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The Devil of Dissent and Division has come into the picture. A classic tactic of "Divide and Conquer" - Weaken the "enemy'...of islam. The vipers of islam have struck!! If I were you, ALL, - I'd stick to each other like glue. Otherwise, you're ALL done for! Wild Amazon Gnostic Nature/Goddess WOrshipper
DON"T wite me again! I'm NOT going to change my thinking because you want to call me UN-AMERICAN.
You haven't noticded that tptb are playing We, The People for fools? One time we rush to one side, then it doesn't work. Then the next time we rush to the other side, and it doesn't work. Then the next time we rush again to the first side...." It's a game! The System is NOT broken, it just was NOT created for the benefit of We, The People, but for the Elite to continue to lord it over us. And ROTFL at us! NOT to mention the electronic voting machines debacle. But if you want to continue to play the Geame, go right ahead. What's the answer! To dismantle the current System, let it go! And put in our own. Just and Egalitarian. You may consider something like the Iroquois Council, or Local Councils, which would address the needs of Communities, directly. Not only that, but these Councils wouldn't keep wrong doers or criminals in office, until the next election, but would take bring them to trial immediately, for the People to judge them directly, and remove them from office immediately, if found guilty. Anyway, have a fun palying THEIR Game!
Twofang: YOu speak with forked tongue! "You right wingers are absolutely EVIL TO THE BONE and need to be SHOT IN THE HEAD." Where do you come from? You vicious twerp. Apparently, from the islaqmic mentality, to say that anybody that disagrees with you should be killed! That's waht islamics say and do.
I may kiss Yeshua's butt, but not the butt of a fat, just plain ugly, middle aged spread of Whoppee Goldberg.
The problem with us is that we're too moral and decent to resort to what the islamics do. But we ALL need classes in survival tactics. Women screaming when they're attacked "ain't" going to cut it. Whe a woman screams she's actually calling for help, dependeing on others to help her. Instead, a woman has to resort to the unusual and unexpected. Because it it is a matter of live and death in islamic attacks. Don't you remember the story of Daniel Boone, running the Indian Gauntlet and using his elbows and shoulders, to get through -and those Indians had clubs and sticks trying to beat him down. He got through this way. This is real war, this is no game. The islamics mean business. You can see this in Germany, Sweden and the UK. We will have to train our girls to defend themselves. Use the elbow, the heel of the foot, use your knee on their privates ( or they're use them on you), use your fingers on the eyes of the attacker, use your nails, bit their cheeks and lips. Use your handbag to hit. That's the kind of defence I mean. Unfortunately, it may come to that.
"It's the imams, Stupid!" Those islamic crazies rioting are being incited by the imams! The energy and exciting of rioting gives them a brain high- what other excitement do they have in their repressive "religion."There's nothing else intheir lives! What I'd like to do when I see the faces of the rioters, is go out there and slap them, surprise them and have them slinking off with tier tails tucked between their crappy legs.
RalphB : What you say is true. My son is in the Navy. He is a MAN! Noble and loyal to his country, the U.S.
One thing I know about the military, you took and OATH to defend your country, and you MUST follow orders from a superior officer. You cannot be a lose cannon there, or there would be chaos. He's getting free room, board and 3 squares, plus cut-rate prices at the PX ( or whatever the military branch calls it). Nobody put a gun to his head and made him sign the contract with the Military. It IS a Contract. What happens when everybody is allowed to express their opinion? I'm sure at one time or another, individual soldiers have resented authority, but Speaking against your country is NOT acceptable. He should be Court-martialed. He's useless to this country, now. If the Military let's him get away with this, he'll be setting a precedent for the rest of the military. As a matter of fact, we are at war with islam, he should be put against the wall, and shot, for taking the side of the enemy.
cont'd And I have just as much right to post comments here, unless Geller bans me. If you don;'t like my comments, get her to ban me. OK! OK!
I've noticed that is a habit here on this Board. That everytime anybody, says something you don't like, which is the truth, or shwoing something that is wrong with the U.S. thinking, a comment could be from a moslem trying to tell you something or get equanimity, you all jump on them. What is it? You think lyou, people in the U.S. can work it alone/ And dn't need anybody? If you don't make an efford to reach out, and discuss things, instead of jumping on comments, you will certainly be overwhelmed. Right now, You're not doing so good in your problems in the West Coast with the Chicanos. And the American Indians-in the U.S.- are jumping on that wagon. The people in the U.S. don't realize yet, that the entire South America is open now to islamization- those people there are vulnerable. We've lost most of Europe, And Australia, and Canada. Canada is at your doorshetp. And Sotuh America is at your ogther door. That's a a terrible danger to the U.S. So, let's sit down and a table, and discuss things, eh?
