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1389 is my nom de guerre. I'm a longtime techie, a published author, an IT professional with over 30 years' experience, an ardent Orthodox Christian, an outspoken conservative, and a staunch anti-jihadist.
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I realize that we have had some disagreements about various issues in the past but I still support you and your work 100 percent. Whether you support me in return in immaterial. I recognize your work on behalf of the Counterjihad because it is the right thing to do. You are entirely correct about Obama being foreign-born. He is an illegal alien and everything that he has done as president - and I do mean everything - should be declared invalid. If the US still operated under the rule of law, it would be.
I strongly suggest that you NOT use Google Plus. YouTube Smackdown had to move to a new server because of problems with this. [LINK]
The socialist/pro-jihadi axis are spewing so much libel against the counterjihad blogosphere for only one reason: to try to stop us from telling the world about the evils that THEY are bringing about. They have no legitimate arguments, so they must sling mud. Just for starters: Utoya Youth Camp was Fatah/PLO Camp for Nearly 15 Years
These allegations were GROUNDLESS. There is no credible evidence of Nazis in the EDL. Even so, Tommy Robinson felt it necessary to issue this statement so as to reassure those who make the mistake of thinking that where there is smoke, there must be fire. What Tommy Robinson is saying, is that if anyone attempts to associate themselves with the EDL (including, but not limited to, neo-Nazis), and their agenda and their actions don't fit the mission statement of EDL, they will not be permitted to join with, or to speak for, the EDL. This is NOT the same as saying that neo-Nazis are actually part of the EDL. It has happened that various "plants" who profess neo-Nazism sometimes try to associate themselves with counterjihad organizations for the specific purpose of discrediting them. Mr. Robinson is saying that this will not be tolerated. Similar idiots tried to do that with the Tea Party in the US. It didn't work. Roberta makes Charles Johnson look sane. And in fact CJ has been triumphantly boasting about the recent brouhaha; all of this has been playing directly into his hands. One thing I know for sure about CJ is that, while he cynically, and frequently, uses the "Nazi card" to smear his opponents, he cares absolutely nothing about Israel or the Jews. One thing that we all should have learned from the blog wars back in 2007 and 2008 is NEVER to believe people who use the term "Nazi" to smear any counterjihadist, without very carefully checking the evidence.
Charles Johnson is the proprietor of a once fairly reputable blog/forum called Little Green Footballs that has lapsed into well-deserved obscurity. For some years, he appeared to back the counterjihad, or at least, he allowed readers to post counterjihad stories. CJ never did any real work, other than running the forum. He created an artificial atmosphere of exclusivity by not letting new members sign up very often. Back in 2007, he suddenly changed; he banned all serious counterjihad people from his blog. He also back-stabbed and libeled the entire counterjihad movement, focusing first on the European spokespeople and parties, in effect calling everybody Nazis and looking for all kinds of flimsy reasons for doing so. This caused some damage to the counterjihad movement that lasted for a few months. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed, we all realized that CJ was no longer one of us, and we stopped taking his accusations seriously. Then, CJ broke with the center-right members still on his forum, expelled them all, and turned LGF into a hard-left blog that amounts to a paranoid and sinister online cult. Hardly anybody from 2007 or before is still there. Now it seems to have started up all over again, and CJ is using one disaffected individual to attempt to split up and attack the counterjihad in the UK. LINK Considering that CJ smears the Serbs in much the same way, I'll never believe anything he says unless it meets a far higher standard of independent verification than I would require from any normal person. Which CJ is NOT.
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2011 on EDL Shake-up at Atlas Shrugs
Ms. Geller is not in good company here. If CJ or his minions are quoting Roberta Moore, she may very well be a plant, and the stuff she is saying not to be trusted. We went through all of that with Vlaams Belang and everybody else in Europe. CJ lied about Vlaams Belang, and he can and will lie about everything else. I have Vlaams Belang on my blogroll now, and I will never have LGF there. ‘Nuff said about that. Like every other political organization on this planet, every conservative and/or counterjihad organization has at least one plant, at least one delusional crazy person, and in addition to that, at least one person who, out of personal ambition or jealousy, seeks to undermine whomever are the leaders of the group at the movement. Calling them “Nazis” is a common activity before a flounce. I would need to see an awful lot better evidence than this, before I bother to start paying attention to it. I remember how badly the Serbs have been smeared, and with the very same terminology.. There was never any truth to it, and some of those doing the smearing were associated with actual ex-Nazis themselves.
