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Matt Faliszek
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Bah, so the freshman this year actually have class inside a virtual world? All we got to do last year was spend a little bit of laggy time inside the sims, without actually getting much done. and why the change in the name of the class? it is a bit more fitting though, now.
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God, this hasn't changed in years from season 1. also, topical. its a little heavy-handed, especially if its considered on political terms. Yay bailouts.
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I think its important to note the influence of loony tunes and other early cartoons on this video, since it helps to contrast against the rather serious violence that J.K. Rowlings wrote in her books. the positioning thing is classic cartoon action, as is the distraction. the guns at the end though, is fairly modern.
Toggle Commented Apr 14, 2009 on Tess- Fanfiction Video #2 at Philosophy 109
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