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Pamela, Glad you're running with the story! My tag name is Culturist John (there is no "al" in culturist). The links in my essay that you quoted don't seem to work, but PLEASE WATCH MS. GREENWALD describe the National 9 - 11 Memorial and Museum in this video here: Thanks for your work!! Culturist John Press, Ph.D
Speaking of advertising . . . Please sign up to get the Tea Party to TAKE ON THE GROUND ZERO MOSQUE Watch the VIDEO at Thanks, John Press, Ph.D
Congrat to Pam on here award. Please watch my video calling for culturist profiling over the Thanksgiving holiday! Happy Thanksgiving! John Press
Please watch this VIDEO of the BROOKLYN TEA PARTY fighting the Voorhies mosque! In it they abuse the term RACIST to demonize us. As victims of this, only threats against them are bad. The video is here: Thanks!!
Out numbered, but not outgunned. Truth to power. Beautiful.
OUTRAGEOUS!! Congratulations!! You rule!!!
Pamela and Auntie Madder, If I can find anything in NYC I won't go. Otherwise, I will try to use the experience in a Muslim nation to help us. Thanks, JKP
Thus far, I have not been able to find a job that pays 35,000 in NYC with my new Ph.D. For this reason, this last week, over the phone, I had an interview to teach World History and English in Kuwait. This Kuwaiti school teaches in accordance with "positive Islamic values." Knowing my propensities and theirs, I asked them if my speech would be limited as a teacher. They told me that I was not allowed to mention, Israel, Palestine, or the Holocaust. They said technically, according to the law, all the pages in their textbooks that refer to these subjects are supposed to be blacked out of the textbooks. As they have not had any complaints from the affluent parents, they have not blacked out the references. But they should. When I asked how to teach WW II without any reference to the holocaust, they said, "just skip over those pages and don't mention it." This did not surprise me, I expect all nations to be culturist. But this news shocked my liberal friends. And, this is not just the policy of the school. This Kuwaiti government policy. I sure am glad we invaded Iraq to protect them!!! I then asked the interviewer if my being Jewish was a problem. They said, it is not. But, they continued, it is best that I don't mention it. They said if someone asks I need not lie. But, they concluded, it is better not to mention it unless I am asked directly. As you well know, this Muslim anti-Semitism does not just come from a few bad kooks like the person in this interview. Anti-semitism is government policy in the Muslim world.
Michelle, It was a joke. : ) I was comparing Obama to Mao. Sorry that it wasn't funny and that the world is so that it seemed like a reality! But all before that program, I was very serious. That is the origin of 100 flowers,
Ronald, Sorry if this is off topic all . . . but your book sounds great. So I must know. How did you choose the name Mabus?
Michelle, The "Let One Hundred Flowers Bloom" refers to a trick by Mao. He said that he was ending repression for free speech, he encouraged dissidents and newspapers to openly state their criticisms of his regime. He promised that there would be no reprisals. They wanted a bouquet of opinion and that 100 flowers would bloom. It was, of course, a trick. Everyone who took him up on the offer ended up in re-education camps or dead. Greg, I respectfully disagree. The NEA is not into indoctrination. That comment implies to much self-reflective thought. They are spreading the truth of diversity and social justice. The question and convince stage of this effort is long passed. I just got my Ph.D in the history of education. I have published a book on the opposite of multicutluralism, culturism. They do not refuse to hire me because they are scared of debate. They will not hire me because I am obviously evil. AND, the same thing is true of corporate work places. All applications include a statement about the belief in the importance of diversity and cultural sensitivity. It is not a debated point. It is just a given good. The need to argue and convince has passed. Hopefully, this will change soon. I understand that Obama is launching a program to encourage debate in just vital areas of thought. He is calling it the 200 blossoms campaign. The universities will also be collecting essays and having conferences to make an amends for their stifling of real debate. I will post mao details as I hear more about it. : )
PS, the form says that OOF members must commit to 12 hours a week. On the website it says they must commit to 30 hours per week. 12 sounds like a possibility, for one without hard classes, during the school year. 30 hours clearly sounds like a summer program. Chuck, you said your daughter just got one of these applications at school. But, again, the website says the deadline for applying is already past. And, I would love to know if they told her otherwise. And, all, I would like to have a year on this project. If, as the website says, the deadline has already passed and results are coming in June, that is a long turn around time. But, it makes sense of the 30 hour a week commitment. THANKS AGAIN ATLAS !!!! Culturist John
Hey all, Please find the answer to this question. The OOF website says that the application deadline ended and results of applications will be announced June 2nd. What year was this distributed? Was it done in advance of the 2008 elections? The forms reference to the health care debate suggests it is a recent program. Either way, it is still creepy, wrong and completely out of place in our public schools. But, if he is doing it now, it is much different than if he ran the program in 2008. Bob of Potomac, click the link: Obama's video there makes it 100% clear it is not a hoax. An answer to the above question, and confirmation source, would be greatly appreciated. Culturist John
I had to check that one for myself! I clicked on the link and IT IS TRUE!! RUM BOTTLE (singular). Best line, "police chief Abu Bakar Mokhtar. He said they didn't know if it contained any alcohol when vandals threw it." Mokhtar, without rushing to judgement, get to the bottom of this heinous crime!! We are surely walking the plank! Culturist John,