Ok, listen, LET ME GET THIS CLEAR TO you all, I'm AGAINST islam- I'm one of the first Latinas to come to this side- and to leave the separation of Latinos against Americans.Because as you know, the current thing is to be against Americans because of the illegal Mexican Imigrant Issue. I'm laying alll that aside, and are on the most dangerous issue of a common enemy. I don't need all of you to come over and attack me every time I make a comment. You're just attacking someone that is of the same Culture- and is for secularity. Every time I make a comment, I don';t need this. So lay off!
Well, since Americans were the U.S. flag anywhere on the body,(towels- t-shirts, underwear, bathing suits,socks, etc.)- here's a tip for a business venture, for whoever wants to pick it up: The islamics were that keyafah cloth (or whatever it's called) around the neck to denote solidarity. Why don't Americans prin t a woven cloth with the U.S. flag, - and wear it around the neck in the same way as the islamics? A cotton woven cloth with the little fringes- of the U.S. flag. It'd buy it and wear it ALL the time.
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2010 on Massive Distortion of Massive Rally at Atlas Shrugs
NEG: What? I can''t express an opinion, without your thinking I'm islamic? Who died and made you god here? You're the only one allowed? Look around and better pick up allies from other countries> You, people need tghem badly. Kindly don't tell me, you don't need anyone. You DO need allies, yu need food, milk, rice, beans, vegetables coming in fromother countries. Open your eyes. Nothing comes from the U.S. anymore. You better open your eyes. And stop biting the hands of people that want to work alongside you.
oh, Madeleine. Down, girl, down. Do'n't be picking fights with people who are on the side of Freedom, eh? Signed, A Latina Amazon
Correction: 3 birds with one stone, 3 Laws tptb want : - bringing in a Chinese style Internet - under the excsue of protecting the public from scurrilous articles. BUt it will be their choice of what is harmful. - eliminating the "Right to Bear Arms - the Anti-Hate Law As to the latter, don't cheer for it so much, what effects one group, will effect ALL of us adversely. If some of us, have our lips sewn shut, so will EVERYONE suffer.
Still, I have to ask. How fast is a crime solved? Don't you think it's trange that all the asnwers were provided from one minute to the next? It all looks suspicious to me, as if it were a false flag. They ..the authorities and news media even figured out in an instant, that the guy had a website, and commented on other blogs. Boy, they had that information at their finger tips. Not even Matlock can solve cases that fast. I smell a rat! Raise yur heads and get an eagle's eye view. With the way events and things are coming so fast upon us, tptb are eager to repress our rights and freedoms, including our rights of protest gov. chicanery, esp. in the internet. This is just another excuse to: -police the internet MORE for such ..any views that are not mainstream- dissenters that down agree with the plans of the gov. And those plans are mean and nasty. Don't forget it. And in CRACKING DOWN ON US. A lot of sites will be blocked. Or closed. This matter is being looked at right now in 'Con-gross'- they're deathly afraid of the Internet, and the ability to distribute the info immediately. They're afraid of "Watchdog" sites like this one. - and this may ALSO be the perfect opportunity for tptb to have the law banning guns passed. Because of this event, here - DAMN! - it may be this one single event to cause that to happen. Don't think tptb haven't been looking for such a happening. Imagine, 2 birds with one stone, 2 Laws tptb want : - bringing in a Chinese style Internet - under the excsue of protecting the public from scurrilous articles. BUt it will be their choice of what is harmful. - eliminating the "Right to Bear Arms And now the public may be clamoring for such laws. The gift package fell right into their laps. So keep calm and look at it all with sharp, logic.
Hold your horses, people! Lest we go off, accusing the world again. So many times there's been anti-semitic "crimes" = Yet, after all the hollabaloo, and shock, and indignation and police investigation, it turns out to be a nutter: -Professor Kerri Dunn reported a few miles east of Los Angeles, when she reported her car windows had been broken, the tires slashed and a "swastika" as well as the words "Nigger Lover" and "Kike Whore" had been painted on the doors and hood. The uproar suddenly subsided when two students came forward to announce to a shocked and embarrassed student body that they had witnessed Professor Kerri Dunn vandalize her own car. -in France just last month when police announced the arrest of a woman who alleged that she was the victim of a horrific anti-Jewish assault on a Paris train. The 23-year-old woman had reported that six men had cut her clothes, drew swastikas on her body and accused her of being Jewish. She also reported that "the thugs also threatened her infant child in her baby carriage." The women later confessed that she had staged the whole thing. in New Zealand earlier this week when Jews desecrated their own cemetery by painting swastikas on their tombs. ------ I've been observing this in the alternate news- which has been reporting and following up. But when the "crime" is solved- neither the police nor the general news media, REPORT IT. So that we, the Public is left with the impression that the whole world hates jews.