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Objects and Elements is an online jewelry supply store and more.
Interests: mixed-media, found objects, altered art, beading, metalsmithing, art jewelry, art workshops, mixed metals
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After you hammer your metal a bit you heat to soften and then hammer then maybe heat again to shape some more...look up "annealing". There is probably a YouTube video that will show how. With bronze and copper you heat until it glows and then quench after letting it cool for a few seconds. Have fun! I am retired so this blog will drop off when the year I paid for expires so snag what you need and have fun!! Sent from my iPhone
It is a PBC type product but extremely dense. You can find it at Check out the pieces there it is a very interesting product that can be died and carved too. Sent from my iPhone
Super easy and gorgeous! Sent from my iPhone
Thanks!!! Sent from my iPhone
Sorry the website is closed but try Salvadore tool in Providence RI they can sell you a gross or tell you where you can get them... Sent from my iPhone
Toggle Commented May 21, 2015 on Great News! at
Thanks Kathy...Give them a try! Sent from my iPhone
What a great story! My daughter signed me up for a basic metal working class and I was hooked! Sent from my iPhone
That is the best part of making your own you can leave off or add any part! Sent from my iPhone
:) Sent from my iPhone
Thanks for visiting my blog! Sent from my iPhone
Thank you so much! I will be teaching these classes in Tucson and Philadelphia too... Sent from my iPhone
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2014 on BeadFest Santa Fe! at
It is time to register for BeadFest Santa Fe if you are able to go this year. It is a great location with wonderful restaurants, galleries and shopping. The show floor has some great vendors and some unusual ones we... Continue reading
Posted Oct 15, 2014 at
Hi I just wanted to let you know that I sold Objects and Elements to a sweet artist named Selena. She would love to know what things you want to see added to the store first--leave a comment if you... Continue reading
Posted Sep 2, 2014 at
I am not an expert but as far as I know it is not harmful unless you are allergic to it. It is banned in Europe in jewelry so perhaps you might find an article from there expounding on the reasons why. Sent from my iPhone
Thank you! I hope your pieces delight the lucky recipients! Sent from my iPhone
I would love to! Send an email to me at [email protected] and I will get more info to you! Sent from my iPhone
I have one last minute opening to go to France this September of 2014. I will be traveling with Keith LoBue who is a wonderful mixed media artist. If you are not familiar with his work check it out at... Continue reading
Posted Jul 6, 2014 at
I am using jeweler's bronze or sometimes called Red brass. You can get it from or When you anneal it it looks like copper but if you clean it up and then lightly heat again it will bring the zinc to the surface and make it a warm brown color. If you seal it then it stays that color but if not it gets brassy looking over time. I am playing with some chemicals right now that make a beautiful brown and some other great colors. Check out as they have some really good demos on their website.
No I messed up it is June I am changing it shortly...sigh Sent from my iPhone
Typepad HTML Email Yes, I will email you…Linda Linda LarsenObjectsandElements.com206.910.8243
I did a piece with Brenda Schweder and her Now That's A Jig for Collaborate: Friends in the Making, an exhibit taking place at the Bead and Button Show. Just heard she'll be giving a sneak peak of the exhibit... Continue reading
Posted May 19, 2014 at
Mica is just cut with scissors unless you have a super thick piece then use a jeweler's saw. It is a stone so it can be used to deflect hear too. If you are trying to find it look for "mica splittings"..Linda Sent from my iPhone
That is great!! Sent from my iPhone
Typepad HTML Email Oh, LOTS…the sale starts tomorrow at stop by and visit and sign up for the newsletter as there will be additional coupons in the next few weeks.. Linda LarsenObjectsandElements.com206.910.8243