very much. A big cheer for no cross faces when typing. x
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2010 on Mail order mummies at Rosie Scribble
So many of us are in the same boat as you. It's been a tough one here too. I think it might be winter. Roll on summer when we can run them around outdoors for hours and hours without having to spend hours and hours getting them ready to go outside first (did I mention it has just snowed again here, feet of snow, I'm so depressed). They are so much easier to be around when the edge of energy has been rubbed off. Big hugs. Hope next week gets better. xxx