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Brian Dann
I'm married and living on the North Shore of Chicago with my wife and 2 kids.
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David Bowie was an artist. He was not defined by a time. He was not defined by an era. He was not defined by a style. David Bowie was style. He was timeless, he was original, he was unique, and no one could copy him or even come close to the level of “cool” that was Bowie. His concert performances were iconic and pushed the levels of performance and showmanship to the edge and then blew that edge to pieces. I had the privilege of seeing Bowie in concert on three individual occasions and each one was more incredible then the next. A Bowie concert was like a rock show, with the theatrics of a Broadway musical, and the artistry and precision of Cirque Du Soleil all wrapped up in one fantastic package... Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2016 at North Shore Dad
By Brian Dann If you'ld like to read this go right ahead, but I should let you know the first part of this is pretty much directed straight to Bernie Sanders. Bernie, if you want to be elected President, stop... Continue reading
Posted Oct 23, 2015 at North Shore Dad
By Brian Dann Rahm Emanuel, I’m not really sure why, but for some reason over the past couple of weeks I just want to give Rahm a big ol’ hug, maybe invite him over for a barbeque, ask him why... Continue reading
Posted Mar 17, 2015 at North Shore Dad
By Brian Dann In China, the government regularly forces women to undergo forced abortions in order to meet there strict population control policy of one child per family. In a report from the Associated Press and published on Yahoo! News... Continue reading
Posted Jan 29, 2014 at North Shore Dad
By Brian Dann The Beatles once said, “The love you take is equal to the love you make.” For the owner of Kevin’s Place, this verse could not ring more true. Kevin’s Place is a small cozy diner in the... Continue reading
Posted Jan 9, 2014 at North Shore Dad
Today I was listening to the radio when I heard a gentleman from Texas, and by the way I have a feeling this is the first time this person has been called a gentleman, refer to the president as a Marxist because of the “Socialist ObamaCare”. Before I go on let’s point out some indisputable facts. First fact, Marxism, according to Websters dictionary is “the belief that the struggle between social classes is a major force in history and that there should eventually be a society in which there are no classes.” C’mon don’t we all remember when then candidate Obama gave that speech where he said “YES WE CAN…create a society in which there are no classes”?…(long pause…aaaanyway…) Second fact, Socialism is defined by Websters dictionary as, “a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state.” Now remind me again, what were the names of all the insurance companies that the government bought and took over to create the Socialist ObamaCare? OHHHHHHH, that’s right, none of them. In fact... Continue reading
Posted Nov 21, 2013 at North Shore Dad
By Brian Dann I was bullied. When I was a kid, for most of my childhood I was bullied. Kids find something to pick on and if they see they are getting a reaction, that’s all they need. With me... Continue reading
Posted Oct 18, 2013 at North Shore Dad
STOP the presses, call the President, alert John Boehner, tell Ted Cruz to shut the f**k up already, because I just figured out how to solve the Debt Ceiling crisis! It’s so simple and I cannot believe that nobody has ever thought of this before! Here we go. Are you ready? You may want to sit down for this. The way to solve the debt ceiling crisis is… get rid of the debt ceiling! There, problem solved, no debt ceiling, no crises. Ok Congress, make it happen. I will now take my Nobel Prize for economics. Oh I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Is Brian really as attractive in person as he is in his blog photo?” Oh, go on, you make me blush, and the answer is, no. That was taken twenty something years ago by a professional photographer. Now I’m distinguished looking and wise beyond my years. But you’re also thinking “That’s just crazy talk! How can a country function without a debt ceiling? Our spending would be at record highs and be greater than revenue! How absurd! We would have to borrow money from the rest of the free world, maybe even from China!” That’s right Einstein, kinda like were doing NOW!... Continue reading
Posted Oct 15, 2013 at North Shore Dad
