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"In 1719 Daniel Defoe wrote Robinson Crusoe and in 1722 Moll Flanders.…Robinson Crusoe is given an enforced unity of action by its focus on the problem of surviving on an uninhabited island, while both stories present so convincing a central character, set in so solid and detailedly realized a world, that Defoe is often credited with writing the first ‘novel of incident." Actually the novel originated from a real tale of a Scottish navigator who was accused of treason by hisg English captain and set on an island off the coast of Chile. He lived 4 years on his own and was eventually picked up and brought back to Scotland where he had a hard time reintegrating into his home town (where most thought he was long dead).
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2009 on Fjordman: What was the First Novel? at Atlas Shrugs
@Phil "Here is a short but interesting report on the Hummer, it represents everything America stands for: The militarism, the fatness, the waste and inefficiency, only in America could a car like that become a cultural icon." I drove them in 3 foreign theaters as patrol vehicles in the US Army and they were good at what they were designed for... 4 wheel drive vehicles for rough terrain to replace the 1/4 ton Jeep. Only in a wealthy America can a military vehilce design be catipulted into a vehicle for the upper-class. European car designs and flats are a stigma of the European mind-set. Small cars and living space by design or engineering is a form of birth controll. Who needs big vehicles or houses when there are no children to fill them? Die quietly Phil. You are making a scene along the way to your own cultural funeral. You and yours will not be remembered. "Well svetov, your name sounds Slavic, where are you from? Poland? Like Gdansk? Danzig?" Svetov makes a reasoned statement and Phil demands ethnic verification of his identity. Speaks volumes.