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Well, little Nazi Liar, you must be pretty upset that each and every one of the world's Jews weren't murrdered in Auschwitz and Maidanek.
I would not be too worried about the effectiveness of Muslim propaganda. Ten or fifteen years ago it might have worked. Now, too many people know the truth. It's still far too effective for our liking, and far too many Westrerners are still dumb politically correct dummies for our liking as well. Given what happened on 9/11 and has happened since, Muslims must still be relieved that more of us haven't cottoned on, and that is an indication of how successful they have been at the whitewashing game, aided and abetted by stupid liberal apologists.
And the West is full of fools who laugh at those who dare to suggest that Islam's power is growing, and that once it reaches a critical mass, it doesn't take much longer for Muslims to become a majority or get enough numbers to introduce Sharia. The progress it can make 100 or so years after reaching 5% or 10% of the population is foreboding for future generations, and it is future generations who will have every cause to rage at today's laughing fools.
Yep, they fought for the other side.
Unlike Jesus, Mohammed didn't urge his followers to teach truth and peace and to love thy neighbour. He taught his followers to put to the sword any infidel they came up against. Muslim clerics and ayatollahs promise virgins in the afterlife to those who murder kafirs in cold blood, just as Mohammed did. According to Muslims, Jews are the sons of apes and pigs. Unlike Jesus, Mohammed was a mass murderer, paedophile (He had a six year old wife Aisha when he was 51), robber, debaucher who took part in 78 battles and razzias in the last nine years of his life. Over 300 million non-Muslim have been murdered over the centuries simply for not wanting to be Muslims, and for much ofd that time they were limited to that total only by the limitations of their weaponry, much smaller global population, and the ability of Westerners to eventually fight back. You have so much to learn about Islam, and I suggest you get a good non-PC history book thats at least 60 years old, so it hasn't been poisoned by the multiculturalist mush that you spout.
The only people they're afraid of upsetting, at least for now, is the Chinese, because they know the Chinese will do to them what we no longer have the cojones to do.
We will never get anywhere until we start blaming the murderer rather than the victim, especially when the murderer is a Muslim and his victim an infidel. And this is where we are in the enfeebled, politically-correct, common-sense-challenged West today. No doubt, because the victim is a black Christian, he is seen as a honorable white by stupid and pathetic self-loathing Westerners. And for as long as political correctness and self-loathing lasts, good will never triumph over evil because good and evil are concepts that no longer exist. Likewise right and wrong. Today, oafish Westerners divide the world into rich and poor and strong and weak, and the poor and weak are seen as the good guys - and Muslim savages are classed as poor and weak, whilst the infidel is classed as rich and strong, and the Nigerian pastor being a Christian is seen as rich and strong, when we, who have common sense - a rare quality these days, know he is neither. Unfortunately, the BBC and the rest of the British media is a reflection of much of what is wrong with Western society today - political correctness and moral equivalence by the bucketload. They are a prime example of the rejection of good and evil and right and wrong as moral absolutes. That is why they side with those terrorists who seek to destroy Israel, and why they tell us that religion is nothing to do with the murder of Nigerian Christian pastors, Thai Buddhist rubber tappers and Christian worshippers in Pakistan and Iraq by Muslim terrorists and often their Muslim neighbours who acquire sudden Jihad syndrome - that is, when they bother to mention them.
What we do know about these Boer farmers is that they know how to use guns. The British discovered that during the Boer War of 1899-1902, and the Boer War cost the lives of more British soldiers than any war since the Napoleonic Wars of almost a century earlier, with more than 30,000 British dead, and the worst defeats for the British were at the Spion Kop and Ladysmith, with staggering casualties. Boers grow up with guns, and if anyone tries to wipe them out, they'll get their backsides kicked.
Bari Atwan founded the pan-Arab daily in London in 1989, and today the paper has a circulation of around 50,000. He is also a regular commentator on Sky News and BBC News 24. Sky News refused to comment specifically on his comments. "It is not our policy to comment on what contributors may or may not say on other channels," said Adrian Wells, head of foreign news at Sky. And these are the same people who will regurgitate for days on end the tiniest slipup from politicians - especially if they're from the Labour Party, but have nothing to say about those who openly say they would celebrate the nuking of Israel. And why is that slug Atwan still in Britain after more than 21 years?
