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Bridget Tingley
Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A.
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Apr 15, 2011
Bill, You replied: "Yes, I agree. Matter without form cannot function as an efficient cause." If so, then necessary to efficient causation by a substance is a formal cause. I propose that: [1] Every chain of efficient causation originates with a formal cause; [2] The form of the human substance possesses agency; [3] The mental-physical interaction occurs when form orders matter into the necessary arrangement of substance for its intention to have physical effect; [4] The brain is the organ of this interaction because it is its matter that form orders into a substance that translates its intention into a chain of efficient causation; [5] An intention of the human form, the origin of each efficient cause of its human substance, is privatively causa sui; [6] Which explains why giving an intention effect is experienced as libertarian free will. From this I understand how the human form -- the soul -- is not a mechanism but categorically different from the physical, why I experience free will as I do, and, with my limited capacity for self-cause, how God made me in His image. There is much I need to work out on this yet (an argument for instance), but I just don't see the interaction hole in hylomorphism you do, Bill. Does the difference lie in assigning agency to the human form? Please advise. Regards, Bill T