Tomorrow I will be 47 years old. I keep telling my wife who is much younger than me that since I have so many more years on her, this simply means I am much, much, much wiser than her , more worldly, and she as well as all those who are my junior can now learn from my 47 years of wisdom. To this she just seems to laugh, says “Yea, right!” and walks away. But for the rest of you, gather ‘round my youngins, my flock, my fertile minds yearning for knowledge and truth as I share with you all that I have learned in my 47 years on this rock, this forth planet from the sun that we call Earth! (hmm, what? Third planet? Yes dear, love you dear, thank you dear…) Third planet from the sun that we call Earth... Continue reading
Posted Aug 20, 2013 at North Shore Dad
In 1778 Thomas Jefferson proposed that any man who commits the crime of sodomy receive the punishment of castration, and any women receive the punishment of having a hole cut in the cartilage of her nose of at least one half inch in diameter. But that’s not the messed up part. At the time the most common penalty on the books was death. Jefferson was actually a Liberal. During The Holocaust about 50,000 homosexuals were sentenced to death by the Nazis. There pink triangles that marked them as homosexuals were often used for target practice. In the United States during the 1930s many in the psychiatric community classified homosexuality as a disease... Continue reading
Posted Oct 30, 2012 at North Shore Dad
“We're going to have to have employers in the new economy…that are going to be so anxious to get good workers they're going to be anxious to hire women.” Those were the words of Mitt Romney in the second presidential debate responding to a question about equal pay for women. This is a sentence he said on national television with an audience of over 55 million people, and felt it was a perfectly OK statement to make. Just in case you are reading this and saying to yourself, “Yea, what’s your point, so he wants a lot of women to be hired.” No – that is not what he is saying. He is saying that he is going to create so many jobs that employers will actually want to hire women! They will resort to hiring women. There will not be enough men to go around so they will have to hire women... Continue reading
Posted Oct 18, 2012 at North Shore Dad
I have to admit something. I hate politics. Now you may find that a bit surprising coming from someone who won’t shut up about it, but quite frankly, I wish this whole thing was over, Obama is declared the winner already, and the Republicans could go back to rolling women’s rights back to the 1950’s and taking away all our health care. But seriously, I don’t want to get political here, because remember, I hate politics. And that really is the whole point of this article. You see, the real problem with electing someone for president is that there is way too much politics involved. In past elections it was hard enough sometimes to get past the sound bites and the political ads, but at least ads of the past had to end with the candidate stating, “I’m Brian Dann, and I support this message.” Ok seriously that is scary. If you EVER hear that at the end of an ad, slip me two roofies, plant some cocaine in my glove compartment, and post pictures of me on Facebook dressed like Dr. Frank N Furter with two crack whores in a room at a Red Roof Inn, because I’ve obviously lost my mind! Anyway… Continue reading
Posted Aug 29, 2012 at North Shore Dad
1. Don’t Worry, It Will Trickle Down Eventually. 2. If I had Paid Taxes, I’d Release Taxes. 3. Every Man For Himself. 4. Smiling Like We Care. 5. If Hair Were Electoral Votes, We’d Have This Thing In the Bag.... Continue reading
Posted Aug 14, 2012 at North Shore Dad
So you and Donald Trump stop at a fruit stand to buy a bunch of bananas. I know what you are thinking but this is not the beginning of a bad joke. And we all know that when Donald Trump wants a banana he tells one of his birther investigators to take a break from tracking down evidence that the President is Kenyan and go pick one from the Trump International banana garden located on the top of Trump Towers in Manhattan. Anyway, like I was saying, you and Donald Trump stop at, oh let’s call it the “Fox” Fruit Stand, to buy a bunch of bananas. When you go to pay, the cashier tells you that your bananas are $3.00 but with tax your bananas will be $3.50. Next The Donald goes to pay for his bananas with his Gold Amex card made of actual solid gold from his baby seal skin wallet. The cashier tells Mr. Trump that his bananas with tax will only cost The Donald $3.17! You go, wait! I just paid $3.50 for the same bananas that Mr. Apprentice here is only paying $3.17 for! What’s the deal? And the cashier tells you that... Continue reading
Posted Jun 21, 2012 at North Shore Dad
