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1-Krone Production. The Father Naughton Group.
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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019! We finally got it done: our first family-fun video on Youtube for our very own version of the Christmas carol "Joy to the World." Yes, it's January already and we are still in the spirit of Zambombas de Jerez. And just in time too for the arrival of "The Three Kings" in the Christian holidays (or Los Reyes Magos) for those of you who celebrate.... Continue reading
The temperature has finally dropped to an Andalusian wintry chill and the arrival of Christmas is marked by the festive Zambombas, beginning in late November! Now, what exactly are Zambombas? They are traditional Christmas carols (Villancicos) sung in groups, usually in neighborhood gatherings, and in Jerezano style; that is, with festive flamenco flair... and perhaps, flare... usually por Bulerias, Rumbas, Tangos y Tanguillos. It is also the name of... Continue reading
The cost of things we think we need for our first-time, family, camping road trip in Europe in the summer are listed in part one. But what about the cost of sleeping, gas and food for this 6-week nomadic trip? www .freeelectrons .family - summer camping roadtrip europe Cost of Sleeping on the Road We need a total of 45 days for sleeping on the way to Poland and... Continue reading
Posted Sep 24, 2018 at free electrons family ... ... roam!
What do we need for a summer camping, road trip across Europe and how much will it cost? Our “Plan 333” calls for 3 weeks going up to Poland from Spain. 3 weeks staying with family. And 3 weeks back down. It will be our first time doing this. So, we expect to screw up in one way or another and learn something from it. We will share with... Continue reading
Image - summer camping roadtrip europe "Hey, Babe! What do you think about driving up to Poland this summer?" Here's another one of those wild ideas that enters the 1.2-kilogram, gray matter inside my hard head, flutters its fairy wings, grab on to a chunk of dying amygdala-gobbledygaga while in there, and just won't let go! "Are you crazy?" We live over 3,000-something kilometers (that's closer to 2,000 miles... Continue reading
Posted Jul 28, 2018 at free electrons family ... ... roam!
Dziekujemy pieknie za zainteresowanie i komentarze! Zapraszamy do czytania kolejnych wpisow! Jesli macie jakies sugestie, albo uwagi - rowniez dajcie znac! :) FreeElectronHug! :)
One way ticket.. One way ticket, one way ticket One way ticket, one way ticket One way ticket, one way ticket to the blues. Choo choo train Tuckin' down the track Gotta travel on it Never comin' back Ooh, ooh got a one way ticket to the blues. Boney M - One way ticket Fado in Lisbon/Lisboa/Lisbona Tak właśnie było, tylko w naszym przypadku mieliśmy one way ticket do... Continue reading
Posted Jun 13, 2018 at free electrons family ... ... roam!
Co?? Przeprowadzamy się do Europy!!!??!!! Jasne! No to już! Ty.. a jak to wszystko zrobić?.. Jak to zorganizować?? Przecież mamy dom, samochody, wynajęte schowki pełne rzeczy (typowe amerykańskie storage), ubrania, książki, rowery, no właśnie…tysiące przedmiotów o mniejszej lub większej wartości sentymentalnej, czy użytkowej, ale ostatecznie w większości rzeczy, BEZ których DA się żyć! Zaraz, zaraz.. da się? Tak, właśnie, da się żyć! Yes, we can! Jak to mówił nasz... Continue reading
Posted May 15, 2018 at free electrons family ... ... roam!
I had been meaning to write about flamenco and share some experiences that may help you navigate through the dizzying number of shows and activities during the Festival de Jerez 2018 (23 February to 10 March). . . but you know, 2 kids and life have a way of getting ahead of everything else. Then, last night as I was walking through the empty Plaza San Miguel to take... Continue reading
Posted Mar 14, 2018 at free electrons family ... ... roam!
We are free electrons family -- a traveling, roaming family. And this is about our little family's search for a life of simplicity. Ok, OK! We are not exactly like the electrically charged particles circling the outskirts of an atom. But like those free electrons, we are in a sense free. Free to roam. Free to live in the outskirts, unbounded. And yes, you can too, if you want... Continue reading
... to "like" communion on facebook: FREE improvindustribalgothicyberambient soundscapes: Kiss, kiss! Continue reading
Posted Oct 13, 2011 at c o m m u n i o n
Top 30 Tracks BY LISTENERS: more at 1. Velvet Acid Christ - Serial Killer 101 (373) 2. Sigillum S - Allocation and Paradox (351) 3. Transmeta - Chaos Stirs Gently (344) 4. Deutsch Nepal - Tender Love (337) 5. Controlled Bleeding - Healing Time (337) 6. Legendary Pink Dots... Continue reading
Posted Oct 7, 2011 at c o m m u n i o n
90 minutes of distorted guitars, feedback, keyboard, voices (gothic male vox's), samples, drum programs--all fitting together to form what would be best a soundtrack for a Jean Rollin movie. Picture a gothic abbey or an ancient well-kept cemetery. That eerie/ethereal atmosphere is present in communion's music. If you are not... Continue reading
Posted Oct 7, 2011 at c o m m u n i o n
...just discovered this on the net, a 1997 review of communion's soundscapes: COMMUNION * SHE SILENCE SERAPHIMS/SLEEP SEEKS SOLITUDE THEIR DESPAIR IN GENTLE THINGS THROUGH DREAMS OF RECKLESS SLEEP OF POETRY AND PORNOGRAPHY four cassettes from Arcane Nocturne...somnambulent excursions to hades, or at least the darkest regions of thy soul...... Continue reading
Posted Sep 30, 2011 at c o m m u n i o n
Soundshapers: communion Album title: she silenced seraphim fragmentary dreams colliding with each other, we view her alien world... she that silenced seraphim... 1. my life for you 2. eternal betrayal 3. dance your dirge (die waltz) 4. forever reptile 5. ecstacy of decay 6. disease 7. ... lost verses... Continue reading
Posted Sep 24, 2011 at c o m m u n i o n
Incredible. Blackened atmospheric soundscapes of very impressive darkwave make up this tape. The music consists of deep emotional surges and brings forth a feeling of pure darkness. Imagine lying in a catacomb crawling with rats and filled with the stench of disease. This might be just one of the visions... Continue reading
Posted Sep 19, 2011 at c o m m u n i o n
out from deep slumber, we welcome you into this ... communion...yours... ours.... yours with ours. here we aim to upload primarily communion's improvindustribalgothicyberambient soundscaps, produced between 1992 (c.e.) and the present. We'll see what future holds; that is the future, prior to doomsday as written in the skies and in... Continue reading
Posted Mar 20, 2011 at c o m m u n i o n
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