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Thomas Pendergast
Let's just say I've been around and leave it at that.
Interests: The Ohlone people sang that living on the coast was like "dancing on the brink of the world." It still feels something like that, this isolated yet connected California culture. A Psychedelic Furs song says "the beach is backwards, isn't it?" An ocean beach can be considered one of two opposite things: where the land ends and the ocean begins or where the ocean ends and the land begins. This blog is for those who want a view from the brink of the world.
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High res images for the use of the UNC production of Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992. Download Insurrection92a View this photo Download Insurrection92b View this photo Download Insurrection92c View this photo Download Insurrection92d View this photo Download Insurrection92e View this photo Download Insurrection92f View this photo Download Insurrection92g View this photo Continue reading
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Test shot sample of Black Lives Matter protest by Thomas K. Pendergast Copyright 2014. Unauthorized use prohibited without permission. Download 20141213_151133.mp4 Continue reading
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My first effort at video editing: Download Lifen21stCenXXz.mp4 So please enjoy. Continue reading
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Sample noises for effects in a tunnel with Rob Download File0826 And now, the ghost of Tom E. Gun comes back for a reprisal of his dayz o' glory! Download File0827 Continue reading
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From a protest on International Women's Day, in front of a Bank of America building in Berkeley. Download File0756 Singing and an interview Download File0759 Well, there's lots 2 talk 'bout Download File0760 that's it for now. maybe will add more later. Continue reading
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I know it's a bit late but thanx Terri for that info. The closer we look, the more we find. Amen.
This is a test, and only a test. It has no further significance. Download VID_20131004_192249 Download VID_20130312_182317 Download VID_20130705_203047 Download VID_20130705_215833 Download VID_20130705_220459 Download VID_20130705_221015 Download VID_20130705_221500 April 26, 2013 View this photo May 1, 2013a View this photo May 1, 2013b View this photo May 1, 2013c View this... Continue reading
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(F btw, means anything you want) Full disclosure. I don't have a pic of the drummer, and yes, he was popular with the groupies but not more than Buzz, who put in far more effort. Download 08 Get OUT of MY LIFE! Download 18 Someone Else's Eye Download 07 Make... Continue reading
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These are for W.D. Download above photo here WD01: Download photo Download above photo here WD02: Download photo Download above photo here WD03: Download photo Download the above photo here WD04: Download photo Download above photo here WD05: Download photo Continue reading
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SAN FRANCISCO -- Housing Advocates Call for Evictions Moratorium Although Gov. Gavin Newsom signed protections for tenants during the pandemic, San Francisco courts have resumed other eviction cases in spite of protests by westside housing advocates who say this is not the time to increase homelessness. On Sept. 21, activists from the West Side Tenants Association (WSTA), the Veritas Tenants Association and the Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco (HRCSF) joined tenants facing uncertain times to call on the City to halt all evictions during the COVID-19 crisis. First posted October 3, 2020 on the website for the Sunset Beacon... Continue reading
Download TKPoccupy05 Oct. 15, 2011. Civic Center, San Francisco. The Occupy movement went international with a Global Day of Action, as protesters in Toronto, Rome, Manila, London, Tokyo and Melbourne marched in solidarity with those in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C., Fairbanks of Alaska, Burlington of Vermont, Rapid... Continue reading
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Thanks for your kind words Ruchi Chaudhary. Please come back and read more from aviewfromthebbrink if you like. Cheers. Tom Pendergast