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Mr. Chia, Long before the Greeks invented representative government and Christianed it Democracy, nation states existed. Some well governed or managed, others not so well governed. A democracy is not a panacea or cure all for Africa's failing leadership. Hitler is cited in several sources as an effective leader, yet, no dictator is yet to rival his brutality. His removal from office saw the Germans rose up to become one of the most powerful industrial nations on the face of the earth. Did he not have mass support from his people? What Africa needs is a few Thomas Sankaras and Nelson Mandelas and Patrice Lumumbas. When you have the likes of Biya for leaders, and heading a nation of alchoholics like Cameroon, what exactly do you expect? Try starting a conversation back home on any political issue and see how far you will go.Supporters of political aspirants such as Fru Ndi are radical converts who do not see anything wrong with him. You expect such characters to listen to you criticize their God when he becomes head of state? African leaders become what they are largely because of our own inability to see anything wrong with them or their policies. After all is said and done, the changing of the guards in any African country most be left in the hands of Africans alone. If they fail in their first endeavour, they most go back and try again. People whom have enslaved, colonized, partitioned, and turned the continent into a dumping ground for weapons, endebted it for eternity, can never have your best interest at heart. We can all clamor for joy when we hear that France or some other Country has indicted some African leader for embezzlment, ask yourself why the money is not in an African Bank but a European? What makes a Swiss a better banker than an African? Its because he has vowed to secrecy and will never divulge any information about your ill gotten wealth to anyone, including future governments of your own country. Yet, Switzerland has never been accused of promoting money laundering. I don't want to sound anti Europe or afro-centric, but what I have witnessed in the short span of my existence give me reason to believe that everyone must learn to fend for themselves. What little help you get always comes with a price. Stay away from it.
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2011 on If Not Biya, Who? at The Chia Report
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Dipoko, Aren't you supposed to be out looking for a lawyer to save your marriage? Much as what the guy is saying is academic rhetoric which your kind and Biya may never comprehend, why bring in dual citizenship in the argument when every franco carries a French passport? Or to you dual citizenship carries negative overtures only when the individual(s) in question are anglos? Men , not only are you stupid, you are a racist of the worst kind.
Dipoko, When it comes to dirty cities, Bamenda does not carry the mother lode. When was the last time you visited Manfe, Kumba, and Bonaberi in douala? I think Bamenda and Bafousam are among the few clean cities in the country, with Limbe pacing ahead as maybe the cleanest. As dumpy as you may think it is, Bamenda is one of the few cities with garbage collection trucks, albeit dumping the trash in the Mezam river. Yes, the anglos have been misled, taken to the alter of slaughter. The chief priest has always been a franco. If the anglos are genetically predisposed to stupidity, I wonder what is responsible for the franco propensity to blood sucking? Just a thought!
Toggle Commented Nov 4, 2009 on I weep for Bamenda at Up Station Mountain Club
Thanks Bob Bristol. And to add to your post I will like to add one more example of their no tolerance for fons they deem as not fitting the throne. While still living, Achirimbi I of Bafut was Foncha's biggest critic. He warned him against joining francophone Cameroon. When he died, Foncha led a batalion of soldiers and Gendarmes down to Bafut. They removed an already anointed fon from the throne, replaced him with a form II student from CPC Bali. The Bafut people responded with an all out rebelion which ultimately resulted in placing the entire Bafut under curfew for several months. That act alone solidified the fact that Foncha was not an indigene of the North West and not of anglophone decent either. The dirt this man brought in from his days of sujourning has left a stench behind that is bloating us all today.
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2009 on I weep for Bamenda at Up Station Mountain Club