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Rhonda Roo
Twinkleyville FL
In the end it comes down to choosing to be happy. And really good coffee. And a good book. Oh, and bunnies. And sunshine, but winter time followed by spring flowers. Wise old trees who know the secrets of the buzzing bees. Splashing in rain puddles. MUSIC. WORDS. Dancing. Laughter with friends in your back yard or a million miles away on the web. Love. Er. cupcakes. Shoes. Glittery shimmery sparkling trinkets. Cherished Treasures. Which brings us back to happy...
Interests: reading, pontificating, poeticking, wait-isn't this the bio all over again?
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I called Miss Margaret "Margaret Mitchell," because, despite five years of many over-the-fence-friendly conversations, and walking encounters on the dirt road that ran past our houses, I could never remember my next door neighbors' last name. Walt, her husband, I... Continue reading
Posted Oct 20, 2017 at Roo's Treehouse
Holy Moses, Twinklestars -it's OCTOBER! I can't tell you how amazing that is. I can't tell you how much that t-h-r-i-l-l-s me! Sure, sure - there's the pumpkin spice everything and apple cider whatsits and baking and football and Halloween... Continue reading
Posted Oct 13, 2017 at Roo's Treehouse
I'm with William! I had designs on some more weeling magic as me gift to meself this birthdaytide! Alas, it was not meant to be - clearly Universe knew of other places sweet needed to reside -- I will score a treeling for the weelings soon enough to be sure! (Avow for the owl) :-) Perfectly dreamy, Veevala!! This post makes me happy! Love love love!! :-) xoxoxviiRoostah
Tomorrow is my birthday. I am still "Not Fifty." This annual revelation has become a THING ever since that possibility began Looming Ever Closer. It not being THE Big 5-0 birthday is supposedly (presumably) like some sort of reprieve. But... Continue reading
Posted May 16, 2016 at Roo's Treehouse
(The Fantastic Four - Loki in the foreground; Kali standing behind him; Sarj and the little Dharma Lou on their sofabed.) Well goodness, Twinklestars! At least I'm consistent when it comes to posting once a year. :) So Happy New... Continue reading
Posted Jan 29, 2016 at Roo's Treehouse
OOOH how clever! Totes makes sense - and I just happen (ahem) to have a large supply of bottles and jars -- not because I have been too lazy to deliver them to the recycle center, no, not at all! Because I KNEW you were going to give me a reason to keep them, yay! ;) Say, these stickers would be cute for another personal fave - rice krispy TREATS! I have tins galore, too - and the Treats sticker would be perfect! Oh, and those dreamy white powder sugared cookies-yay! what fun! OH, and you can put pink marshmallows in your treats, or red hots, or...or a jar of marshmallows and/or red hots, yumm. Oh so many options!!! ~*~*~*ALL THE CANDY! ~*~*~*~* :) heehee...good to see ya around, Veevela! xoxoviixoxo Roostah
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2016 on Sweet Things {Fresh Labels} at A Fanciful Twist
Rhonda Roo added a favorite at Stephanie Hilvitz
Jan 27, 2016
Whaddaya mean its been 17 days already? Harrumph. You've probably taken down all of your holiday decorations too. Maybe you've started stringing up hearts? Good on ya. I have a hard time adjusting to fast change, sometimes. I recognize this... Continue reading
Posted Jan 17, 2015 at Roo's Treehouse
SUHWEET! Literally! I LOVE the dreamy quality of your confectionary candyland. With toads. Toads are the best. :) I've missed this so much!!! Really, I don't wanna leave. Could I retire to the gypsy wagon and drink tea and dream? I promise to pull a weed or two, and dance in the rain, and pet fur babies....and smell all the goodness. :) Thanks for throwing this fabulous PARTAY and being you and inspiring me and and I can't wait for Halloween!!! I think I made it FINALLY and now I'm baaaacccckkkkk! Yay!
Toggle Commented Jul 12, 2014 on Mad Tea Party ♥ 2014 at A Fanciful Twist
'Twas the night before THE Mad Tea Party And all 'round the web People were scurrying with finishing touches, before bed The fur babies' tails wagged as they peered out the front door hoping to glimpse the Mad Hatter from... Continue reading
Posted Jul 12, 2014 at Roo's Treehouse
As the proud caretaker of the Owlie arriving from Arizona's Fanciful Twist one fine day after me ceaselessly begging a certain amazing artiste with lovely locks and cotton frocks to ppppllleeeaassse make an owl, you KNOW i am always on the lookout for a good who who. :) Oh oh! Roo's Fancy Breakfast In A Hotel Award goes to Casa Monica in St. Augustine. Bill Clinton stayed there! Gorgeous Moroccan art and architecture, once a summer home for a royal. The opulent dining room filled with rich colors and ridiculously shiny silver things -from forks to pitchers - was second only to the food. Have you tasted bleu cheese grits? Amazing!!! xoxovii
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2014 on Sweet Mornings at A Fanciful Twist
Waitwaitwait....fireworks in a CAN? That sounds dangerous. Whaaaaa-?
