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Tom Bowler
Nashua, New Hampshire
As a pragmatic libertarian, I believe that government's most important duty is to protect the constitutional rights of the individual.
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Thanks Jane. Maybe we're twins anyway, although it's unusual for one twin (me) to be so much older than the other. :)
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Jane, Thanks for the good advice on putting the vaccination card with my passport. Just got back from the eye doctor (Lahey) or I would have said thanks earlier. I have an inflammation in my right eye and cataracts. One thing at a time. This has been going on since last July, can you believe. While in the waiting room I was treated to The View discussing poor Megan Markle and her racist relatives. She's found a new ticket to keeping herself in the public eye. So many assholes on just one show!
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I got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine yesterday at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. My wife saw a notice for it last Wednesday, so I called the number and got through instantly, if you can believe. The first available slot was... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Libertarian Leanings
I got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine yesterday at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. My wife saw a notice for it last Wednesday, so I called the number and got through instantly, if you can believe. The first available slot was Sunday, 9:40am. So off we went yesterday. I had originally gotten myself scheduled for the Pfizer vaccine on March 30th but I had no problem getting a new appointment for yesterday. The lady on the phone said they would take care of cancelling my 3/30 appointment. It's just under an hour's drive. There was a large tent set up in the infield with I'd say eight or ten drive through lanes, each lane having at least four vaccine stations. We had to wait about five minutes to get to the station and got a shot. My wife was along for the ride, since she gets her second Pfizer shot in a couple of weeks. She had no side effects from the first. After the shot in the arm was delivered, we were directed to a waiting area where we sat in the car for 15 minutes. That area had 7 or 8 lanes with 10 or 12 cars in each lane. There was another waiting area for people who were required to wait 30 minutes. Not a lot of cars went in that direction. After the 15 minutes our lane was opened up and off we all went. We decided to have breakfast afterwards, but it being Sunday morning every diner we went passed had a line of people outside waiting to get in. Eventually we found the Temple Street Diner where we walked right in and got served. Great place right around the corner from us and off the beaten path. I have a card now that says I've been vaccinated. When I made the appointment I was told I would get one and that I should keep it. It sounds like the powers that be want the option to deny travel, or something, to any who can't prove they were vaccinated. Twenty hours later, no side effects. I've been taking a quercetin and zinc capsule, a D3, and a multivitamin everyday. Every other day I take a niacin capsule. I've felt protected by taking them, to the point where I was considering refusing a Moderna vaccine if that's what I was going to receive. My Navy daughter had miserable flu-like side effects for a day after she get her second Moderna shot, and several people she knows had similar reactions. None for me with the J & J, aside from a very slight soreness in the arm. Start to finish, from leaving the house to getting the shot and getting to the diner, even after searching out a few diners, took 2 1/2 to 3 hours. That's with the track being about an hour away from the house. It was well organized, and a lot of people were on hand to direct and dispense. I'll continue to take my vitamins.
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Great Pieces, Clarice! I took the liberty of sharing them on Gab, Parler, and MeWe.
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You may be right Miss M, but I have a suspicion that Rupert stepped in to help fix things. I'm not sure the boys get it. After Wallace revived the Charlottesville hoax in the 2nd debate and Cavuto did his cut away, I finally cut the cable. I miss my Bruins hockey, but not that much.
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Seems Fox News has supplanted CNN in at least one Texas airport. I suppose that's good news. I haven't been watching Fox since Cavuto broke away from Kaleigh McEnany's press conference because she raised the issue of election fraud. Nice to see @GeraldoRivera and @FoxNews on the television monitor at McAllen Airport in the great state of #Texas So many great Americans here and awesome hospitality— Sara A. Carter (@SaraCarterDC) March 5, 2021
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Happy birthday, Jane!
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Eight years ago this spring I published the following post explaining the origins of my libertarian viewpoint. I called it "My Libertarian Viewpoint." I'm reposting it now for a few of reasons. First, the lessons it describes me learning back... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at Libertarian Leanings
Kari Lake: "Journalism has changed a lot since I first stepped into a newsroom... I don’t like the direction it is going." Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at Libertarian Leanings
No doubt at all, James D. Sad to say. He seemed to be pretty good getting judges confirmed. Fat lot of good it did us on the election fraud front.
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2021 on Saturday Afternoon at JustOneMinute
Good morning JOM. Once again, great Pieces Clarice. I can't decide which would be worse, Garland on the Supreme Court, or Garland as Attorney General. Now that we're all considered domestic terrorists he may be much more dangerous as AG. Meanwhile Antifa and BLM can't be called terrorists because they rioted and killed people at night. I always thought Hillary's "deplorable" comment was beyond stupid, but in retrospect it appears calculated. It was another step towards "othering" us conservatives, taken when Hillary was certain she would be president. But the business of attacking conservatives as being threats to America goes back, at least, to when Janet Reno ordered the Branch Davidian kids incinerated. Democrats have been at it a long time. Steve Scalise? Who's he"?
