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Experienced ecommerce consultant - specialising in improving retail ecommerce - team management, analytics / customer experience
Interests: Modern art and Architecture, Motorsport, Southampton FC, Rugby, Arthouse movies (when I get time), Entertaining my son Gadgets when I can afford them...
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I also saw it last night - however it is just about possible it was done by a large vehicle (rather than vandals) as they were all pushed right over into that lane by the roadworks. A truck or bus could easily have caught it as a result of that. We need more mature trees that start with stronger trunks, somehow!
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Mar 15, 2010
I can clearly remember that the planning for this development was initially refused as a result of the trees. They always stated that they wanted to cut the trees down and there was uproar abotu this. It would be an excellent message for the council to throw the book at them for once and show that developers cannot get away with this type of wanton vandalism.