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Retired soldier, married to a US Army Doc, father to four kids
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Ah, though I had my disagreements with some of his policies (I would have told Iran that the next shaped-charge IED that went off in Iraq would result in total destruction of their military infrastructure), there was no mistaking his love for the country and those of us who defended it. How sad to know that one President later we have a fuck-turd in office who hates the country and really, REALLY hates those of us who defend it.
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In a Hillary administration, Duckworth would be first on the list for a very high, very rewarding post that would lead to a lifetime of superior income after leaving the post. Something along the lines of Under Secretary of DoD, or Army, or Secretary of the VA. You can bet that she will be a devotee of everything Democrat from now on, as she understands that Hillary's biggest challenge between now and the campaign is Bengahzi.
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Lorenzo, I used to eat pulled-pork in the DFAC at our FOB just for the sheer pleasure of eating pork in muzzieland. During Rama-dama-ding-dong I'd walk around eating huge pulled-pork sandwiches with the pork dropping off to the ground in big gooey batches. Of course, that was back in 2005-2006, before we had a half-muslim president.
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LC, I know that there are plenty of members of the Democrat party that like the military. My father, a WWII Navy vet is one. Because I specifically mentioned voting, I was talking about the Democrat party politicians. They so hate the military, one of their own, Joe Lieberman, had to run as an independent because that moron, Ned Lamont, a true-blue hater of the military. I would never, have never, smear good patriotic citizens who call themselves Democrats. Your politicians, however, are a different breed. Most of them as scum-sucking dirtbags that pretend to love the military when they can see some political advantage for it (like Obama's recent embrace for Cheney's "death squads") but regularly show hatred for the military and the military mission of protecting America.
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These writers and those who believe what they write are all Democrats. Not a one of them has ever voted for a Republican or a conservative. As I've said before; a soldier, sailor, airman or Marine that votes for any Democrat politician is either uninformed, or stupid. Voting for someone who hates you, hates your institution, doesn't appreciate or even understand the necessity of your work, doesn't appreciate or even understand your sacrifice and your family's sacrifice, would rather see your pay go to support some unwed mother so she can go back to having more illegitimate's crazy.
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Having been on both McKiernan's CFLCC staff and Thurman's 4th ID staff (though not on the "inner circle/personally picked" staff) during multiple OIF tours, I can pretty much say with assurance that if I was in a bar, with a dirtbag reporter, in Paris, about the only thing I would have said to him is "f*ck off". McChrystal's inner circle needs to be cleaned out if he stays on as CG. The only honorable thing for the entire crew to do would be to offer their resignation, and leave Afghanistan as soon as their replacements arrive. Whether one believes (as I do) that Obama is entirely incapable of being a competent CinC or not, when one represents a General Officer of the Army in command of troops on the battlefield, one owes respect to both that general and to at least the office of the president if not the President himself. Drunk and sober. Which brings up one last point. The troops in Afghanistan under General McChrystal have every right to be pissed off at these staff pukes sitting in a bar in Paris getting shitfaced and talking trash with a reporter while they are on some god-forsaken outpost getting shot at. That's not leading by example.
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Mar 15, 2010