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jimspice, You were very clear. If you are correct, (which you are not) I better not let my Tea Party friends find out that I'm Hispanic, I might be kicked out of the party. Ignorance is as ignorance does.
I'll bite, the guys a redneck hillbilly not to be taken seriously, just like jimspice when he proclaims that the rednecks views are in line with the tea party. Both are equally ignorant.
Derek, Still blaming Bush for 9/11 I see. I know your side got there asses handed to them two weeks ago, but you have to chill before you have a coronary. Also, as a American of Mexican descent I more than welcome the fine laws of Arizona, I wish we had them here in Wisconsin. Viva Wisconsin.
"It is my right" What has she done to deserve this right? "In America you can do what ever you want" How about getting a job. I'm glad my tax dollars go to supporting a known illegal. I see arrogance runs in the family.
Derek, Damn the ocean for not cooperating to prove a point. I don't know about Venus but I think Uranus needs some attention, maybe Chris can help you with that. Also, what kind of bike do you ride to work you hypocrite? Cookers is dead on and you are just ignorant.
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2010 on Heckled! at The National Conversation (Raw)
Derek, Did you even watch the video. Was Breitbart unfair in the questioning that he did? Hell no, answer the question stupid, just don't hold a sign and blabber unless you can back it up. Take the video for what it's worth. The sheeple got slaughtered on this one.
Frank, Nice sombrero. I feel like Derek now cause I just posted twice in a row
Derek can kiss my "brown" Mexican butt. I actually work in an area with the highest percentage of hispanics and there are way to many "illegals" to count, so it is a problem here even in little ol Wisconsin. Also, in Los Angeles right now the LAPD are in trouble for shooting and killing a illegal from Central America because witnesses claim that they didn't tell him in spanish to drop a knife after they drew down on him. I beleive a .40 cal Glock speaks in many tongues.
Kevin, Thank you for your service to our country. I was only 12 years old back in 1979 but thought about you and the others daily.
Toggle Commented Sep 5, 2010 on Revelation at The National Conversation (Raw)
I believe the overall message is that most people would like to have a leader that has a set of stones or that at least potrays to have a set. Oh, and Pee Wee Herman called and he wants his bike back.
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2010 on We're Doomed... at The National Conversation (Raw)
Derek, No shiite sherlock, yes it's 2010. You still don't announce your intentions to the enemy. There are many ways to keep the enemy off balance even in todays world. And why does it have to be "achmed"?, dont be stereotyping.
Derek, On June 6th, 1944. The allies dropped and landed close to 200,000 soldiers on Normandy. This was done with total surprise. The German command new an invasion was imminent but still got caught with their pants down. Im thankful the invasion day wasn't broadcast to all of Europe, what a mess that would have been.
Derek, I'm Hispanic and I support the Tea Party as well as many of my fellow brown skin people. You have to stop the race card crap, it makes you sound just plain ignorant.
No worries. Puto would piss off Ghandi if he was still alive.
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2010 on Daddy's Home! at The National Conversation (Raw)
Frank, Nice six shooter, Colt? I'm glad James is back because the "puto" was getting old.
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2010 on Daddy's Home! at The National Conversation (Raw)
Frank, I've been here for over a year and a half. I just enjoy seeing you, MaddyPie, and the others keeping the liberals in check.
When the walls start falling down it's always easier to blame others than to take some personal responsibility, it's a play right out of the liberal playbook, it's always someone elses fault. To blame Bush for 911 is a stretch at best when Clinton could of pulled the trigger on numerous occasions to whack those d-bags, but I won't play the blame game. Frank, keep fighting the good fight, I like your style.
Stupid people is correct. If you are going to make a sign you should spell check it first. My "advice" to them is to learn how to spell. I see illiterate people. And they say Palin is pathetic?
I'm a hispanic conservative and I agree with James. Sad to say I also believe that this same syndrome crosses over to the majority of hispanics as well.
BinM, It's ironic when talking about HR and his "negro dialect" gaffe that you would refer to Michael Steele as our HNIC. I would hope it's a tongue and cheek poke at this whole debacle, if not, please don't fuel the fire. I believe Mr. Steele would be our HRIC (Head Republican in Charge).
I wish I cold claim it Maddie, for now I'm borrowing it. I heard on the news tonight that Susan and Mr. Saranon are calling it quits. How wierd is that?
Being a nut job must run in the family. I believe the girl in the video is Eva Amurri, her mom is Susan Sarandon, her step dad is Tim Robbins. They must be very proud of her. It's pretty much the same as certain congress people prostituting themselves for health care.
James, Nice job. Simply stated, softly spoken, it speaks volumes. You should run for office. I would give you a solid A+. Keep fighting the good fight.
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2009 on Obama's Grade at The National Conversation (Raw)
My fire engine rolling down that street would have caused snowman havoc and dismemberment. Frosty would freak out.
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2009 on Snowman Slayers! at The National Conversation (Raw)
Lt. Col. West is solid. A breath of fresh air and a pleasure to know that we have people like him leading our troops. He has all the traits of a great leader.