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Jim Richardson
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Mar 15, 2010
Nacho, thanks for reading. I'll rummage around the old brain and see if there is anything still in there. Jim
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Anton, Here's the deal from my point of view. I only recommend photography to people who I couldn't stop with a sledge hammer anyway. And if all you want to do is travel, meet new people and see new places, then it might be cheaper to just buy a cruise ticket. You're right on all those accounts, and I certainly have enjoyed all of what you describe. Yes, photography is amazing. Surviving in it as a business that has to pay the bills is another matter. And actually making the pictures that can contribute something is real tough work. But I love the work. Wouldn't have done anything. You couldn't have stopped me. Thanks, Jim
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Hey, any chance to the blow the horn for the Flint Hills. Just had a group of women into the gallery today who were on a religious retreat. (I think this was their day off.) Anyway, they were from NY and other locations. It was good time to give them the Flint Hills ecosystem talk as they looked at the pictures of burning in the Spring. I think they had a good time, if I didn't brow beat them too much. Thanks, Jim
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2009 on The Flint Hills are Calling at Jim Richardson
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