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Madmax: I'll just point out - and I'm sure this is what you meant - that what you mean by the danger of losing a White majority is a cultural thing and not a genetic or racial thing. And in this context the White culture is that of Western Civilization, or what little remains of it, and the values of individual rights and capitalism, among other things. (in the United States, the word "White" is a bit of a touchy subject and will almost certainly get interpreted in a certain way) I think that the proposal by Mariott that I linked, in which citizenship is linked to an explicit renunciation of not only kings but other allegiances hostile to the constitution such as Islam or La Raza, for example, is the kind of thing we need to be more explicit about in proposing immigration policy. Anyway, I'll be getting this up at TNC soon, hopefully.
Hm, okay. I pretty much figured that, but it was worth asking.
Oh, and don't get me started on when those sightlines you refer to are seemingly deliberately obscured by cosmetic crap like "pretty" bushes and other such nonsense that some politico mandated. (at least the sahuaro/scrub combo in AZ is fairly non-intrusive) Oh - and maybe you'd be a good person to ask - is there any redeeming value to those islands and high curbs they often build (at great expense and blocking of traffic during construction) in the middle of surface streets where once existed a center median that could serve as a turn/turn-around/emergency lane? (Besides, I mean, to get in the way of fire trucks and ambulances)
"First of all, I am assuming that you are under the impression that speed limits on most roadways are determined more often by political nonsense than by the speed that most cars can safely navigate the roadway. According to my instructors, this is sadly true in many cases, especially within city and township limits." Precisely so. As one particularly glaring example I can think of, there's the fact that Glendale surface streets are 40 mph while all other towns in the valley - with the exact same streets - are 45. This accompanied by smarmy and insulting signs everywhere beseeching, "it's our town; please SLOW DOWN." It doesn't take a rocket scientist - or even all of the complex training and factors you list above - that there's a political busybody responsible for that one. Another example is the dreaded 55 I see prominent in certain states - driving through on the exact same highways linking to them going 65, 75, or even 80... slowing to 55 is a sanity-testing crawl when directly contrasted in that manner, with the famous political motivation responsible from back in the '70's.
"To do what? Replace it with their own version of health care "reform?"" Heh, good point. And yeah, I meant the mainstream of the movement, who I don't see doing anything useful. Oh, and sorry for the delay in response.
Hello MM, I don't remember all of the details of that debate - it was quite long - but it's likely that I made a side point like that. I do think that mass immigration from a culture hostile to Capitalism is a real danger for a mixed country such as ours. It would likely be a non-issue for a true Capitalist country with actual, limited government. That said, I believe our current immigration policy is in bad need of reform - it only fosters a black market which is very bad for everybody except the criminals. The common argument I hear from many Objectivists seems to take a stand on a principle while not addressing our current context. That seems to me like a less than ideal approach. The outcome of this is anyone's guess at this point. Conservatives don't have the support to make a counter-push like this last. And if they do, a pox on them - they should be spending that energy fighting Obamacare and this new business-strangling thing that they've just declared surrender on.
Yep, it's pure destruction. Oh, and the latest is that they've run out of money for it after spending 1.91 billion dollars. BILLION.
I probably should have linked to one of my original car pieces. Heah:
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Gah, I haven't checked this in a bit. Yes, indeed, I am. It was down for a bit there but I fixed it up eventually. So it yet roams the streets, frightening peasants and animals.
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