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While we're at it, Obama probably arranged the attack on the BP offshore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico and should be both investigated and prosecuted for conspiracy to commit multiple murdera... and treason for this. Obama does NOT scare me. He can't possibly arrest or silence all the millions of American persons who oppose him and his evil policies. We have him cornered. The deranged Islamohorror-in-chief's policies may well resemble Putin's--Putin was after ala a major illegal campaign donor to the Obama campaign and Obama could quite easily be a double agent for the KGB (Which Putin heads to this day incidentally). Oh, and, by the way, anyone who thinks Obama has anything at all in common with Bush must have been smoking something that effectively corrodes the human brain... We'll get this f*cker. Dead or alive!
Of course "Christian" Barry "barack' Dunham/Soetoro/ "Obama" had nothing to do with any of this!!! ('wink'! 'wink!'). The evil morons of the present Democratic party now unfortunately in control of the federal government will never be able to stop these Islamofascist attacks on our territory--they're too stupid and crooked to do anything about ithese attacks. This is likely to get even uglier (sorry to say). These loons on the left are probably even telling the public (with a straight face yet ) to watch out for 'rightwing terrorists' since you never know when they'll attack the World Trade Center next.... The Obama Administration has ABSOLUTELY lost ALL control of American national security (something which ranked maybe number 97 on Obama's list of 'things to do', right after having Michelle grow eggplants on the White House lawn or right before having Usher come in and sing at a Wednesday evening soiree). Obama and his corrupt political cohorts are on the brink getting our people killed by jihadist thugs. Possibly intentionally so. Would anyone be surprised if it was discovered that these "progressive" politicians/thugs were stoopong to accepting bribes by the CAIR or the Muslim Brotherhood et al to look the other way as the bombs were being planted in our cities and set to detonate? Obama is a jihad accessory and should be tried at the International Criminal Court for conspiring with jihadists to commit mass murder on US soil. (Obama is a Muslim and KNOWS ALL ABOUT the homicidal cast of jihad warfare--it's taught to Muslims in madrassas, and Barry Soetoro actually WENT to a madrassa in Jakarta!). Obama also conspired with raila odinga to overthrow a democratically-elected government in Kenya and replace it with an Islamict-dictatorship that practices barbaric sharia law and jihad against non-Muslims there. Obama wants get murdered by invading jihadist armies, encase you haven't figured it out yet. Let us save America and euthanize the Obama administration FAST!!! And get someone in who will do what we are paying them to do: represent the United States of America and its people.
P.S.: here is what Muslims (and that rotten Obama Administration) WON'T tell Americans about Islam: Islam is NOT in fact a religion at all. Islam is a totalitarian political ideology that uses violence to subjugate entire societies and hides its superstitious, misogynistic self behind a beard of archaic theology that vaguely resembles Judeo-Christianism (even if only superficially so). Also, first degree murder is an essential component of Islam (human sacrifice?). The Kuran even tells Muslims to begin preying upon each other when infidel blood isn't available for spilling!
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2010 on Islam: Remaking the Public Square at Atlas Shrugs
There of course was never ANY reason to introduce Islam into school curriculum anywhere. All one needs to do to understand Islam is read through a copy of the Kuran (preferably one that was published in a Middle Eastern country). The Kuran, although extremely lengthy and laborious, is not that complex or difficult to understand. For anyone capable of a reasonable level of reading comprehension and with an IQ of over, say, 80, there is nothing anyone could tell you about Islam you couldn't gather off the written page of a Kuran for yourself. Islam is a barbaric, primitive political ideology trapped in the barbaric, primitive Arab culture of the six hundreds AD. The world has advanced light years since then. Who the hell needs lessons for going backwards in time over a millennium to some rotten place where two plus two equalled seven simply because a tyrannical Arab pedophile and caravan robber said so? What's really going on of course is the corrupt US Democratic-led government is now aiding and abetting Islamist brainwashing of the American people. I guess this is Barack Insane Obama's much-vaunted "hope and change." Lucky us.
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2010 on Islam: Remaking the Public Square at Atlas Shrugs
Everyone who can read this and hasn't done so already should look into getting involved with the forming of a Citizen's Grand Jury in their home state to indict Barack Insane Obama for committing treason and any number of other crimes, malfeasances, and felonies he is known to have committed. We all can and should play a role in prosecuting, impeaching, and sentencing this usurper. This is OUR nation he has been screwing with and we should have already dealt with him and his administration as a people by now. It it our future that is being threatened by this ghastly administration and its equally ghastly policies. Let's get on with it and take this bunch down. No excuses. There should be on-line listings for how to form a Citizen's Grand Jury listed for each state.
