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Actually, roughly speaking the moon's motion controls about two-thirds of the total tidal effect -- the sun controls the other third.
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Your taxpayer dollars: Federal grants provide $3.3 million — of NPR's $166 million annual budget. This is a rather small percentage; I'm sure that, if zeroed out, Soros can make up the difference out of his petty cash box. Perhaps it's worth noting that some state and local governments also provide funds, not only to local stations, but also to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It's probably worth getting some states to zero out funding for the CPB.
Actually, J. Thomas did not assert that the Due Process clause does not incorporate the 2nd Amendment. Instead, he stated that an more straightforward conclusion would use the Privileges or Immunities Clause. He made no other statement about the Due Process clause.
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Yamashita, I don't see any contradiction here. First, Ergodan and his party are Islamists. So, of course, are the friendly folks in Iran. That certainly hasn't stopped the Russians from business relations with Iran.
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The error that I see in your proposal is that you assume that Turkey and Israel are allies. This was more-or-less the case a few years ago. But, Turkey is now run by Islamists who will not have anything to do with Israel (and, perhaps, with much of Europe or the U.S.). Turkey needs to be kicked out of NATO asap; they may become as big a problem as Iran. the Turkish government is completely behind the flotilla charade. The U.S. should stay out of this; it's not our fight. However, there are rumors (so far, just that, rumors) that the Turkish Navy will accompany the next flotilla (and I am certain that there will be a next one), in which case a shooting war could erupt that could get the U.S. and other NATO countries involved. More here: Didn't George Washington warn us about entangling foreign alliances?
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Jackson Diehl has a column in the Washington Post (Obama and Netanyahu: Pointless Poison) that criticizes The Boy Blunder for his Administration's reaction to the newly announced "settlement" (which is not a settlement). What is really interesting about his column are the comments to it: you would think that Diehl's column had been published in Riyadh! Rather remarkable.
Abe Foxman has been a jerk for as long as I can remember. JPFO has written many articles (here's one) attacking him, for good reason. We no longer send any money to ADL, as it has come to stand for many thing (including the repression of free speech) that we cannot support.
Your headline uses the phrase POLICE CHIEF, when the article states POLICE CHAPLAIN. Quite a difference, IMO. But, of course the fellow is a slimeball, as are, as nearly as I can tell, virtually all "imams" or other such (often self-proclaimed) religious folks.
A few Iranian tanks? Don't we still have A-10s in Iraq? A couple of A-10 would take perhaps 30 sec to utterly destroy the Iranian tanks. Unless, of course, the Army is under orders from the O'Bumbler not to harm the precious Iranians.
Timur, Michelle is not a HO. That is disrespectful and inaccurate. She is a dimwit. The Obamas, I am sure, are simple atheists like virtually all Marxists. Barack is not a Muslim, though he was trained as such. Let's face it, Barack Obama has performed at least one miracle while in office: he has made George W. Bush look like a genius!
Sarasto, I'd be interested in your essay about Freemasons and Shriners. I have, perhaps coincidentally, met a number of Jews who are both.
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Timur, Interesting comments about Harlan Sanders, but really quite irrelevant, as Mr. Sanders sold the U.S. operations of Kentucky Fried Chicken way back in 1964. I doubt the companies who have since owned the KFC brand give a hoot about Freemasons and Shriners.
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2009 on Halal KFC is da bomb! at Atlas Shrugs
Gosh, why did KFC not offer kosher chicken years ago? It's not as though no Jews live in Brooklyn! Maybe the halal provider simply offered the chain a really good price? Perhaps the halal provider is subsidized in offering a good price, say, by some really nice Saudis? Pure speculation, of course.
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2009 on Halal KFC is da bomb! at Atlas Shrugs
Well, one should keep in mind that Columbia University has a long tradition of supporting totalitarian causes, starting at least in the 1930s and continuing today. Recall that our current Messiah was a graduate of Columbia.
The U.S. Navy cannot patrol the vast Indian Ocean to provide protection from pirates, nor should it be tasked to do so. It is like waiting for the cops to show up to help you out when your life is threatened: they'll never get there in time, and thus you should be prepared to defend yourself. Mr. John Jay above hits the nail on the head with his solution: 0.50-cal machine guns would make short work of the pirates, plus other ships wouldn't have to worry about those particular pirates ever again, as they would be fish bait.
A possibility that does not seem to have been considered is that a recording of Hatikva was not available. In such a case, though, the organizers should have apologized for not having it available.
The NY Times article on the massacre does not even mention explicitly that he was a Muslim, though it does state that The Muslim Public Affairs Council, speaking for many American Muslims, condemned the shootings as a “heinous incident” and said, “We share the sentiment of our president.”The Times is remarkable in this statement, as it has no idea whether the Council actually speaks for many American Muslims. They just make it up as they go along.
JohnBoy, the newspaper article states that there was no measurable difference among monkeys treated 24hrs before exposure or 72hrs after exposure. I haven't read the original Science article yet. So, it would appear that your statement is not correct. What is not stated in the article is that air-burst nuclear weapons primarily kill by direct air blast and thermal radiation (and associated fires). Death by radiation exposure is significant, but believe me, you do not want to be near a nuclear weapon going off. Nonetheless, this seems an encouraging development or other reasons.
