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Winston Smith
Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.
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@FrankD: A bit late to this party, but I can sketch you a quick history. It was a motion filed in 2010 by the VVD party (conservative/liberal), after discussion of the InterAcademy Council report of the IPCC. It requested that the IAC's recommendations be implemented promptly, and, indeed, that climate sceptics be involved in future studies. It was accepted by a large majority in the House. The minister responsible reported earlier this year on the progress made so far; the important points regarding involvement of sceptics were: A Dutch sceptic has been asked to write a commentary on the IPCC WG1 contribution to AR5; The most important argument against the inclusion of sceptics' scientific arguments in IPCC reports is that there is no peer reviewed literature available on them. KNMI, ECN and PBL are working to publish an article analysing these arguments; KNMI and PBL have been asked to organise an objective and in-depth discussion on the internet, where several experts will highlight arguments used by sceptics. (1) refers to Marcel Crok, known from blogs and and his book "The State of the Climate". (2) refers to the survey conducted by Bart Verheggen et al. (3) refers to Climate Dialogue. The direct precedent to this motion, I guess, is a parliamentary hearing conducted earlier that year with scientists, journalists and sceptics, about the criticisms of the AR4. In other words, the usual strategy of limiting the arena to "the scientists" versus "the sceptics", making sure that the former are not represented in the same proportion as the latter, and that some politicians are there who have to grovel to their electorates.
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