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Minnesota: Land of the frozen people til spring then we melt :D
CCM: My major in college and the type of music I love. Artist-various media. Team CAMPer:D Grad Student. Abolitionist!
Interests: classical music, skillet, jars of clay, third day, david crowder band, go fish, jeremy camp, southern gospel, matthew west, art (various media), infant nursery at church, 4him, fireflight, (they play all of the above except 4him and go fish),, some jazz, i'm getting into the harder rock stuff as i get older.
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You have a way w/ words that is somewhat philosophical. The words paint a picture. It's refreshing to read this entry as well as the previous ones. Also there have been times this calendar year that I wished I live in your neck of the woods (instead of Minnesota) just so that I could be of assistance for a few different situations including the flooding (and your house).
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It was interesting getting update tweets, photos, and video links from Sheri, Spence Smith and retweets from Adrienne Camp on Saturday regarding the flood. I've never had the opportunity to go to the Nashville area, but what I've seen it looks pretty when it's not under water. It good to here that so many of you are safe and have not had issues except for how to get around town even though many of your fellow Nashvillians have a fair amount of water damage. Been praying for all of you down there and for those that are trying to get back in after being on the road while this all happened.
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