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Watchman Neva has a point there. People come to America and fall in love with stuff and the accumulation of stuff. Then the children suffer. You asked the question that came to mind after I read this article. Who are these children from former relationships? A powerful consideration for not having kids with multiple partners is the children. Even when it is hard, stay married because you love your kids. OK, it is not a perfect world, but the fairy tales are full of stories about wicked step parents. When a patriarch lion dies, is killed or chased away by another lion, the new boss lion goes around and murders the young cubs sired by the former boss. There is something dark and primal and scary about the stepchild/step parent relationship, and it is in the literature and the world myths for a reason. Don't get me wrong. A lot of step parents are excellent, but you never know! Do not put your kids into that situation if at all possible.
That is quite true. Southern Cameroonians are historically, meta-culturally and psychologically West Africans. Most of us have never met a Gabonese, a Central African or a Chadian, and when we do, it is like meeting a total stranger. Abuja or Accra are more congenial places than Yaounde or Brazzaville.
Alain Dipoko. If you keep up this crap, I will track your ass down, expose you and get you deported. Nyamfuka. This is a threat. Fair warning.
When there was honor in the world, individuals like these would tender their resignations. These primitives would do no such thing.
Mr Jumbam, such words of wisdom! I am taking them to heart and action. The greatest retirement investment are people as you have pointed out, starting with one's spouse and family and going out from there.
Toggle Commented Nov 27, 2009 on Retiring Gracefully at Up Station Mountain Club
When the evil ones are destroying themselves, just stand by and watch. How any self-respecting person in America can join the dirty CPDM and then beat his chest or her chest beggars the imagination. A bunch of self-serving sycophants.
Camerounese ambassador assaults people and sends them to the hospital? Brother, you shall be recalled soon. It looks like Camerounese francophone opposition are now using the United States to do their protests too.
Charles and Manga. In actuality the invading frogs have played Southern Cameroonians against each other very well by exagerating existing differences as a divide and rule tactic. There is plenty of evidence that they all fell victim to their greed at some point. So lets learn and move on. It is not too late.
A vibrant Cameroon state? Are you a moron or something?
Alain Dipoko. We do not want to be with your kind. It is that simple. You talk like a 19th century European colonialist. That stuff is illegal, outdated and it will not stand. We shall throw you our of our country, come hell or high water. Stinking frog.
Che Sunday, I am surprised. I never took you for an angryphone LOL. I am not from Bamenda, but I admire the stout and determined heart of the city. La republique, if it were a fair and just place would worship Bamenda as the city and people who brought them multiparty democracy, regardless of how distorted the process has become. I would take "Baminda" as a badge of honor and not of shame.
Toggle Commented Nov 3, 2009 on I weep for Bamenda at Up Station Mountain Club
Louis Mbua, you are a captivating writer. Keep them coming.
Hell, no. This looks very bad, really sinister. It is a strategy to take over all human food supply and to control all farmers by injecting alien genes into food.
If I were la republique, I would fire Dipoko, or since they are killers, bump him off. Why? Because he uses 19th century imperialist language, discredited in the 20th century and designed to incense and cause revolution. He cannot be a friend to their side because imperialists like subjects who are compliant and void of ideas, accepting the status quo without question. People who rock the boat are a no-no. Dipoko is more dangerous to la republique than Nfor Nfor or Mola Njoh. I would let Dipoko vomit everywhere, including on some of your beds, since many Southern Cameroonians are so sedate.
I am unaware of any blog that allows its commenting section to be hijacked by a single commentator. They call people who do that trolls, and those are the abusive elements who cross the fine line between enthusiasm and crazy. I think you have long entered crazy territory, my friend Alain Dipoko. Major blogs such as Huffington post or the New York Times blogs or Salon would have erased your commentary account ages ago. They do not like subscribers whose only jobs seems to be trolling their accounts. In your previous incarnation as USAfrica, I suggested many times that you should start your own blog and open your ideas to being torn apart. I also reminded him that a charge of censorship would only be true, if anyone was preventing him from going to Blogger and opening a free blog, and inviting the public to come and share his wonderful ideas. There are huge blogs, whose readership dwarfs major newspapers started by small individuals. But, as an internet guru, you know that already.
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Oct 21, 2009
Take a look: One person left out is Paul Biya himself, who openly steals without accountability just like his predecessor. Corruption occurred in Southern Cameroons, but it was a prosecuted crime, so there was NEVER any open bribing of officials, and frequent sting operations, which kept the weak characters straight. La republique introduced the culture of impunity, in which people with power could do anything they pleased without consequences. Then, the weak characters, even in the Southern Cameroons began to take advantage of the situation.