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"Sweet Jesus, another beverage snob. The proper beer glass is one that is big enough to hold the entire bottle and the head when poured..." That...would be a pretty big glass... (grin)
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Also remember that they would LIKE IT if you attacked one of their drones. The ones in charge - Pelosi, Reid, Obama, etc. - are safely ensconced behind multiple layers of security and aren't worried about it. If one of their supporters gets his widdle feewings hurt by big, bad, pottymouthed teabaggers that's no skin off their noses. If they can arrange for the yelling and spitting to appear on the 11PM news it works to their advantage. Heck, they'd arrange for goons to curse and spit a flunky on camera if they thought they could get away with it. So by warning opponents against violence and condemning them (falsely) for violent acts, they're trying to give them ideas. Doesn't matter if they're encouraging violence; they think they can use that to their advantage.
Anyone considering his advice seriously should Google "barefoot" and "parasite" first. 1,580,000 hits.
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2009 on Go Barefoot for Gaia at davidthompson
"Set Phasers to Snarl!"
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Saw this trick on Food Network's "Throwdown" a couple of weeks back, except Bobby Flay used small steel mixing bowls. He sprinkled a little water on the cheese first to make sure it steamed. You don't need a specialty gadget: just a small metal mixing bowl big enough to fit over the burger.
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(Puts on Paranoid Hat) If you dug really hard and tracked this hoax back to the source I'd half expect the Obamites in the West Wing were behind it. It reads like the first salvo in a classic Alinsky-style disinformation campaign: - Start a crazy rumor that gets the right-half of the blogosphere in a frothing rage - Denounce the story, pointing out the obvious absurdities contained in it - use this as a club to beat the right wing about the head and shoulders, declaiming their "paranoid fantasies!" and "right-wing militia mindset!" - Get a few digs in at Rush Limbaugh if they think they can get away with that, too. Hopefully it getting squelched so rapidly will set them back on their heels a bit. But don't think they're going to give up. It's just their first clumsy attempt at a joe-job.
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