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Michael McGaulley
Management consultant and lawyer, now focusing on developing self-help guides in business, sales, "soft skills" in organizations. The sales training and sales management training here flow from my work in developing sales and management training packages for corporate "sales universities."
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BOOKS IN THE SERIES. Selling 101: Consultative Selling Skills for Entrepreneurs, free agents, consultants This third edition of Selling 101 is drawn from the selling skills training courses and sales training how-to books the author developed for top marketing organizations. Ideal for sales meetings and continuing OJT, as well as for sales training retreats. Or for those selling consulting services or free-agent assignments. Selling101 is a sales training book designed to provide practical sales how-to guidance on the kind of sales and selling skills useful for sales people looking for fresh ideas and the kind of selling techniques how-to training... Continue reading
Author's research blog with materials used in writing the THE GRAIL CONSPIRACIES: A techno-thriller of the potentials of the human mind, secrets guarded by the Knights Templar, and sought by alchemists, the Nazi Occult Bureau (Ahnenerbe) and now by a terrorist army. Continue reading
Posted Aug 17, 2018 at The Grail Conspiracies
We now have a new site,, where we'll be posting all the new sales and sales-related materials. Also, we will gradually be moving the most popular posts from this present old-faithful to the new. One of the big advantages of the new site is that on the landing page you will find a listing of all the articles and other how-to-sell materials that have been posted on that site. Try it! You'll see what I mean on ease of use. Continue reading
Sales tip: silence is one of the essential communication skills . . . and a powerful selling skill, as well. When you're in the 1-1 selling face-to-face mode, non-verbals can be just as significant---and telling--as words. Continue reading
I've just put up a post on my other blog, Here's the link Continue reading
Posted Sep 28, 2015 at MICHAEL McGAULLEY, J.D.
I stumbled on the article, “Did Nazis really try to make Zombies? The real history behind one of our weirdest WW II obsessions” by Noah Charney in Salon August 22, 2015. Charney digs into topics including the Nazi Occult Bureau, Mengele's experiments, and related issues addresed fictionally in the thriller, THE GRAIL CONSPIRACIES. Continue reading
Posted Sep 28, 2015 at The Grail Conspiracies
As A REMEDY FOR DEATH is set in areas including anti-aging methods, bio-engineering, radical life extension, the quest for human immortality,organ regeneration and organ fabrication, regenerative medicine, reversing aging, the quest for eternal youth, and transhumanism, I keep an eye out for articles on these and related topics. via Continue reading
Reblogged Apr 7, 2015 at MICHAEL McGAULLEY, J.D.
at via Here's a posting on the blog for my science techno-thriller, A REMEDY FOR DEATH, in which hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) plays a key part in the story-line Continue reading
Reblogged Jan 8, 2015 at MICHAEL McGAULLEY, J.D.
In Zite (the app/news aggregator) this morning, I came on two interestingly interlocked quotations: via Continue reading
Reblogged Nov 3, 2014 at MICHAEL McGAULLEY, J.D.
Sec. of State John Kerry, an article on the occult influence on rock and roll music, and excerpts from the new technothriller, THE GRAIL CONSPIRACIES, all speak of the same dangers flowing from cults of angry young people world-wide, and their potential--with leadership--to become an army of dead-end kids. Continue reading
Posted Nov 3, 2014 at The Grail Conspiracies
The article raises this question: "Are myths about the rejuvenating powers of young blood true?" via This is from the blog for my technothriller, A REMEDY FOR DEATH: Playing God with Body, Soul & Bio-tech Continue reading
Reblogged Aug 27, 2014 at MICHAEL McGAULLEY, J.D.
Just up is the new slide-show for SMART QUESTIONS. via Continue reading
Reblogged Aug 22, 2014 at MICHAEL McGAULLEY, J.D.
I check out Zite (an app on my Ipad) at least once every day, and it's a rare day that I don't come upon at least one excellent article. Today it was "Arrested Development: The Girls Who Never Seem to Age," by Virginia Hughes. via From the blog for... Continue reading
Reblogged Aug 11, 2014 at MICHAEL McGAULLEY, J.D.
Selling" is not just selling products or services, but it's also persuading, reading body language and other buying signals, pulling out hesitations and objections, presenting concepts, learning to find and fill needs (needs that often the other person isn't really aware of) -- all skills that are important part of your career repertoire. Continue reading
The header tells it all: "Organs Made to Order: It won't be long before surgeons routinely install replacement body parts created in the laboratory" via Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 30, 2014 at MICHAEL McGAULLEY, J.D.
Well, maybe not quite yet. But work is underway. You'll find the complete post on the blog for A Remedy for Death, link there a science technothriller on reversing the aging process, bi0-artificial organs, human stem cells, and genetic engineering. You'll also find there a link to free sample chapters... Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 30, 2014 at MICHAEL McGAULLEY, J.D.
Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are an element in my technothriller, A Remedy for Death. Interestingly, a couple of pieces I posted on the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy have been probably the most read of all the posts on all of my websites via Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 22, 2014 at MICHAEL McGAULLEY, J.D.
Imagine collecting a burn patient's own stem cells from an unburned part of the body, placing them in a growth solution for an hour or so, then spraying that solution of human stem cells onto the raw, burned area . . . and in four days having the patient's skin... Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 21, 2014 at MICHAEL McGAULLEY, J.D.
"It may seem the stuff of gothic horror novels, but transfusions of young blood could reverse the ageing process and even cure Alzheimer's Disease, scientists believe." -- This the lead item in an article by Sarah Kempton in London's Daily Telegraph. (I used the spelling 'ageing' there, as such is... Continue reading
Reblogged May 14, 2014 at MICHAEL McGAULLEY, J.D.
It seems that few days pass that I don't come upon some article or TV/web news report on topics relating to my techno-thriller A REMEDY FOR DEATH (Playing God with Body, Soul and Bio-tech). Here are a few examples of what's turned up recently: via Continue reading
Reblogged Mar 24, 2014 at MICHAEL McGAULLEY, J.D.
If you're on this page, you likely know that my technothriller A REMEDY FOR DEATH deals with, among other issues, questions of medical ethics, including organ and tissue regeneration, cross-species "trading" of tissues and stem cells, and the ultimate question of, When does death in fact occur? via while... Continue reading
Reblogged Mar 21, 2014 at MICHAEL McGAULLEY, J.D.
"Billionaires with big ideas are privatizing American science" -- the headline of an article in the New York Times via My new technothriller A REMEDY FOR DEATH is echoed by the New York Times article "Billionaires with big ideas are privatizing american science." Continue reading
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How-to craft a useful "elevator pitch", sometimes called "elevator speech," or "opening business statement" -- the brief to-the-point statement that tells what you do or what you sell, or why the other person would be interested. Continue reading
There seems to be particular interest in the topic of using and reading body language --non-verbal communications -- so here's more. Continue reading