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Single vegan freelance interactive multimedia consultant, visual information specialist, environmentalist, and gourmet vegan cook.
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Mar 15, 2010
"SAVE" is a different process than "PUBLISH" after all, you DO NOT PUBLISH A DRAFT. The automatica autosaving is insane from a user's standpoint if you make many changes to a DRAFT. Whomever thought this was a cool idea needs to read a good book on Human Factors and/or GUI design. Lot of bad assumptions in the new design and I'm SOOOOO glad that there's a return to the old design option. Switching to a new design should NOT involve the cognitive basics, and TYPEPAD continually makes bad decisions that cost me time. I just wish I had the time to switch to another service.
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Yup... I see no reason for the 2nd step. Note how "blogger" has a sign-in available on the 1st page. If I save the log-in page (or stats page) as a bookmark, then I miss the "news" on the home page. Also: having stats available with the other options when I first get a list of my blogs would be helpful. As to the new editor? Pfftt.... I went and upgraded Ecto I've been so upset of how slow, wastefully designed (all that right column open), and flash pop-ups that don't work right. No time to document the problems... all in all, it's one more reason I hope to migrate away from TypePad (ongoing desire for over a year or so), but never have the time. The classic for me was the "hey, let's totally change stats and now it'll take 75 minutes instead of 5 for updating). Fine decision. Anyway, thanks for your note... too much to do to deal with TypePad eccentricities right now. Regards, Mark
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Why isn't the login option available at Why the unnecessary second step to get to it? Absurd.
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