Well, of course Obama and members of Congress will be exempt from the provisions of the law. The law is designed to aid the simple-minded serfs, not the very wise and important nobles. Obama is really quite good at double-speak, we should all acknowledge. And, he has performed at least one miracle: he is so stupid he makes George W. Bush look like a genius!
Where do I get mine?!
I personally know a Jew who was born in Poland and saved by Catholic nuns. I'm quite sure that one of their intents was to convert her. Nonetheless, SHE LIVED, and eventually found out that she was originally a Jew. She emigrated to Canada and married a Jew, with several Jewish children. Whether she found out about her Judaism or not, the fact is she LIVED, and would not have had a chance to do anything if she were dead. So, whatever the reasons, the fact that she lived is the most important fact. You can't do much if you are dead!
Well, The Big O might want to get a better grip on reality. In late May, The One journeyed to Las Vegas, NV, to collect big bucks from the Hollyweird folks. Here s a great [and true] story that is quite relevant to his current actions: I thought I would relate to you something that you already know - that gun owners in America are NOT the problem or to be worried about. This week, President Barry Soetoro visited Las Vegas. This was in support of his senate wimp, er a majority leader Harry "let me see how I can kiss his ass this week" Reid, to help him raise funds for his recoronation. I'm sure Harry will have need of all those FRN's. Between the hyper-inflation that is coming soon which will wipe out the spending power of them, and the fact that good ol' Harry is behind in the polls EVEN WITHOUT A CANDIDATE RUNNING AGAINST HIM, he will need to grease his mud slinging machine like never before. Now even with every reporter in town fawning all over themselves trying to find an angle to report on, it would have been easy to ignore this ignoramus while he was rubbing shoulders with the Hollyweird entertainment elite at Caesars Palace and walking all over our service men and women while pretending to understand how the photovoltaic solar panels at Nellis Air Force Base work. But for two days, traffic was all tied up in knots anytime he wanted to go someplace. All streets close to the freeway were blocked, as were all of the overpasses. Working men and women were kept from going to their jobs or about their lives, tons of air pollution were created while cars and trucks came to a halt for long periods of time, flight paths of aircraft were altered and delayed and millions of tax payer provided dollars were spent so Barry could have dinner and shuttle his private jet the ten miles from the airport to the Air Force base to avoid causing him any inconvenience. But the interesting part of all of this was related to me by a visiting tourist in my shop today. It seems that he and his wife were standing at the bus stop waiting to be taken to another tourist spot on the strip when traffic was suddenly altered. Lanes were blocked off and people held back while the presidential limo and attending vehicles stopped right in from of him and the bus stop. It then turned into the hotel and Barry got out and was ushered into the building. The limo was about 10 feet away from him when it stopped, and the door Barry went into was about 50 feet from him. OK, so what is so remarkable about that? Nothing happened. And that is the point. NOTHING happened. The tourist witnessing this was armed with his personal protection sidearm and was carrying concealed, as was his right. Shots didn't ring out, no one was injured, blood didn't flow in the street. Nothing happened. But to listen to President Soetoro, this man and all those like him are a danger to themselves and to society in general, and in this instance, to the prez himself. He has stated that no one needs the right to protect themselves and their families. And of course, he always travels with hundreds of staff and ARMED personal guards watching his every step. So he is telling us we are not as good as he is. Or that our family isn't as important as his is. Bullshit. We all KNOW that gun owners are not the problem. Never have been, never will be. And once again, this was proven out, the same as every other day by millions of gun owners all across the land. The same as it was the day my father found himself alone in a room with Franklin Roosevelt, while armed with a loaded Thompson sub-machine gun. The same as it will be tomorrow, next week and five years from now. Barry can go straight back to Kenya. Or to hell. His choice. But as for me, I will be protecting my family. With my personal protection sidearm. And unless someone decides to endanger my family, nothing will happen. Oh, and for the record....I believe in God, the Constitution, protection for the life of the unborn, Family, Gold and Guns. I have both a Ron Paul bumpersticker AND a 'Don't Tread on Me' bumpersticker on my 23 year old American made truck that I drive to work every day. I carry a compact 1911 .45 wherever I go. I don't go into buildings, states, airports or any other place that says I can't bring my gun along. And I don't use any of the 'services' that the government provides for me. I guess that makes me a pretty dangerous individual.
I'll be kind to The Big O for a moment and simply assume that he is naively trying to show that we will be 'nice' to Muslims. He doesn't seem to realize that (a) we are all infidels and being nice to them means little or nothing and (b) Obama himself is worse than an infidel, as he is an apostate. More likely, though, Obama is simply being his old malevolent self and attempting to sow the seeds of our destruction.
Wow, I saw this 2-3 hours ago, and was stunned. When I saw it, the only person that was listed was Michelle Malkin, as I guess she was #1 in the opinion of the whacko who wrote it. As others have noted, the link has since been removed. Gives an entirely different twist to the term misogyny. Unbelievable hatred; utterly uncivilized. It becomes more and more apparent that a sizable fraction of Democrats is so utterly into double-speak that they cannot recognize it for themselves. When it is plain that the vast majority of racists in the country are Democrats, the Dems loudly proclaim that everyone else is a racist! Witness the current defense of Sotomayor: even Althouse acknowledges that most law schools are so liberal that they applaud racist comments.
Pamela, If one clicks on the 5 Years Later link, you get a message a message "This site has been suspended".