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2021 on Saturday Afternoon at JustOneMinute
What would have been easier? (1) Persuading 1018 libertarian-leaning voters to hold their noses real hard and vote for Kelly? Or (2) Persuading one US Senator (specifically, Kelly) to be just slightly more libertarian-friendly, and pick up 1018 libertarian votes on the margin? Disclaimer: I don't remember who I voted for. But I bet Kelly is still kicking herself. I'm sure I voted for Kelly in spite of her RINO drift. She had become buddies with McCain, who was totally useless to libertarians, and Graham, who seems lately to be wavering towards liberty and against the swamp that he seemed so much a part of in the past. With the help of mainstream media the Democrats have outdone themselves. Nothing screams "Fraud!" like media talking heads immediately and in lockstep dismissing election irregularities instead of at least making a pretense of investigating the claims. And if you question the integrity of the election results, why you too might be domestic terrorist. This is where we've gotten. Censorship by social media is applauded and encouraged by leftist Democrats, election fraud has been blessed by the Supreme Court, and now that constituency that believes that constitution means what it says has been tarred as insurrectionists and terrorists, where before they were merely racist. Will there ever be another election we can have faith in? Getting to your question Paul, in view of where we are now, it would have been best if we could have done both -- persuade Kelly to lean more libertarian, and persuade libertarians hold their noses. Libertarian purity has not served us well.
Good morning and thanks, Jane. Sorry your eyes are bothering you today. It's early spring in Nashua, 40s toward 50s over the next few days. We didn't have a decent winter here, just raw weather and slush. Warmer weather will be welcome.
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2021 on Monday Morning at JustOneMinute
"Other sources" I meant to say.
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2021 on Monday Morning at JustOneMinute
Henry, Maybe not, if sources of income are off limits. Probably a hard sell. We might want some other reforms in congress, like one of Jane's favorites: congress shall not be exempt from any law it passes.
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2021 on Monday Morning at JustOneMinute
Good morning, JOM. I've finally finished an essay I've been contemplating and working on for weeks, maybe months. It Was a Market Before It Was a Conspiracy is my perspective on the nature of the swamp, and what might be done to drain it. Spoiler alert: I propose some constitutional amendments. Maybe not the best approach, but it's an approach, hopefully one of many. Anyway, I welcome any comments you would care to make, whether here, or there, or both. Thanks.
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2021 on Monday Morning at JustOneMinute
Jim nj @2:20, Regarding the "The Fascist Democrats & the Fake Insurrection" that you linked, Declaring the January 6th protests an "armed insurrection" and calling Trump supporters "domestic terrorists" is likely a justification for FBI spying on Americans. Garland testified that domestic terrorism would be a high priority, right after civil rights. Isn't that funny, civil rights. We must never give up, but we're going to have to be careful, I think.
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There are strong reasons for believing that what to us appear the worst features of the existing totalitarian systems are not accidental byproducts, but phenomena which totalitarianism is certain sooner or later to produce. — The Road To Serfdom, Chapter... Continue reading
Posted Feb 24, 2021 at Libertarian Leanings
I don't think it's over, Jane. Not yet, anyway. The election dealt a wound that might in the end be fatal. If the 2022 midterms go the same was as 2020, it's over. If not, maybe there's hope. All those people we thought would stand up, didn't -- Barr, Barret, Kavanaugh, Durham. I thought the stakes were so high that Roberts might even come through, but no. Can't give up, though. But at the same time, discretion is the better part of valor. It's an information war.
Nancy Pelosi observed a moment of silence marking 500,000 Americans who have died from the coronavirus. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Monday held a moment of silence on the House floor to commemorate the nearly 500,000 Americans who have died... Continue reading
Posted Feb 23, 2021 at Libertarian Leanings
Per the Guardian: Hillary's upcoming thriller is about "a female “novice secretary of state” working for the president, who was once her rival. Terrorist attacks then throw “the global order into disarray, and the secretary is tasked with assembling a team to unravel the deadly conspiracy, a scheme carefully designed to take advantage of an American government dangerously out of touch and out of power in the places where it counts the most.” The terrorists will no doubt be the white supremacist supporters of a president Hillary will blame for the American government being so dangerously out of touch. Co-authored by Louise Penny who I used to like.
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2021 on Monday Morning at JustOneMinute
Everybody has to compromise, except Democrats. They never compromise. They drift further left every year, and Republicans who don't "meet them halfway" are a right wing extremists. And have no doubt, libertarians are in the Democrat cross hairs. They too shall be considered domestic terrorists when the time is ripe. There is a time for standing on principle and a time for joining together for the survival of freedom. This is the time for joining together.
Yes, Democrats on the ground think Biden is just fine, Jane. But I think the upper echelons know he's lost it. It just doesn't matter to them. With 50+ Executive Orders teed up and ready for Biden to sign in his first few days, it's unimaginable that folks handing Biden the orders to sign don't know that he's not in any meaningful way in charge. Biden is a puppet. Isn't it amazing how all the false accusations against Trump are true of Democrats. I listened to an acquaintance tell me that Trump was Putin's puppet.
What I am doing with my daughter is asking her questions, like I didn't know. Miss M, I take it you've been having some success with that, and that's great. My kids (they're not kids anymore) are much more in line with my thinking, so I don't need to persuade so much.
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