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Tom Bowler
Nashua, New Hampshire
As a pragmatic libertarian, I believe that government's most important duty is to protect the constitutional rights of the individual.
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Why, we might wonder, have alarmist Democrats amp'ed up their slander of Trump and his supporters as "white supremacists?" Why the loony push for impeachment? Why do they pick now to resuscitate those fabricated sexual assault charges against Justice Kavanaugh?... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Libertarian Leanings
From the New York Post, hat tip to Instapundit: [N]o matter who wins next year, Trump has shown that, his intemperate rhetoric on the issue not withstanding, strict enforcement policies combined with the help of both the Supreme Court and... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Libertarian Leanings
Purloined from PowerLine: Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at Libertarian Leanings
Thanks Sunny Jim and James D!
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2019 on Send Better Nukes! at JustOneMinute
This is Robinson Meyer, expert on nuclear power and author of the article linked by TM above, "There Really, Really Isn’t a Silver Bullet for Climate Change." The title is encouraging but then you get into the article where you find that he likes AOC's Green New Deal. The subheading spells it out: Nuclear power might be part of a Green New Deal, but it can’t meet all U.S. energy needs. I'd have thought that was obvious. If he didn't look like he's 14, I might have mistaken him for an old school lefty: "It's the nukes that should go and not me!" Interesting stuff on the guy comes up when you do a search on him. Mostly articles he has written, but I thought this little bio on Business Insider was interesting: Robinson Meyer is a writer and musician based near Chicago and a regular contributor to I think that bio was written sometime in 2016, since he is now a staff writer at Atlantic, rather than just a regular contributor. Anyway, among the articles listed under his Business Insider bio are: The average American is personally responsible for melting 645 square feet of Arctic ice every year Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic Nov. 5, 2016, 7:08 PM A new report argues you're more likely to die in a mass extinction than a car crash Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic Apr. 30, 2016, 7:59 PM This is what happens when the president sits down next to you at a cafe Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic Mar. 13, 2016, 2:46 PM That last one was very popular with editors at Atlantic, since they published it three times in all, first on Nov. 22, 2014, at 7:15 PM, and then again Oct. 17, 2015, at 6:00 PM. The article is about Obama visiting a "bar-cafe-restaurant" trying to get millennials to sign up for ObamaCare. Robinson Meyer happened to be there. I'm not inspired by Robinson Meyer's knowledge, insight, or wisdom on the subject of Climate Change (formerly known as "Global Warming" formerly known as "Global Cooling"), or any other subject for that matter -- even though he has figured out that nuclear power will never replace all other sources of energy. He ends his No Silver Bullet article with this bit of amazement at conservatives support for nuclear power. “It is interesting to me that conservatives flock to nuclear power. They point to France! I can’t get over that,” Ori told me last week, sounding bewildered. “It’s a state-run industry in France." Talk about non sequitur. What does not amaze me is The Atlantic actually paying people to write such utter bullshit. That's what the left is about, after all. Democrats are getting wackier by the day on the subject of climate change, and the media's job is to try to make them sound sane.
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2019 on Send Better Nukes! at JustOneMinute
Now that trade war with China has been declared, I wonder if the paper industry in northern NH will stage a comeback.
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2019 on Where's The Beef? at JustOneMinute
Posted by: sbwaters | August 17, 2019 at 08:52 AM SBW, Hope you're on the leading edge of a trend in the news business.
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2019 on Roll, Beto Roll at JustOneMinute
Pin's got it. Boll and Branch.
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2019 on Thursday Afternoon at JustOneMinute
Proof positive that miracles do happen, Maryrose.
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2019 on Thursday Afternoon at JustOneMinute
I would bet you're right about crimes involving young children, Clarice.
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2019 on Thursday Afternoon at JustOneMinute
Rocco, Epstein certainly had reason to be terrified. I hear pedophiles don't do well in prison. But I guess my real point was that we can't underestimate the swamp -- the corruption, the vastness, the reach, and sheer brazenness. And, sad to say, it has the full backing of the media. I'm thinking of Hillary lying her way through Benghazi hearings then getting all those press accolades for her "poise."