Who will prosecute, impeach, and remove from the office of the presidency Barack Insane Obama (for being an evil usurper who has used the office of the presidency to commit countless crimes including treason)? WE THE PEOPLE WILL DO IT... OF COURSE. (No irony intended). And in fact it IS being done. TO cite on example, Mr. Bob Campbell of Arizona, has launched an 'American Grand Jury' campaign to begin the prosecution both Barack Insane Obama and Nazi "Nancy" Lugosi for election fraud. (I personally donated money to this campaign, although my limited financial resources sure won't wow anybody...LOL). AMERICAN GRAND JURY, Mr. Campbell's campaign, may be accessed on the internet at the website of the same name. The legal system generally takes a long time to navigate through under the best of conditions and in the case of BHO it will take longer for two specific reasons. First, Eric Holder the federal DA is in the tank for Obama and the progressivist takeover of the United States. Holder can and in fact has been throwing up every legal obstacle imaginable for anyone hoping to use the legal system to prosecute the Obama Administration. The second reason of course is a variation of the same theme: the Democratic majority in Congress are likewise in the tank for Obama, screwing the American middle class, and the progressivist takeover of the United States. Congress could easily remove Obama and other corrupt members of the Obama administration but their ideological affinities to him have made them relustant if not overtly hostile to anything resembling impeachment proceedings (plus the fact that Obama can take them all down with him as he is fully aware that most of the Congress assisted him in committing election fraud in 2008 and will expose them if they were to decide to impeach him). No law-abiding American citizen should miss this bunch of conspirators, crooks, thugs, terrorist-huggers, and losers. After the Demorats lose their majority in the Congress in November (as they surely WILL), Obama will face a hostile Congress that will NOT be subject to blackmail by him and they surely will not hesitate either to assist Americans in the job of legally removing this hideous blot on the US presidency. Bon voyage, Barry! Send us some autographed license plates from your prison cell, would you!
Congratulations, Pamela, on your chutzpah in consistently delivering the truth to the American people. This book may be your definitive achievement in this area. I will definitely have to get my hands on a copy. I hope it sells million$ of copies!!! (And I'm sure it will). My only criticism is that Barack Insane Obama is W-A-A-A-A-A-A-Y uglier than the picture you have of him printed on your book cover!
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2010 on Look! Book! Pre-Orders Get Priority! at Atlas Shrugs
Although this legal case is In No WAY the ideal way for America to get rid of the (truly horrific) Obama pseudo-presidency, it may well be the most expedient way to get rid of Obama at this time. In our case, expediting the removal of this very corrupt presidency is not to be scoffed at. The sooner we lose Obama and his gaggle of political criminal cronies, the better for all of us! Obama is to bad US presidents what Krakatau was to volcanic eruptions. Getting rid of this evil Islamohorror is no longer merely an option--it's really a pressing necessity! Maybe we shouldn't be looking this gifthorse in the mouth. After all, we can always continue taking legal action against Obama once he is impeached and out of office. We all know Obama and the Democratic Party pulled a flagrant, outrageous election theft of the US presidency and they and Obama deserve to be punished for it. I do not personally believe that if we prosecute and subsequently impeach Obama for his crimes as a senator (which is primarily what this case appears to be built upon) that the way for prosecuting Obama and Company for the innumerable crimes of Obama's presidential campaign and presidency will be blocked. The corruption of the Obama administration will I think continue to be dealt with through the legal system for many years to come. Many of the Demorats now on Capitol Hill I am sure will be personally autographing license plates from their prison cells for years to come. (Place your orders for one of these license plates now!, they'll make great 'conversation pieces').
memo to slice: The American people did NOT elect Obama as the President of the USA-- although the majority evidently DID vote for Obama in spite of Acorn's theft of hundreds of thousands if not millions of their votes. You are probably saying at this point, come again? In the United States it is the Electoral College that elects the US president and not the popular vote. As it happens, many of the state officials in the electoral college are radicals who had likely been more or less installed by George Soros (using his billion$$ to successfully worm his way into the US political system as he's been doing for years)under the radar of the masses of people. Obama was elected by these people because they are traitors who are neither loyal to the United States of America nor democracy and probably received some fat bribes to vote for Obama. As for Fort Hood, Obama is really a co-conspirator in the crime. Obama did not subvert so much as he made himself an accessory to this act of mass murder and for that should receive the same punishment that Nidal Hasan receives (which probably won't be much, enemies of the United States don't value the lives of US citizens the last ttime I checked). As far as most of us should be concerned it is almost as if Obama had murdered these servicemen himself. Obama indeed is partly responsible. Obama incidentally as we all know had been a friend of Hasan's. Obama knew Hasan was a jihadist with aspirations to kill Americans (Obama being a Muslim was aware of what Hasan was capable of). Inspite of this, Obama placed Hasan on a homeland security panel (we could all DIE laughing at the insanity of this if it was funny, as it is we may all just die... by jihad attacks) and was permitted access to government and military installations with Obama's full knowledge. Obama knowingly suppressed information tbat would have saved our servicemen's lives. Obama would do to all of us what Hasan did to the servicemen at Fort Hood and he would cover it up too. Morality and Obama cannot be mentioned in the same breath. As for the Pentagon, State department, and Obama Administration, does anyone even recognize any of these as the American government anymore? Or even recognize them at all???? Because I don't. All I see is an enemy armed camp skulking within buildings on our territory that once housed our national govenrment and defense department. And that's all.
