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I LOVE Onix Priorat. I "discovered" a Portuguese white you should seek out: Branco Arinto 2007 Barrica
I don't know who Mr. Kent, Esq. is, but he is either completely delusional or completely ignorant of history. Equating the Communist Party of the United States in the 1930s-1950's with the Nazis is just about the most ludicrous thing I can imagine. People like Dalton Trumbo and Ring Lardner Jr. were no more violent or evil than you or I. They never preached or committed acts of violence, nor did they call for the violent overthrow of the US government. They advocated for strong unions and more care for the poor and downtrodden of the world. A leg up for the working class and for the upper class to pay their fair share. Nothing more and nothing less. When the truth about Stalin's pogroms came to light, many of them left the Party but they didn't roll over on their friends just to save their own ass, either. They stood up like men and did their time, even though ratting out their friends would have saved their jobs and in some case, their lives. Anyone who lionizes the behavior of Schulberg, Kazan and their fellow rats needs a lesson in morality and ethics.
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