Toggle Commented Apr 2, 2010 on "We Need Another Holocaust" at Atlas Shrugs
I'm afraid Egghead is anything but an egghead, given the tripe he spouts. More like a meathead. Those who murder aren't broken hearted, they're evil hearted. We don't get 'broken-hearted' Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists etc blowing themselves up amongst a crowd in their 'attempts to go to Paradise', even when they grow up in poverty and have plenty to be broken-hearted about. Islam is hateful, and this is just one manifestation of that hatred. Hatred of the infidel is the core message that emanates from Islam, and we know full well that atrocities like 9/11 weren't carried out by the broken-hearted, nor was 7/7 in London, carried out by far-from-broken-hearted cricket-loving British-born Muslims. So, according to you, because only 'a small minority of Muslims blow themselves up' that makes it okay. That makes you just as bad as those nutters who compare the number of Israelis killed in terrorist attacks per year with the numbers who die in car crashes, and make it out that 'because more die in car crashes, thats okay. Well, it isn't damned okay. That is endorsing murder. And endorsing murder with crass statements is what you are doing here.
ACLU as ever is on the side of the enemies of the West. Sadly, gone are the days when traitors like them who openly sided with the enemy were summarily executed, just like Lord Haw Haw back in 1946.
Now if the Gaza Strip bordered China instead of Israel, does anyone seriously believe the Chinese wouldn't carpet bomb the entire Gaza Strip if rockets were fired at Chinese cities? We know damned well they would, and they wouldn't give a damn about what the rest of the world thought. Their attitude would be "Us Chinese come first, and those who are rocketing our cities come nowhere. If we kill so-called innocent civilians in our retaliation, that's just too bad. We'll damned well stop you no matter what, and it won't be very pleasant to look at."
LillaLoony, we are free in the West because we treated Muslims to cannonballs, chain and grape shot, musket balls, crossbow bolts, lances, pikes, axes, halberds, swords, daggers, maces, arrows, cauldrons of boiling oil, even stones and bare fists if it came to that, whenever they showed up. We had no choice. And that is why we don't have to live as slaves under the crushing weight of Sharia. We were kept free by the likes of Pelayo, Charles Martel, Pepin, Charlemagne, Janos Hunyadi, Johannes Graf von Salm, Jean Parisol de la Valette, Admiral Don Juan, Jan Sobieski and many more, including the Crusaders who delayed the Jihadist onslaught against Europe by 200 years, which became the difference between the West being Islamified and being free. We were largely on the defensive against the Jihadis for almost 1,000 years, from 711 until 1683. To fall to the Jihadis meant being slaughtered in cold blood, as happened at Constantinople and Famagusta. Those who faced the Jihad and couldn't produce the calibre of men like these had their civilizations destroyed. It was kill or be enslaved and nothing has changed since then. As you talk about those little Muslim boys - they are women and infidel haters born and bred. That is what they're taught to be. It is the likes of you who leave us vulnerable to evil. Evil has to be fought. it cannot be compromised. If anyone is mentally challenged, it is politically correct doofusses like yourself.
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2010 on NYC: In Defense of Israel at Atlas Shrugs
LillaLoony, as you think Christianity and Judaism are as bad as Islam, perhaps it is time you were sent packing to Iran or Saudi Arabia, preferably with a crucifix or a Star of David chained around your neck. Then you can feel the tolerance of Islam. We are fed up to the back teeth of having moral equivalence parasites like you around.
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2010 on NYC: In Defense of Israel at Atlas Shrugs
In 1960, there were only 15,000 Muslims in Holland, by 1970 it was 100,000, and by 2000 it was over 1 million. How bad things will be by 2030 hardly bears thinking about. All this has happened during my lifetime. This certainly isn't the Holland my grandfather and his generation fought to liberate in 1944/45. The multiculturalist flower children of the 1960s onwards have destroyed everything the previous generation fought for, and shows how the finest generation of Westerners that had ever lived was followed by the worst.