Whoever said the government is not your friend was 100 percent correct. It sure isn't OUR friend. Today our government is now Satan's best friend instead.
If Mr. O'Reilly seriously harbors reservations concerning freedom of speech, maybe he should take his own advice and shut up (and get off the airwaves!). We don't need cowards like this guy. As for everyone else who DOES believe in free speech, one of our founding fathers (Benjamin Franklin, I believe) once remarked "those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither." Something to think about.
The people of the United States should do to Obama what Reagan did to Qadafi!
Persons who personally and/or politically uphold the princliples of the Constitution of the United States are believed by the political leftwingers to be 'rightwingers' and thus 'terrorists', are they not? Well, here's a solution: let's take their citizenship of the United States away from them (they can't stand the place or American people anyway, they keep telling us) and deport them to the Marxist/Islamist paradise land of their choosing. We don't want leftists to be unhappy, now do we? I don't. I hear it's awfully nice over there in Kim Jong Il's North Korean paradise. I think the likes of Sean Penn, Barbara Kingsolver, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean,GLoria Steinem, Michael Moore, and many others would be so very happy where they can live in such a paradise. Why not make it happen for them! And they'll have no more 'rightwing' terror for them to worry about over there either. Gee, talk about win/win!
More obscene shenanigans from that evil ass-clown of Islam. Isn't that a surprise... I think what is finally going to have to happen is for enough Americans to get together (say about 4 to six million which we can probably assemble now) and go down to DC and blockade the entire federal government on Capitol Hill, the Supreme Court and shut the entire thing down, turn off the power grids, hold emergency (non-partisan) elections and start all over again. Right now, there's nothing left resembling sanity in the federal government. It's quite unbelievable. This lunatic Dunham/Soetoro.Obama and his gaggles of evil morons are not going to go out without a fight, that I am sure of. When these evil morons ARE finally disposed of we can recontruct our alliances, institutions, and economy. But until then we are probably going to have to focus on surgical removal of these deadly schlemmiels like that proverbial laser beam...
memo to SHOSHANA: Art can definitely be political and a case in point are the literary masterworks of George Orwell, "1984" and "ANIMAL FARM;" another would be the literary works of Ayn Rand including her epic novel "ATLAS SHRUGS". Another case is Finnish classical music composer, Jean Sibelius' "FINLANDIA" suite (which appropriately warned of the danger from Communism through musical expression). Many classic motion pictures by the way have made political statments, such as "PATHS OF GLORY" and "ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT." The trick for art to succeed in making a political statement is for the art to be truthful and at the time to be successful on an artistic level. It can be (and has been) done! Why would you suppose that art can't tell a political truth and not succeed as art at the same time?
This is the SECOND time the Muslim jihadists have targeted a Canadian prime minister for a televised beheading. On a public service video titled 'WHAT EVERY AMERICAN NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT JIHAD' (produced by the Terrorism Awareness Project) nations under siege by "radical" Islam are lit up on a map in green light; the United States of America of course lights up in green, although Canada does not. Maybe Canada should be lighting up in green now. But of course, no one is safe from jihadist violence anywhere anymore.
"Social justice" of course is a synonym for "Marxism." Marxism was a lethal force that deadened creativity in the arts of Russia and its satellite Iron Curtain countries that were conquered by the Soviets. Socialim hasn't done much good for the arts in western Europe either now that I think about it (their movies are generally appallingly dreary). What Americans really need to get started on to combat this Obama-propagated propaganda siege is a nationwide creative arts program (privately funded of course) that exposes the true efects of Marxist ideology on societies and the fine arts. People must know the truth about the REAL effects of Marxism. The arts are a natural for communicating this message!
WHen this was first proposed by Obama several montha back, there WAS one lib who DID express anger over this. Of all people, it was Rachel Maddow during a broadcast of her show on CNN. Strange but nonetheless true. (I saw the broadcast).
