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Dan Green
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I posted about Blog Dot Blog today -- a new service that lets bloggers register their own .blog domain name. Not as cool as penguins flying, but still pretty funny.
Toggle Commented Apr 2, 2008 on Happy April Fool's Day! at Everything Typepad
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Thanks for the shout out, guys. It's nice to know that a boring guy like me writing about boring topics like home loans can make his way onto TypePad's radar. My contact info is all over the blog. Reach out -- I'd be thrilled to take you to a special Chicago hotspot for coffee. Ever hear of "Starbucks"? Anyway, you'll LOVE it.
Toggle Commented Nov 8, 2007 on TypePad Tour of Chicago at Everything Typepad
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Thanks for this, Greg. I am a Mortgage Banker and my industry employs many hard-working, dedicated and honest people. As the Real Estate investment craze sweeps my hometown of Chicago and the rest of the nation, however, the risk increases for borrowers of falling victim to the exact types of mortgage fraud expertly referenced in your blog. Rising interest rates only exacerbate the potential for crime because the "Quick Buck in a Hot Market" Mortgage Brokers don't want to watch their commissions whittle away year after year. Fraudulent activity is simple because awareness is so low at so many levels of the mortgage approval process. Increased awareness of mortgage fraud is the only way to stop it. I am thrilled that you and your editors saw fit to highlight this story. Not only does it show the public that the press cares, but it also signals within the industry that authorities are serious about prosecuting the dishonest and the criminals. Thank you again for your coverage of the Mortgage industry and its growing fraud issues! Best, Dan
Toggle Commented Dec 19, 2005 on 3 years for mortgage fraud at Crime Scene KC