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Way to go! I know the hard work and determination needed to stick to a healthier way to eat and live. It's really worth it though. The results speak for themselves. Love the floral dress - va va va voom!
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2012 on The new me at Mandachino
Did you see Ocean's Twelve? While you're driving along listening to music to make your way through the maze, are you imagining you're that guy in the movie who put on his headphones and listened to The a la Menthe and danced/flipped/contorted his way through the security laser field in the museum? That was so cool (yes, I know he is a thief. And yes, I know he is a very, very bad man doing a very bad thing but it was still very, very cool). I picture you doing the same thing. Wow, Amanda, I didn't know you were so cool. Download the song, listen to it while dodging traffic and I guarantee you will breeze through it and feel ultra cool to boot. P.S. I MUST know what you are actually listening to while surviving the afternoon stroll.
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2012 on Strolling right along. at Mandachino
Lovely. Where can I sign up? Same roots, same trunk, different branch, same bad fruit.
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2011 on The Power of Fear! at Mandachino
I totally understand (well as far as one could without being were you are). You are human and it seems only logical that life there could be a love hate thing. So much more stress for you there than here that it can take it's toll on you both physically and mentally. No quick fixes or easy answers. Life is challenging--period! I'd love to email you about some things that may help you but don't want to post here. If you want, please have Kay forward you my email address (or vice versa).
Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2011 on Tidbits of Thought at Mandachino
I have such trouble sleeping sometimes that I really envy that guy sacked out amongst all the hustle and bustle around him. He must have drank one of the potions from that Chinese medicine market you went to. Do you think he might be dreaming of all the ways he could cook that cute little doggy in pic #1. Yes, I'm capable of some dark humor. My mind just goes that way sometimes. An apology to all you dog lovers.
Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2011 on Just Pics at Mandachino
Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.
Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2011 on Zhong Yao 中药 (Chinese Medicine) at Mandachino
So is the other language on the South Drug Park (funny) sign Thai or Laotian or something else? What language do the local people speak? The countryside looks so lush and beautiful. And the sky so blue and clear (no pollution) even with the dirty windows.
Toggle Commented Oct 17, 2011 on Inspections! at Mandachino
Okay, so 1st you entice me with those wonderful figs, then you dash my dreams with NO AVOCADOS!! Am I going to have to start a special avocado fund before we come just so we can afford them? Humph! What to do? There is SO many things you can do with avocados. Besides the usual, we also make a chocolate pudding or mousse with them! It's dairy free, healthy (yes, HEALTHY), creamy and delicious. You'd never know there was avocado in it. That's what gives it that typical creamy texture of pudding. Avocados don't have a very strong flavor on their own so you don't taste them in this recipe. There are many variations but the basic idea is: in food processor put a ripe avocado, cocoa powder or carob powder and honey (or other sweetener like soft dates that have been soaked) and a little vanilla extract or vanilla bean if you have access. You may need to add a little water (or coconut water or nut milk). Process till creamy. Some people add a ripe banana. Or for a little Mexican twist... a little cayenne powder. Yum! Sometimes a pinch of salt in a sweet dish can bring out the sweetness. You can also use this as a chocolate sauce if you thin a little with water or make thicker and use as a frosting. Who knew what a real friend an avocado could be? We have also made a chocolate mousse tart with this as the filling and a nut based crust (no flour or butter here). Crust is walnuts, shredded dried coconut & pinch of salt processed in food processor till crumbly. Add dates to processor for sweetness and to help hold mix together. Blend until just starts to stick together. Press firmly into tart pan or pie plate or spring form pan. Add mousse and top with some colorful fruit like strawberries, blueberries or raspberries. We brought this to some friends who invited us for dinner and didn't tell anyone it was healthy. It looked beautiful and decadent. After they finished it with gusto, we told them it was healthy and made them try to guess the ingredients. Of course, no one guessed the avocado and couldn't believe healthy could taste so good. You can also make an ice cream pie of sorts by popping the pie in the freezer for a few hours, thaw for 10-15 minutes and slice. Another variation of the pudding is key lime. Instead of cocoa powder, add lime juice. The color of the pudding will be about right because of the green avocado. You can make a key lime pie the same way as above. My husband and I love food (almost obsess about it) but we try to eat healthy and work around some of our food restrictions. He is incredibly creative in the kitchen and a much, much better cook than I. I just step back, let him create and savor his many, many winners. Of course, I do the clean up.
Toggle Commented Oct 17, 2011 on Dole, eat your heart out! at Mandachino
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Oct 16, 2011
UV arm covers!?! I also received a gift from a Chinese friend of what I thought were 'leg warmers'. I think I may have been putting them on the wrong appendage! And that fig picture.......we're coming!! They are like nature's candy to me. I'm SOOO glad to know you can get them there. My friends fig tree was so disappointing this year. I think I got maybe 4 little figs from it. I had to buy them at the store to get my season's fix this year at 2 for $1.00. Highway robbery. How much are they there?
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2011 on 有意思you yisi (Interesting) at Mandachino
Well, I guess you have figured out by now that my comment in Passing Through the Fire was suppose to be here under The Wall. It would make so much more sense here. As you get to know me, you'll discover rather quickly that I make a lot of those kind of mistakes. I'd like to delude myself into thinking that it makes me rather endearing. ;-)
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2011 on The Wall! at Mandachino
Hi. TW here. Me and my hubby are friends with Ralph and Kay and are currently living in the US. We're hoping to join you guys in China next year so hopefully one day we'll get to meet you in person. We follow your blog and have really enjoyed your pictures, perspectives, experiences, humor and great writing style! I read this post with my eyes wide open and really appreciate you sharing the reality that can be faced when you are living abroad. It tugged at my heart and I just had to throw a little hug your way. Here's my hug and hopefully a vitamin B shot (no significance with the letter B - but feel free to apply one if you can think of a good one): If you have the cd-rom, look up some stuff from the graduation from that school they have twice a year. I always read them and mark them all up with highlighter. There are some especially good ones. I like the one from 8-1-2011 and 12-15-2003. I'm not exactly sure what it's like to be in your shoes (but I'm sure they are a bit scuffed up and have some wear on the soles--and lots of great stories to tell) but you unknowingly have really been a huge encouragement to us. I hope you find the points made in the articles to be encouraging. Keep those blog posts coming!
Toggle Commented Aug 7, 2011 on Pass Through the Fire! at Mandachino
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Jan 11, 2011
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Jan 11, 2011