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No state Burial should be and will be granted to likes of Ahidjo and Paul Biya. I will accept a common Burial some where in Cameroon Organized by family and well wishers period. The names of tyrants in history are cleaned by the bloods of those they were so much employed to killed. Only those who sacrifices their lives at the hands of these tyrants to save the people of Cameroon need State Burials, they were the true Nationalist and Freedom fighters. When we think of Ahidjo and Paul Biya we should be thinking of the Number of Cameroonian lives these two men have wasted
Alain Dipoko, when will you ever regain your senses?? You are always out of topic.I have once said that you bears the image and superscription of the present regime which you are fighting every day to keep in place. Long ago we know the Regime center could no longer hold, its little wonders that it still survives.Today we see how this weakness is manifesting itself.From Biya's own tribe men to majority of the fang clan now in Kondengui to the exports of the CPDM in USA. This is just the tip of an ICE Berg.We shall see more of this as time unfold, while the town-crier(Alain Dipoko) of the CPDM will be having a busy work trying to scare away passersby and spectators.
Alain Dipoko, Yabassi Boy , I am sure biya personally appoints you as his government spoke man on the Angolphone issue.You bear his 27 years trade mark. Kindly help yourself by reviewing your write ups for say 3 times before posting them other wise i am afraid you will soon join your uncles in Kondengui but this time for stealing billions of facts from the cameroon the state.("mass deception" Consult kontchu for Advice "zero mord").