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I have been silent for quite a while with the hope that someday, these dark clouds that covers Southern Cameroon and especailly UB will clear away and bring sunshine...It seems to me that time is near!!! These astrocities, discriminations, marginalisation of the peoples of Southern Cameroon has reached a level where freedom is sought through blood. And when it gets there, it means war and war means the end of our struggle.And the blood of our fellow students shall not go undetected. We shall honour these students in time to come. Their souls will continually be with us as we continue to fight for our freedom. I remember my days in UB and i can say they were the most peaceful years of the University. However, i regret these things didnot happen during our reign:( We would have fought these bastards to our last strength.I hail from very faraway and i wish with every strength of my body that i could join you in this fight. I urge you not to give up. This is insanity!!!! I have witnessed student going on strike, i have witnessed other social groups going on strike in democratic countries in Europe but i have never witnessed a police firing and killing students who do nothing than campaigning for their rights....NEVER!!! The least they could do is use tier-gas which i presume is the only legal weapon allow in such situation....but firing on students....killing students....this my brothers and sisters, is INSANITY!!! What has my country become??? Who gave the go- ahead to fire on students? Or do police have the right to self-decide when to fire??? Who is the bastard that pull the bloody trigger?? He is probabbly drinking Mutzig in some stupid bar and laughing his head away knowing that nothing will happen to him, since nothing was done last year and justice was never brought forth. The government did not launch an independent inquiry into the death of those students, it probably wont do this time either. But i tell you, your time is numbered. The souls of these students will haunt you forever... you have innocent blood on your hand and you shall pay for it one way or the other!!!! You and all those stupid, greedy, hypocrates, naive fellows at the echelons of power who do nothing but cry over their fortunes(cars) at the detriment of students life. God will deal with you. And to the government of Cameroon, you are forever a disgrace to the nation. Your time is numbered believe will go down history as a tyrant and for that only you shall be remembered....and if you do not do something now, you will follow down that pit!!!!You preach about democracy, is this how you practice democracy by violating students right to strike, instead of listening to their concerns and mediate with them??? If you do not launch an independent inquiry into the death of these students and bring justice to their family; if you do not give an ear to these students' cry; if you do not liberate southern Cameroon and respect their human right to development, freedom of speech and expression, right to education in particular....the FIGHT WILL GO ON and one day, we will be VICTORIOUS.... In every fight or war there is bloodshed and the blood of these students are our only weapons against you. We shall continue to fight and make history for ourselves because tommorrow belongs to us and it starts HERE and NOW with or without the help of our so-called FATHERS who bring only shame and mockery to our future.... LET THE FIGHT CONTINUE...may the souls of these two students shot dead by police and the ten who died in a car crash to Bamenda while fleeing from the riots, be our weapon and may we all remember to HONOUR THEIR SOULS WHEN THE SUN FINALLY SHINES....To God be the Glory!!!!