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Jennifer Fonseca
Your guide to personal growth - one relationship at a time.
Interests: helping others, watching movies, cooking, spending time with my husband, playing tennis, getting massages, playing & loving on my dogs, eating - i love sweets and savory treats.
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On Saturday I was meeting with a group of women about an event on November 17, 2012 called Yoked for a Cause. I was in my element, working with women to plan a conference in Palm Beach County that seeks... Continue reading
I'm not sure what part of the Mind, Body & Spirit conference this past Saturday was my favorite. To be honest, I was mostly numb the entire day. My role was to keep things on schedule, set the timer on... Continue reading
Thanks Dabney! The beach was fabulous and I agree - something to be done more often!!
Thanks Shannon. In the age of smartphones and blogs, I still really like pen & paper. :) It keeps me honest.
I really needed a getaway. My search on Groupon and other discount sites didn't produce the needed savings I had hoped for. After adding up the cost for boarding the pups, gas, eating out, hotel (even checking hotwire,, AAA)... Continue reading
Yesterday I set out to purchase a journal. I've kept one since I was in the 6th grade, where we had to write daily. Those entries included me telling on Marshall Anderson for making bad noises and how I felt... Continue reading
I may have it all wrong. I might just have my religion on backwards. Continue reading
Good advice! I use positive affirmations in addition to meditation. Smiling while answering the phone is a great tip. I forget to do that sometimes. Thanks for the comment.
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Dec 16, 2011
Thanks for the compliment Ugg :)
If you don’t believe what God has whispered to you, who will birth your dream? Continue reading
And I want to do my part to support you and your success! You are an encouragement to me.
Alecia - thanks for the compliments! I agree, things hit me different ways on different days. I'm about to see what will hit me today.
LOL Gretchen. Or swim really fast!
Anna, I agree! I have so many quality female friends who single. I pray for them and wonder, where have all the good guys gone? Thanks on the Anniversary wishes. It's been a good ride!
Good point Natalie. Although sometimes I wonder if god is waiting on me to make the fireworks, you know, to actively participate in the process of the filling his purpos es in plans for my life.
We should weed together, it will be more fun. :)
Thanks Cindy - it was what I needed to hear that day too. I hope you were able to steal away some time for a rest. :)
you are cracking me up. PPK - love it!
Kara - excellent points! Gratitude is an essential ingredient in life. I am grateful for you all as part of my posse! Lord knows we all need the encouragement.
Thanks Kathy - good reminder. Keep telling me. He has a plan, even if I totally don't get where it is going.
Um, I forgot - what are you doing up so late? Wow, I see 10 pm and am zonked. Does that make me old?
Thanks Ginny. I'm not sure how I intended it - devotional or otherwise. I had a friend tell me I should write a devotional book - what do you think? You wrote one. What are your words of wisdom?
LOL Ginny, I totally appreciate that! I'm not sure how you carve out time with a 4 month old - but - I know what I wrote today in the blog Just For Now, might be applicable. :) So, no pinky swear, but we can both try to be more productive :) Sometimes just getting through my email is my productivity for the day. Whatever, I count it.
Understanding your personal lexicon makes a difference. It impacts the choices you make and what you believe about yourself. Continue reading