Time to start the deportations before it is too late, and Western Europe becomes another Nigeria or Somalia.
Has a more vicious and evil cult than Islam ever existed on this planet over the last 5,000 years? Not even the Aztec death cult, with its human sacrifices comes anywhere close to Islam. Around 300 million non-Muslims have been murdered in the name of Islam over the last 14 centuries, and you can bet that a similar number of Muslims have also been murdered by their fellow Muslims, often for not being Islamic enough. It is patently obvious that Christian minorities in Muslim countries can no longer put their faith in God or the murderous tyrants who run those countries, instead they will have to put their faith in AK47s and plenty of ammo, if they want to survive.
If you want to see the future of much of Western Europe 100 or so years from now, you no longer need a crystal ball, you need look no further than Nigeria today, and see what the last 50 years of letting these hostiles into our countries will mean for our great grandchildren onwards, when they have to come face to face with an aggressive 40%-plus Muslim population.
As this pair of demented trolls Amro and query hate Christians so much, its time these leeching parasites practised what they preach and took off to a nice accommodating Muslim country like Iran or Saudi Arabia and stayed there. These slime aren't wanted in the largely Christian West.
Trouble is, they'll be adding countries like France, Holland and Belgium to that map within the next 70 years or so if nothing is done.
And thats the same traitorous George Galloway who called for the deaths of our troops in Iraq. Lord Haw Haw was hanged for less than this bastard.
He ought to face the death penalty, and that should be the fate of anyone who plots mass murder. The only sure way we will be protected from this type of scum is to put the needle into his arm and release the fluids.
Yep, Jonah, that picture was almost certainly in the UK. Now if I wore a sandwichboard calling for Muslims to be deported, or describing Islam as the brutal, misogynistic, savage, intolerant, primitive and barbaric cult that it is, you can bet I would receive a lengthy prison sentence.
AntiJihadist, the operative words of that first sentence are "they hope", which certainly means they cannot be certain that it would start a new life. We know that much of the rest of the West is a mere 30 or so years behind France, so whhat France will be come 2070 could well become much of the rest of the infidel world come 2100 or thereabouts. So where might be out of the reach of the Hezbullies be? Communist China, I'll guess. And I'm sure the Chinese will hardly be rolling out the welcome mat for desperate Western infidels. But it is our fault as Westerners that we are where we are. In much of Western Europe, the deed has been done, and looks irreversible. And turning over their ancestral homes to the Jihadis is the downside of a Titanic-style scramble out of Europe, but it could delay, just delay, the turning over of the US and Australia to the Jihadis, and this delay might even make these said countries realise their mistake just in time. And we want more than a delay - we want a reversal. And that means the mass deportations of the sort of trash seen in Paris, plus every member of their families who currently reside in the West.
So THIS is the Europe that hundreds of thousands of our finest were killed for almost 70 years ago. If the native French think things are bad now, they ought to be very afraid of what things will be like from 2030 onwards, when the 30% Muslim share of newborn babies of today reach their 20th birthdays, and start having tots of their own. And to think the French did nothing and let the Nazis gas or shoot their Jews at will from 1940 to 1944, and then let in the Muslim hordes from 1960 onwards to prove they had been cured of 'racism and bigotry' as the Spanish journalist Sebastian Vilar Rodriguez succinctly put it. Yes, France is disintegrating and it has all happened during my lifetime. There would have been very few Muslims in that country 50 years ago, but now France is well down the road to becoming another Lebanon. Just imagine, by 2060 or 2070, these aggressive Hezbollah types will be in charge. Those who can amongst the passive native French population will be getting out as the Muslim hordes move in for the kill. Charles de Gaulle airport will come to resemble the diminishing number of lifeboats on the Titanic with the white-skinned natives called Pierre, Jacques and Rene desperately scrambling for the jet-engined 'lifeboats' and the chance to start a new life elsewhere, out of reach of the Hezbullies, they hope. But as with the Titanic, only a select few will succeed. As we all know, France isn't the only European country facing this foreboding destiny. That is the fateful spin of the roulette wheel of life that awaits the children and grandchildren of millions of European parents, and it isn't very pretty.