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2019 on Thursday Afternoon at JustOneMinute
I can't believe they put him in with a cop accused of killing four, what were they thinking? Posted by: Rocco | August 15, 2019 at 12:00 PM They were thinking they wanted Epstein dead? Rocco, I think you said some days ago that you think Epstein's death was suicide based on your experience in corrections. You're probably right. But the mind boggling extent of corruption necessary for fixing the 2016 election -- exonerating Hillary, framing Trump, all of the spying that went into it -- leads me to think that knocking off Epstein would be a piece of cake for the shot callers in the swamp.
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2019 on Thursday Afternoon at JustOneMinute
Capitalists need friends and socialists need enemies. Continue reading
Posted Aug 7, 2019 at Libertarian Leanings
Miss M, agreed. Did you notice the surveillance pictures of the shooter show him wearing ear protection? Not exactly suicidal.
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2019 on Evolve Or Die! at JustOneMinute
Fave question: What did Robert Mueller know, and when did he know it!? Do I get extra credit for originality?
Toggle Commented Jul 24, 2019 on Mueller Time! at JustOneMinute
From Melinda's 9:22 link: That should be the lesson from the recent revelations related to Flynn—that the special counsel team never had access to the intelligence needed to properly investigate Rafiekian and Alptekin. In turn, this suggests the intelligence community withheld other evidence for Mueller’s team, such as intelligence showing Russia used Steele to interfere in the election. Why couldn't withholding this information from Mueller until the last possible moment be considered obstruction of justice?
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2019 on Could This Be Peak Bernie? at JustOneMinute
Some hard money purists might disagree, but in our view the advent of digital currency platforms is one of the likeliest ways for gold and silver to attain more widespread circulation as free-market money. Continue reading
Posted Jul 18, 2019 at Libertarian Leanings
Right, Gentlejim. The GOPe is as close as we'll get to what we once thought of as "moderate Democrats."
Toggle Commented Jul 17, 2019 on Bracing For 2020 at JustOneMinute
Just an observation: There are no moderate Democrats in Washington. There are extreme far left Democrats in Washington, and there are other extreme far left Democrats, who pretend they are not extreme far left Democrats, in Washington. The moderate Democrat has been hunted to extinction in Washington -- if there ever were any to begin with.
Toggle Commented Jul 17, 2019 on Bracing For 2020 at JustOneMinute
Kevin Drum wonders if the Democrats are now the party of open borders and makes a courageous admission: I have previously criticized Republicans who accused liberals of wanting “open borders.” President Trump tweets about this endlessly. But I have to admit that it’s hard to see much daylight between Warren’s plan and de facto open borders. Drum has come to a which realization? a.) Democrats really are the party of open borders. b.) This BS about Democrats not being the party of open borders ain't gonna play in Peoria. I go with answer b.
Toggle Commented Jul 13, 2019 on Saturday Morning at JustOneMinute
JohnH, I missread jim nj's 6:19 post as well. Thanks for pointing that out. On rereading it I see my 7:31 was off the mark. To jim nj, my apologies.
Kind of an odd response, jim nj. For those who insist on sparring with him, most of us don't see his original posts and don't know what you are responding to. We don't know if you are being clever, or cogent, in responding to Tom R. Really, you're just wasting our time and clogging up the thread. Please stop. If you don't read the posts and don't know the context, why weigh in at all? I agree with anonamom, but I'm not willing to lay all the blame on one person. The bickering over 4D chess, the insistence that somebody admit they've been wrong, the insults that go back and forth over it are all very tiresome.
Congratulations Matt.
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2019 on Jeffrey Epstein Busted at JustOneMinute
When I first looked at the collection of losers lining up this year for the Democratic presidential nomination, I was thinking along the same lines as Michelle Obama. When they tossed their hats into the ring these jokers had to be thinking, "Hell, if Trump can win the White House, why can't I?" They do give me confidence that Trump will win big. They can only look good as candidates right now, when they have only each other for comparison.
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2019 on Jeffrey Epstein Busted at JustOneMinute
"Voters are not expected to concern themselves with issues." Not exactly...If the talking points change, they pivot right along, because they didn't arrive at any of the prior conclusions themselves, and finding excuses for getting it wrong is as easy as blaming some conservative perfidy. Posted by: JM Hanes | July 07, 2019 at 02:25 PM Agreed. I could have worded things better, but we're definitely on the same page.
Toggle Commented Jul 7, 2019 on Meanwhile, Back At The Mall... at JustOneMinute