Many Christians and those on the right believe that life begins at conception. I’m gonna say something that may get me in trouble and it may come back to bite me but oh well, here it goes. I think they’re crazy! I think they have totally missed the boat here. There is no way that life begins at conception, that is just utter ridiculousness, because the real truth is life begins much, much, much earlier than at conception. The truth is life begins at Spermatogenesis, or the creation of sperm. Oh, I know what you are saying to yourself. That is just a bunch of stinkin’ thinkin’ Brian. Well Darn! (oops! please forgive me for swearin’ like a Mormon who couldn’t baptize a dead Jew,) but this whole “when does life begin” debate really gets my panties in a holster!... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2012 at North Shore Dad
By Brian Dann I am white. Honestly, I don’t really think about it much, being white that is. Being white really has not been much of a problem for me in my life, in America. No one has ever looked... Continue reading
Posted Mar 23, 2012 at North Shore Dad
Breast Cancer. Those two words scare the hell out of anybody. Let’s try something. If you ever had breast cancer, raise your hand. I know I can’t see you, but just indulge me. Thanks. If your spouse ever had breast cancer, raise your hand. If a parent of yours ever had breast cancer, raise your hand. If a sibling of yours ever had breast cancer raise your hand. If any relative of yours ever had breast cancer, raise your hand. If a friend of yours ever had breast cancer, raise your hand. If anyone you know has ever had breast cancer, raise your hand. If any anyone you know has ever had a breast biopsy, a mammogram, felt a lump, raise your hand. If you are a woman, raise your hand. If you are a man, because men can get breast cancer too, raise your hand. By now your hand should be raised. Now imagine being a person who has no job, no money, no health insurance… and a lump in your breast... Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2012 at North Shore Dad
The clear message is that there is no one running on the republican ticket that anyone really and truly wants as their candidate. Santorum is to way too religious right wing, Paul wants to end paper money, he wants to remove all foreign aid, and is basically wackadoodle, Newt wants children to work as Janitors, and his name is Newt, (really, president Newt?) and Romney basically has nothing going for him except that he’s not Obama, and looks like a Hollywood TV version of what a president should look like It’s like if you were a fan of rap music, and you won free tickets to any rap concert coming to town over the next two months but the only rap artists you could choose from were Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, Ice Tea, or Al Gore doing his tribute to NWA, and you choose Stephen Colbert… rapping! Voters cannot even bring themselves to get excited about the candidate they do vote for. Overwhelmingly the best reason that voters can give for supporting Romney is that he’s not Obama. So basically they would vote for a lamp post before they would vote for Obama in November... Continue reading
Posted Jan 19, 2012 at North Shore Dad
Yesterday morning on the way to work I was listening to the left wing liberal progressive radio talk show host Bill Press, as I tend to do most mornings on the way to work and he asked the question, jokingly, “what do you think Kim Kardashian thinks about politics?” My first thought was I wanted to call in and say, I don’t think Kim Kardashian can spell politics. I do have to admit though, I have actually watched the voyeuristic candy shop known as “Keeping Up With The Kardhasians” and “Kourtney and Kim Take New York” but I have sadly missed “Khloe and Lamar”. Hopefully they will release a collector’s box set soon that I can place under my rear tire and run over. Now just so that I can get my Man Card back (which I somehow misplaced when I scored that trip down under with Oprah, yes it was me who wrote in, not my wife), I do have to say that I have never actually turned on a Kardashian show but instead have been maniacally sucked in to watching them when my wife has made the unfortunate choice to “Keep Up.” There is definitely a higher power at work here when it comes to the Kardashian franchise, a Continue reading
Posted Dec 29, 2011 at North Shore Dad
The most effective way to seize power and ruin other people’s lives, is to convince the people whose lives you are going to ruin, that your enemy is also theirs, that their downfall is the fault of others, and that their passion comes from within and not the rhetoric that you feed them, systematically, on a daily basis. Then they will hand you the power, with no fight, and defend your right to have it before they ever realize the mistake they have made. In 1932 Adolf Hitler’s Socialist party took power in Germany. But it wasn’t until 1939, seven years later, that the Nazi’s invaded Poland. It was during those seven years that Hitler, slowly and systematically, put in place his “Final Solution” and convinced that German people that all the social and economic ills of their time, that were a part of everyday German life at that point, were the fault of the Jews, with the help of the blacks, the gays, and the Gypsies. And even though all of this was categorically false and... Continue reading