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2011 on EDL Shake-up at Atlas Shrugs
Why on earth are we even allowing Muslims to set foot on American soil, let alone join our military? Have we completely taken leave of our senses? After September 11, instead of making war on Saddam Hussein, GWB should have made war on the foreign subversives who have already infiltrated American society. We should have held his feet to the fire and MADE him do this. If he displayed any reluctance, he should have been impeached and removed without delay.
I wonder how long it will take for parents and students to realize that now is NOT the time to spend one's money on college tuition. Colleges and universities are nothing but indoctrination centers these days, and taking out loans to attend them is not an economically viable activity.
I'd like to see a Herman Cain/John Bolton ticket in 2012.
Good riddance to OBL... I prefer to take the opportunity to salute those who have fought Islamic tyranny through the centuries.
He was indeed raised as a Muslim, and in addition to that, he was raised by, and in the company of, communists and racists. Whatever the letter of the law might say, the spirit of the US Constitution is that the candidates for the US Presidency be loyal Americans, which generally comes from one's upbringing. Obama clearly didn't have that upbringing, nor is he loyal to the interests of the American citizens and voters. It's up to the voters to vet the candidates they are going to support. The media isn't helping them to do that, so it's up to us in the blogosphere.
I would have preferred that his body be cremated and then flushed down the NYC sewer system. Either that, or that his body be stuffed and mounted and kept in the Smithsonian.
Here's something that we can all do to keep the blame focused where it belongs - on the Obama Administration.
Thanks for posting this! I've spent a dozen years trying to clear the Serbian people of these smears. It looks as though I will be spending the rest of my life doing that. I'm glad of any help I can get.
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Apr 15, 2011
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Mar 29, 2011
The CEO of Citadel Broadcasting is named Farid Suleiman. Just sayin'.
Do you seriously think that CAIR or WMAL would own up to this? Puhleeeeze!
Exactly. This is a REPUBLIC (a government based on elected representation and the rule of law) and NOT a "democracy" (mob rule, both literally and figuratively). If you accept elective office, the US Constitution, and the Constitutions of the States, require that you be sworn in. Your oath of office requires that you uphold the Constitution of the United States (and, if you are an officeholder within a State, that of your State). In short, you agree to fulfill the duties that your position entails under the Constitution, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. That means, if things don't go your way, you behave like a lady or a gentleman, you follow the law, you do not desert your post, and you do not throw a tantrum. Lincoln flouted the Constitution on many different occasions, and that was just plain WRONG. No, I'm not an apologist for chattel slavery. Chattel slavery was ended everywhere else in the civilized world (with the exception of Haiti) without the need for warfare and bloodshed. The same could have happened in the US. The end does NOT justify the means. It DOES matter how you go about accomplishing a desired end.
The SPLC is a truly corrupt organization, and its reason for being, right from the get-go, was to make lots of money for its founders. Leftist scam organization SPLC and its Cayman Island bank account It's the SPLC's turn to be sued out of existence.
I am not much on self-help books, but I would have to agree with you about leaving California. The place has become a train wreck.
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I'm glad that you're young, and healthy enough, to be able to do all of those things. Make the most of those gifts! By the way, have you seen my latest Caturday post? Tama, the Stationmaster Cat
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CPAC has no business having ANY Muslims on its board whatsoever. Anybody who believes in Islam is our enemy, and that's that.
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2011 on "Pamela Geller Versus CPAC" at Atlas Shrugs
"Chairman Bin Talal"... Could that be the infamous Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who has been a very busy boy lately, investing in NewsCorp, as well as endowing da'wa-and-taqiyya centers in academia? Bin Talal is also involved in the latest debacle at VMI: What To Do about Enemy Propaganda at VMI?
Toggle Commented Feb 10, 2011 on Your Future: "A Servant of Islam" at Atlas Shrugs
Last I heard, AOL's stock went down by the amount they paid for HuffPo. The market has spoken!