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Recycling comes to Jihadistan! Going 'green' should win them points with the 'progressives' in the West.
If this is our fearless 'cutting edge' comic free speech vanguard. We are SO over.
Islam is at war with the whole world and bent on world conquest. Blowback time big time.
There is only one way to 'damp down' the brotherhood. Egypt did it before: terror, torture, frequent assassinations, a vast system of paid informants, secret prisons, a rigorously loyal army that is ruthlessly purged of Islamist elements. It worked till American pressure on Mubarak loosened his iron grip. Anything less simply will not work.
I took down my American flag the day our country puts its women in front line combat. Any people who would elect Barack Obama twice deserves him. And as a matter of fact, Europe and the world deserves an America-less world where they can live out Socialist fantasies, 'diversity', Islamic Supremacism etc. with no 'interference'.
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2013 on "Where is America?" at Atlas Shrugs
Reminds me of publications of the Nazis. I had a 'Polish White Paper' from 1940 published in English by the German Government for the U.S. public It is a book length paperback 'documenting' the Polish outrages against German citizens in Poland, arbitrary arrests of persons accused of being German spies. Outrageous Polish aggressions against peaceful German border guards etc. etc. The gist of it is that Germany was incredibly PATIENT waiting as long as they did to invade evil aggressive Poland. This is about the place we are at with Islam.
Algeria is fairly prosperous (at least for N. Africa) and after their vicious civil war the populace is not ready for hoards of foreign Nut-jobs and mass murders coming in to 'help' Islamize them. Egypt could stabilize (no help from Zero) and... if Erdogan makes a hash of Turkey, the military can maybe come back and do an Egyptian type job on the Islamists with mass arrests, torture, etc. maybe by Spring...three sort of secular Muslim states. A fellow can dream.
Islamophobes are 'afraid' of Muslims. I genuinely, deeply, rationally and with no qualms loathe Islam.
There may come a time when Israel will have whole regiments of American Christian veterans willing to fight alongside them under Israel's flag instead of Obama's flag.
Pretty scuzzy but my favorite is when Susan Komen had a Cancer research meeting in Cairo a few years ago (before the overthrow) and Israeli cancer professionals were not allowed in. Just think how much Israel has contributed medically compared to modern Egypt. For starters, older guys, your colonscopy no longer involves an effing telephone pole up your rear since ISRAELI doctors invented the tiny live camera tool now in use everywhere.
In case you didn't know this is a famous NORMAN ROCKWELL painting of himself painting a self-portrait. We've really 'progressed' since then!
Toggle Commented Dec 13, 2013 on Obama's First Selfie at Atlas Shrugs
Peace in our time.
This is a country that is rich in natural resources, you can stick a broomstick in the ground and it will grow. Go back and read about what a prosperous and relatively vibrant French colony this once was. These people CANNOT GOVERN THEMSELVES.
Awww c'mon GIVE HIM A BREAK! Obama's just a kid.
Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2013 on Undignified at Atlas Shrugs
Syrian and Somalis Muslim 'refugees' in U.S. is the 'highwater mark' of U.s. 21st century INSANITY.
Which means Zero belongs on a lamp post.
Obviously I was the 'troublemaker' and I would have been arrested.
I was walking through Tompkins Square Park years ago and a 'Palestinian' woman was giving a little hate-filled harangue against Israel, Jews etc. I, passing by made a comment to something she said and got struck hard in the side of my face with her closed fist. One of New York's finest was standing TEN FEET away and did nothing. I complained but he insisted I 'move along if I knew what was good for me'. This was before 9/11. The point being, I can easily visualize this here.
Bring Back Olmert and Livni! I didn't need a scorecard then to know who Israel's enemies were, they were in charge!
We must remember that before Pearl Harbor the Japanese war machine had killed and raped and tortured the Chinese for almost a decad3e. Asia's Nazis and Europe's Nazis had both quite a record of sheer brutal horror behind them before America ever became involved.
Please pick my jaw up off the floor. "He was shot while jogging past the ruins of the American Consulate.... the U.S. state department had a SEVERE danger warning since June, specifically warning all Americans away from Benghazi." I'm sure he was the sweetest nicest guy in the world but even horses and cows must have more animal survival instincts than this guy.
Not one more precious American life for Sharia government, not one more dollar for these backstabbing pedophiles and drug dealers.
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2011 on Today's War Dead at Atlas Shrugs
Not one more precious young American life to prop up this so-called 'government' of grifters, pederasts and drug dealers and their Sharia law. Not one more dime.
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2011 on Today's War Dead at Atlas Shrugs