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2014 on A Little Interview to Share... at A Fanciful Twist
Yikes! Hope your electrisickles return soon! Its too hot to be without AC for too too long! LURVED the interview; listened at work and was all like "Yeah! Exactly! Right on! You know it! So awesome!" and oddly enough people took a wide berth away from my office, probably because I apparently sound like Shaggy's mom even when I'm NOT on the radio, bwahahaha~ Who wouldn't love Scooby's mom? :) Anyhoo, very good listening. Tim Burton is so jelly. ;) xoxoxo
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2014 on A Little Interview to Share... at A Fanciful Twist
That's right. I did it. I ate summer; every glorious calorie, every drip that didn't successfully slide from my chinny chin chin and down to my shirt. I smacked my lips and enjoyed every delicious cold and creamy bite. With... Continue reading
Posted Jul 8, 2014 at Roo's Treehouse
You know the problem with dancing in the rain? When you get over 40, it kinda makes you feel like you have to pee. No, really. It did. Does. And well, I mean, I’m okay with that; it sure isn’t... Continue reading
Posted Jan 17, 2014 at Roo's Treehouse
Hiiiii, Stephanie! So good to see your warm and smiling face over there ----> and to know that while things do change, good and bad, some core truths remain evident; your skill, creativity, compassion, and grace. I hope 2014 brings you the openness you seek. (As for me I hope to BE peace and USE time wisely). :) xoxox Rhonda Roo
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2014 on a Matter of Perspective at Stephanie Hilvitz
(It was eight *8* degrees in Florida last week, so I'm still dreaming of glittering snowflakes, but thankful for lack of ice storms.) Woqan hin k'al ay max ek'k'u! Which in Mayan roughly translates to “I spent the entire day... Continue reading
Posted Jan 10, 2014 at Roo's Treehouse
sigh sigh sigh, happy, melancholy, dreamy, wandering, curious, chock full of magic sigh.....your paragraph is awesome and deserves to be a postcard...or the front of a journal. <3 xoxoxviiixoxo
You take Lovee's shoes off for him? You are so domestic! :) I'm writing this from Cool Furry Oaks, the new abode, watching it rain through the French doors, three (count 'em, THREE, including one wolf) furry babes curled up near me. There are mosquitoes out that door, but inside, under the twinkle lights (they are colored here, the LED ones, I especially love the blue), it's just cool and calm and blissful... I am noticing there is this one tree that looks perfect for an actual Roo's treehouse! Gonna have to do it...but a hammock, well now, that doesn't sound like as much manual labor for this lazy girl on a humid Florida day. And though I LOVE colored lights (CJ, he had some before I got here, and we added mine, and it looks like a party now ha ha) there is something mystical and dreamy about little white lights on a dark dark yeah, it may turn out I'm a copycat. ;) XOXOXVIIXOXOX Roostah
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2013 on By Evening... at A Fanciful Twist
My offrenda, a work in progress. Fall is my favorite time of year for many reasons, one of which is celebrations. One particular celebration near and dear to my heart is Day of the Dead. Day of the Dead has... Continue reading
Posted Oct 31, 2012 at Roo's Treehouse
Jeez. I sure wish I had waited until AFTER my night time walk to read this one! Spookkkyyyy. Great job and the photos made the tale! Happy Halloween XOXO Boo To You From Roo
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I was noticing strange things of late that did cause me to debate if I indeed am of sound mind my cupcakes have gone spooky, I find... my domocile is creepy like ~ it could give a girl a bit... Continue reading
Posted Oct 26, 2012 at Roo's Treehouse
cakey cakey cakey cake. Besides the conversation it is the best part of a family reunion. You get past the mond blowing gobs of homemade casseroles and hams and fried chicken (I live in the South) and here comes that cake. Served with coffee, and talk of the good ol' days. Cake is real. xoxoxoxoxviiiixoxoxo
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2012 on Moist Yellow Cake, Mmmmm! at Pastries and Sweets
Definitely one of the coolest names (and oh that style!) for cakes I've ever heard and seen. Wowie wow. Who cares what they taste like (though I am guessing scrumptious),those cakes are ah-ma-zing works of art! Cool find Veevala!!! {sometimes, in my secret gooey center of my heart, i wish all i had to do was bake creations in my hip little bakery in downtown Havana......}
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2012 on Cake Opera Co. at Pastries and Sweets