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Um, just to clarify, I was in Key West from 1973 to '78...before it was the focal point of myriad random strangeness.
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Y'all make me smiley and teary all at the same time, what with your humor and your sentimentality. My formative years (ages 8-13) were spent in Key West, where most of my best friends were Cuban, and you didn't have to be a millionaire yuppie to live there. My freshman year at Georgia Tech, my roommate in the dorm was a Cuban who was so cerebral, he was scary-smart. Point being, I feel a connection to Cubans that shapes how I view current events, vis-a-vis Cuba. I would eat rocks if bollos were my dessert. I haven't had them in 20+ years, but remember buying them from Cuban vendors all over Key West for scant pocket change. Cuban mixes? Best sammiches, ev-ah! Keep up the good work, Lucy! And thanks, as always, Marta.
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That is quite the feat for anybody. Be sure to post a link to the book, Marta. Congratulations to Lucy!
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"I doubt that the whoever the Democrat candidate is would suggest that the left will riot in the streets..." Nah, the candidates use proxies like Sharpton, Jackson, SheeHag, Carville, Dean, and others to advocate violence and hatred. Democratics aren't neophytes at this game, they have been lying and thieving for the last 45 years or so.
Toggle Commented May 6, 2007 on Is Paris Burning? at The Violence Worker!
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Haha! This is a wonderful post. Before long, you'll have to get a stool to stand on to mark the wall and measure their growth. :)
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