The ONLY thing that's real about the Dunham/Soetoro/'Obama' "presidency" is the jihad against American citizens. With any luck we can send Obama to Mars oneway aboard the next NASA shuttle to that planet.
dumbledoresarmy: I have spoken to some Middle Easterners about the origins of Islam (and why it is so horrifyingly barbaric), they seem to concur with me that Muslims worship the same God the Mesopotamians did (particularly the Babylonians) and that the ancient human sacrifice rituals to the moon-idol practiced in the Mesopotamian area metamorphosed over the millennia into the murderous jihad we see today. Babylon controlled the Arabian peninsuls for centuries and Arab culture shows many resemblances to the Mesopotamian world (especially with regards to the moon figuring into many aspects of life). Bear in mind that in the ancient world, human life meant ZERO and that is the hallmark of Islam--no respect for human life. At the very least Islam is a holdover from an age mankind should have left behind many centuries ago. As for the carnage at Batak, Bulgaria the tragedy experienced by these villagers is a somber lesson for humanity as to what is in store for any non-Muslim society that permits MUSLIMS to migrate into it in any number.
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2010 on Scenes from Jihad: Bulgaria 1876 at Atlas Shrugs
It's not a surprise really that the government is wimping out and giving the good guys (you good people at SIOA) a tough time. In the meantime, why not pass out some Kurans to the public with those violent teachings in the Kuran highlighted with marker and the pages marked? While waitikng for our usually less-than-stellar judges to come through (or not) you can STILL carry on spreading the important message that Islam teaches first degree murder.
message to al-Kidya: If human beings operated logically and predictably you might be right. But the world is not that simple a place: Muslims and Communists actually ARE aligned and have been for some time (since the 1950s if not earlier). Islam and Communist ideologies have one thing in common: the objective of attaining world domination through violent conquest. Thus the two movements use each other for this purpose even if they don't particularly like each other. A number of years ago I worked with a very pleasant chap from Iran (I believe he was a Christian) when I mentioned the Ayatollah Khomeini to him he remarked that without Russia the Mullahs would be powerless. On a website that is no longer in operation I read a post from a man who claimed to be a Palestinian who maintained that the KGB and the Muslim Brotherhood had been covertly co-operating since the 1950s (he had enough convincing information to render me less tempted to question him than I otherwise have been). If that sounds far-fetched, Hitler had a special relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1930s (Hitler believe it or not was a Marxist, Nazi stands for "national Socialism"--and Socialism as we all know is Marxism). The late great Iraqi Baathist Party is also supposed to have been a Marxist/Islamist political organization as well. Here is where things get really interesting: Obama is both a Muslim AND a Communist. So too is one of his biggest fans--Moammar Qadafi. I have reason to suspect that Vladimir Putin converted to Islam, although I lack hard evidence of that at present. Putin is still a Communist and may now be a Muslima s well. Assuming that Communists and Muslims are mutually exclusive is naive.
As much as I like Sarah Palin, I am not convinced that she is electable as the President of the United States or that her running for the presidency in such a critical election year as 2012 is a good idea. I doubt if many people want another Demorat for a president anytime soon after the debacle of the Obama Administration. I know I sure as hell don't. If Palin runs in 2012 and loses we will get ANOTHER Demorat in the White (Nut) House!!!!! God help us. We simply cannot take a chance on this lady losing this election. I am now hearing reports that Sarah Palin, like John McCain, supports amnesty for illegal aliens (which I know to be a VERY bad idea--I live in southern California and have watched firsthand what unchecked illegal immigration can do to once fine communities--and California has long been known as the "bellweather state" what happens here first usually affects the rest of the nation in turn). Ms. Palin, being from Alaska (with its less than one million people on six hundred thousand square miles of territory--the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles County has at least two the three times the entire population of Alaska) has largely been insulated from many of the problems that plague the rest of our country-- I wonder if she would know how to deal with any of them adequately. And she has virtually no experience at all with the national legislation process in Congress. This is not a small matter, there are plenty of things she would need to know if she were to get elected president and I am not sure this lady is ready to learn them at this point in her life (being on reality TV does not strike me as being much of a training ground to become the US President). The Jews in the USA cut their own throats in 2008. I pray to Yahweh that they do NOT repeat the same mistake in 2012. I do not mean to condescend to Ms. Palin, I am fond of her. I am just not convinced being the president of the USA is for her.
It's usually leftist idiots like those Democrat politicans now stinking up Capitol Hill who are the ones shouting at the rest of us that we have all been "violating the constitutional pronciple of separation of Church and state" (usually merely by expressing our Christianity and Judeo-Christian heritage). We can all gauge from this (and the Democratic National Convention two years or so back when they had Islamic imams say Islamic prayers before and after their convention) just how much separation between Church and state really means to the leftwingers in the USA. Diddlysquat. Oh yes--and the ACLU can go to hell too.