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I am still waiting for some liberal to show me, with facts and statistics just how bad this war has gone as compared to all the wars the Democrats fought. How many more casualtiies has Bush had the Johnson or FDR? How much longer did it take Bush to overthrow the Government? How much longer to have elections, create a Constitution and a new government? How many incidents of atrocities were committed? How many countries did FDR invade; how many Americans rights were taken away as compared to Bush. These should all be very handy statistics they could whip out at a moments notice.
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This makes perfect sense. If you are an American enemy, you get a meeting with the President to explain to him why you hate America. He will take your concerns to heart. If your an American ally in a dangerous part of the world, you get bombed.
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Ace is reporting that Beauchamp didn't get his job because he was a journalist, or smart, or could count to five without tripping. Apparently he's engaged to a girl that works at TNR. Should have guessed it was a Plame' affair. The girl got her idiot bo the gig.
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Here is another one that shows just how stupid/naive this guy is: From his blog: ( Beauchamp: "Sunday, September 03, 2006 english songs about commerce and love written by machines I'm somewhere in Kuwait. Its a dry hot, like what suicides feel when they stick their heads in the oven. .....""" Then a priceless comment by reader JOE: Suicide by oven has nothing to do with heat dry or otherwise. The technique involves a GAS oven which is UNIGNITED. The cause of death is inhalation of gas not baking your head which would probably be impossible. Also, probably best to just forego trying to come up with novel and artistic ways of describing the heat in Iraq. Micheal Totten just did a good job recently but he's REALLY talented. For you, just say 'it's hot' or even 'its very hot' ------------ Think TNR knew their diarist was a doofus??
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I think I'm more pissed off about The New Republic. They in their Ivory Tower where they enjoy slamming the military (Like Foer) and then refuse to have an open discussion on their site. They only allow subscribers to post for fear alot of smart military types will clean their clocks. If Foer really believes in his WRITER. Then open your site to allow the free flow of information. Or set up a blog where we can set you straight on things you know nothing about. First thing I would ask them is to post a picture of the square glock casing. I got 1,000 dollars of BooChump can produce one.
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