Posted Dec 9, 2011 at North Shore Dad
By Brian Dann I remember the day John Lennon died. December 8th 1980, I was watching Johnny Carson and in the middle of his monologue NBC news broke in with a special report. It was at a time when Lennon... Continue reading
Posted Oct 5, 2011 at North Shore Dad
It was the summer of 1988. I was doing a semester abroad. I sat down in this little coffee shop, just off of some street whose name I would not even attempt to pronounce for the fear of twisting my tongue in a knot that I would never get out. After waiting for a few moments, the waiter, who spoke perfect English, handed me a menu. I opened it up and inside was a selection of every kind of coffee and tea concoction that they served. The words were easy, no ventis or grandes, no frappuccinos or macchittos. They kept it simple and I quickly ordered a plain cappuccino. After a few minutes they brought me my drink, then handed me a second menu. Quite honestly, having never been to this kind of coffee shop before, I did not really know what to expect. The last thing I expected was for the next selection of items to be presented to me in a menu... Continue reading
Posted Jan 29, 2011 at North Shore Dad
I think most people get it. I really do. It comes down to this. Be nice to each other. It’s that simple. We all just need to be nicer to each other. We can disagree. We can be angry. We can be passionate about this issue or that issue. We can be grateful as I am that President Obama is now our President, or we can even be disgusted by the thought for whatever reasons we have, whether it is the fact that he is a democrat and you are a republican, or even if it is because you are a racist and the President is black, but in the process, in our discourse, we can be respectful to each other, but what we can’t do is be so mean spirited that it fuels a culture of hate so venomous that it is both scary and appalling all at the same time. But before I go on, I want to try something. First, clear your head of any thoughts you may be having at this very moment, I’ll wait… Now that you have done that, I want you to think of President Barack Obama, bowling, wearing nothing but his under wear. Take a minute if you need to, to really picture... Continue reading
Posted Jan 22, 2011 at North Shore Dad
The comments on here are amazing from both sides. This shows exactly just how complicated of an issue this is. When it comes to gun control and guns, passions run high but this is exactly the reason I started, not to put out there that I am right and you're wrong, but to offer my point of view and to spark the debate. This discourse, this debate is exactly what this issue of Gun control needs. There are no easy answers and by no means do I expect our nation to outlaw hand guns and assault weapons. In America it is just not a realistic expectation and may not even be the solution. But this debate and debates like it that are going on all over this country is what needs to be done because somewhere between, "get rid of all the guns", and "all guns should be legal" is the answer of what needs to be done on the subject of gun control in America. What I do believe though is that something needs to be done so that a person who is mentally unstable, like the individual responsible for the shootings in Arizona, can't get access to a gun, and those deemed responsible enough to safely own a gun aren't denied their rights. On a separate note, some the ads that run on my site are not under my control. The ads constantly change and what ad show up is at the discretion of the company that controls that ad space. So any ads that seem in-congruent to the text I write is purely coincidental.
From 1999 through 2007, in Great Britain, 473 individuals were killed by firearms. During that same time period in the United States, 106,125 individuals were killed by firearms. What is the difference? In 1997 it was made illegal for a civilian to own an assault weapon in Great Britain. No one owns guns, except for firearms that fall into the category used for hunting, and so far the government has not taken over. There has been no need for their citizens to rise up against a government trying to oppress them, and the argument that now only the criminals will be the ones with guns, simply has not come true. In 2008, gun related deaths in Britain dropped 18% to 42, from 51 the year before, and no, that’s not 42 per 100 people, or 42 per 100,000 people. That’s 42 people total! In 1997 Britain disarmed. They disarmed because of a massacre that occurred in their country. Their politicians took charge, passed legislation and Continue reading
Posted Jan 13, 2011 at North Shore Dad