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I am so jealous that you get to go to the car show. I just blogged about it yesterday.. and being a closet car enthusiast.. well, it would be great. I'll have to wait until next March when it comes to Atlanta- though a smaller version, I'll bet. Good luck, and yes. hybrid, baby. I'm driving some GM Saturn cars today for blogher- check the tweets later.
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HAHA. I have a friend writing a book about atheists . She just found out there is a camp they send their kids to, a parody of our Church camps...
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Hah. Spot on with the Southern style. As a New Yorker transplanted to Atlanta via San Diego, I have seen all of the above at various book signings. There are also a handful of women who wear their Derby hats. Bless their hearts.
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Love his work, too. especially the werewolf mask story. Classic. I think I even met him at an AWP conference. But, how the heck do you pronounce Czyzniejewski and why is it so long?
Hi- I had to laugh at the new costs.. wow. I was also married abroad in 1992, though Firenze was our city of choice. It was dirt cheap, and backpacking to it was even cheaper. It was months of work ahead of time, translating, paperwork, consulates, -- all pre internet, pre Euro... but definitely memorable and unique. So, how did you terminate that union? When we got back to the states they basically said we weren't married here so we couldn't file here..I am not interested in divorce,( still happily married) but wonder about legality.
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