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I am currently working on just such thing. We have the music, we are making the photos monochrome, for easier viewing, and I have secured the services of an ex-actor of no repute to do the voiceover, if he can clear the whiskey from his throat by the time we're ready for him. ¡Excelsior!
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2009 on This is the Ad I Want to See at Online Blogintegrity
Here's Rachel Maddow talking about all the groups involved in the "recess rallies", I swiped the link from Brendan Skwire, but it goes to a Maddow vid. Many, many more pipples should know about this aspect of the anti-reform protests.
Thank you for your response. I'd have to say we must continue to disagree about the extent to which the townhall disruptions are astroturfed, Rachel Maddow, Crooks&Liars, FDL and DKos have all written/talked substantively about the Scaife/Olin/Koch money flowing into groups like Freedom Worx and Americans for Prosperity and through them to our little brownshirt brigades. As to the loudmouths showing up on their own, when "Friar Rush" Limbaugh announces the time and place of a meetup in Florida which consequently is stormed by teabaggers, it's not too much of a stretch to see a relationship which approaches pretty closely to causation. How much actual "democratic participation" would that meeting have recieved if Rush hadn't gone all Radio Free Rawanda on it? And again, and possibly I have not stated it clearly, I'm not saying that Meyerson is in cahoots with the GOP, just that he may not be looking at the whole picture. I have read his columns on and off, going back to about just after the 2008 election, and like I said, he is not the worst of the lot at the WaPo by a wide margin. So, even though I will concede and give him the benefit of the doubt for why he chose not to include this information (Perhaps it's nothing, I myself only heard about Freedom Worx and the false populism of the townhall disruptions only a few days ago. Perhaps Meyerson wrote his column before then.) I maintain that this column would benefit by taking some space to delineate the nature and history of those backing the protesters, and I remain curious as to why he has not done so. It could simply be that he has allowed some village common wisdom to seep into his consciousness unnoticed. I caught myself using conservative buzzwords just the other day, so I'm not immune. It's just the kind of thing one should watch out for, especially if one writes columns for a huge daily paper. Again, gracías.